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  1. Waywardpaladin

    The Orcs of the Broken Plains

    Between my girlfriend and I we already have the Latari, Daqan, and Waiqar. No more! Unless Dragonkin...
  2. Yeah, making a Bard. With musical instruments giving you Additional Target for free I am going to start with Augment+Haste on myself and as many allies as I can afford so I have the extra manuever to maintain Concentration. Then I can Curse with Additional Target and maintain that as well. Stand in place and shoot or heal at my leisure.
  3. Got the book, tons of lore, really opens things up.
  4. Waywardpaladin

    Waiqar the Betrayer

    Yes and no. I knew it since I was a kid back in the day and played Disk Wars Waiqar was a champion unit of the Acolyte army, though at the time the part of the map they came from was the East and not the West, but still a desert nation. And he was Timmoran's greatest apprentice without mention of him.being the nation's greatest general before learning magic from Timmoran. So a lot of this is the same as from Disk Wars, just filled out.
  5. Waywardpaladin

    Waiqar the Betrayer

    He comes from Al-Akim. He was their greatest general and befriended Timmoran as he studied there. When Timmoran told them of the threat his uncle posed in far off Terrinoth, Waiqar believed him and left with the army of Acolyte reinforcements that helped save the alliance of Humans/Elves/Dwarves. Waiqar was awarded the 13th barony for his contributions during the First Darkness and was a good but militaristic ruler until, well, you know what happened.
  6. Waywardpaladin

    Tadaka Feelings

    Dragon will get a character that as long as they are unbowed Everytime a player, including you, tries to play an event they have to answer an opponent's riddle or the event is cancelled or something as equally strange and self imposed.
  7. Waywardpaladin

    Yet Another Disciples of the Void preview

    I mean, the Phoenix DID hide that path from not only other clans but even from the majority of the rest of their own clan.
  8. Haven't seen any Scorpion worry about him. People are more scared of LPB
  9. Waywardpaladin

    Just got my'thuck

    I liked the Uthuk better in Disk Wars when they had strong tans. They were well muscled, tanned. They looked VITAL, that the Ynfernael was really empowering them, even as it twisted their flesh into more dangerous forms, not that they had some sort of sickness. It is funny for the uthuk to crow about how weak and soft everyone is when they look emaciated and sick.
  10. Waywardpaladin

    How to Counter Kanjo District?

    Even if you unbowed, it still sent you home. Also, you unbowing in response to that is still wasting what you planned on spending that unbow on normally. As in, you want to use a character in two different attacks. You are going to unbow after the first and go on another attack later. I bow you and send you home. Even if you unbow, you still aren't contributing without expending a resource like Favorable Ground and even if you do, you still bow at the end of the conflict and then can't go on the second. Either way you influence only one of the two conflicts you were budgeting for and spent likely nonrenewable resources to so it. Meanwhile Phoenix just easily reloads on the Favor and does it again next turn.
  11. Waywardpaladin

    Togashi Tadakatsu explanation?

    If you try to set up a situation where your opponent's conflict won't initiate you're going to end with an infinite loop of them just trying to declare over and over again because they never use up their conflict declaration.
  12. Waywardpaladin

    Stronghold showdowns?

    We had our Stronghold. Crab had the most players and took our store, one Crab player was undefeated (who was the only one I lost to) Dragon and Lion tied for second. Scorpion didn't put in the showing we all feared, but they were trying novel decks it seemed.
  13. Waywardpaladin


    Their leaders sit on the Council of Barons. They are part of the leadership of the Daqan, that sounds pretty much the same thing politically.
  14. Waywardpaladin


    The mention of the dwarves having to defend themselves against a resurgence of Dragon in makes me hope they are the next factions released. I want other races added to elves and humans though. Maybe Mahkim joining elves? Daqan Lords are supposed to have gnomes, dwarves, elves and half elves amongst their citizens but I feel like they will never get to portray their main strength, diversity, on the tabletop.
  15. Waywardpaladin

    Just how old is Maegan?

    Yeah, her mother died to Uthuk in the First Darkness, we were just trying to decide if her father was a dark elf born after or before their civil war and Parakitor made it sound like he was the one to START the civil war.