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  1. Velhart said: Have anybody noticed, that the new inner region board has only 6 spaces (excluding the ending space) instead of the 8 spaces on the normal board... Only about 4 out of the 8 spaces were any challenge anyway. The Wiki entry reads that the inner board is a duel sided with one being the original with "new tactics" . The inner region needed some jazzing up. This is going to be great.
  2. Draw a random character and have the decisions happen randomly. Or you could agree what actions they will take ahead of time. -Always attack if stronger -Always picks up objects It could stretch out a two person game. If someone else comes by they could take over that character instead of starting a new guy. A little kid who's been DYING to play and you know they will get bored before the 3rd round.
  3. There are already a lot of other board game apps. This would be my # 1 choice for sure. Those tablets are getting better too. It would not have to be heavily animated either. I bet it could be pretty fantastic.
  4. Velhart said: The Wizard said: A city could be nice, especially if they add more stuff to buy, but i´m hoping for a forest, marshland or something like that. Best Regards I am hoping that too. A larger marsh than the 3th edition version would be cool Movement is reduced to 1.. Would be nice if there are more spirits than strength enemies there. Including some woods for the elf.. More woods would be great! Somewhere to spend gold would be nice too.
  5. I can't imagine removing cards at all. Why don't you just start with a few extra strength and craft points if you want the game to be shorter?
  6. My gf never remembers her spells so I have gotten into the habit of saying "end of your turn" and "beginning of my turn" and pausing if she has any spells. We also remind each other to roll death. She also never remembers to draw an extra card when she has the Fiend Slayer.
  7. I like the thought of using the dark side to add or subtract one from a die roll. That might be worth trying out. Thanks for the idea.
  8. They have one reference to light and dark fate. (One of the endings) I was wondering if they had plans to expand on the differences. I was thinking that when you initally get the fate you choose how you want it. Light fate for re rolls on your die and a dark fate for an enemy die re roll. My gf "claims" that when I roll the die for an enemy she is fighting, I always roll a 6. I was thinking of this as a optional house rule to test it out. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  9. Thanks. I kind of feel embarrassed. I herby promise to re-read the rules before I post any questions again.
  10. When you land on another character you may take an object of your choice. So my gf was playing the thief and she lands on my character. She can take what she wants. Now does she have the choice to encounter the space or my guy now? Or is this considered an encounter? We played that she could now choose. (i am begining to really dislike playing against the thief) What's your take on this very powerful ability?
  11. The days are counting down. I check the NEWS everyday hoping. And Praying if I have any pluses. It's not looking good for the Good/Evil/Neutral guys.
  12. I sure hope so. Is there a speculation thread going? A City or Forest? I would like to see a Forest corner.
  13. When the gf and I play and one of us wins fairly quickly, we'll put all adventure cards and spells that were drawn in the discard, deal out new characters and start again. The adventure deck is huge! One game means that we would only go through about a quarter of the deck. One evening we played 3 games straight through. Anyone else do this? Mind you, a few friends I play with INSIST that everything be completly reshuffled each and every game. I can go either way.
  14. Thanks for the replies. Hey Ed: I believe you have to encounter them in the order they are drawn but if you land there and they are both there already then I would say you choose which place to encounter first.
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