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  1. I have an answer back of sorts from FFG to my three questions: a) how long will the promotional cards be available - Why supplies last b) whether or not more cards are going to be available with the remainder of the books in both trilogies - I can't comment on what if any promo is going to be attached to those books c) if it will be possible to save on the total shipping and handling charge require to obtain these cards - You only have to pay for shipping and handling once if all the forms are in one envelope. Limited to one person. For example Adam sends in two promos and includes them all in one envelope, he only pays once and this is doable. Beth and Chris add their promos together and places it in one envelope hoping to save on shipping and handling while nice, this isn't doable and we will not redeem it.
  2. I am still awaiting a response from FFG customer services to my question on this subject submitted to them on Nov 6 but appreciate the speculative responses in this forum, thanks. It would be nice to have an official response, even if it states that a decision has not been taken as to whether or not to make more ally cards available in future books but I suspect that I my email is a lower priority in the grand scheme of things. As soon as I hear anything back I will post an update...
  3. I recently obtained a copy of the first book in the trilogy and before I send off for the related ally card I was wondering if anyone knows whether or not more cards are going to become available with future books and if it would be worth waiting for these before sending off the form if shipping can be combined? My only concern with this approach is that the Oliver Grayson card may only be available in limited quantities or might not be available after a certain time...
  4. I live in the US and believe me, unless you had been sitting in front of your PC hitting the refresh button on the FFG website all day, everyday since the RoT weekend you would have missed out like I did. It is somewhat frustrating as I had been trying to check the website everyday when the opportunity presented itself after I had posted a request in the Descent forum asking about these items being made available for purchase. I had also sent a mail to FFG customer services (no response has ever been received) despite a reply to my entry in the Descent forum by a fellow community member stating that FFG read entries and might pick up on this request. However, without receiving any warning that these promos would be made available I only found out after everything had already been sold. In truth I would settle for just having access to the cards and scenarios now that I have the figures after fighting off equally determined fans bidding on ebay. I've not tried this before but would be prepared to have a go at printing usable copies from pdfs if FFG would make them available for download. I have seen some great free downloads from FFG already so know that they have the ability to deliver if the opportunity presents itself but also recognise that their priorities must be in keeping their business and subsequently our dreams alive (go FFG go! You are the best games producer out there right now IMHO ) Oh well, one day I hope that they'll hear my cries ...
  5. Rufus Stone

    new promos?

    I have read somewhere in the past that the promos were briefly available for sale direct from FFG. Any word on this exercise being repeated? It would be good to obtain a copy of the scenario booklet as well as copies of the new Runewars cards to go with the figures I have so far managed to collect. I guess in time it would also be nice to have Dungeonquest related cards for these promos to allow the characters to adventure throughout the complete world of Terrinoth. I'm new to FFG Forums so can anyone please advise on the best way to convey this desire to FFG?