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  1. I think last he heard of them back home the Perfect Land sect was planning an insurrection while their army was gone.
  2. Yeah, Emerald Empire says samurai take the one time Shinsei said that being born a samurai means you had less karmic weight in your last life and use it to justify their abuse of peasants. Neatly forgetting that the rest of Shinsei's statement was that therefore much was expected of samurai and they had to set a good example. Noblesse oblige, to whom much is given much is expected and all that.
  3. I think he trusts Shoju, but he was asking if Dairu had an ulterior motive. Which Shoju readily admits his son did, to make a name for himself and ingratiate himself to Dai, but he also pointed out that Dairu felt loyal to Dai, despite the better play having been to try to get in good with the heir apparent.
  4. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/2/13/the-coiled-snake/ "Oh no, why would my brother think I might hit him after trying to viciously crush his friend's skull that I lost a duel to?"
  5. I was disappointed that Daisetsu didn't realize that his brother being angry would always fall on those around him harder than on himself. But the Daisetsu we have seen later in the Timeline is more careful with his words and planning, so I assume he has matured a lot in six months in the wake of this disaster.
  6. Air is also the only way to finish crafting weapons and armor, much to my Agasha smith's detriment...
  7. Such a boring card. Thought it's ability was supposed to trigger off of non-Unicorn cards as well?
  8. Chose 5, wanted someone showing some Gaijin influence, or at least looked like a traveler.
  9. Oh, her self awareness was startling but we knew so little of her that 'she is hot headed but ultimately cunning as well' isn't contradictory to what we have heard before but in addition to.
  10. The notion of her being manipulated was completely repellent. She is such a contrarian that 'So you want me to do the thing I already wanted me to do, well now I am not going to!' makes sense to her.
  11. You could read what we're writing and realize you're just saying WHY we don't want to play Dragon. Looking to play Kung Fu combo monks or something along those lines and getting "Just throw the best costed characters in, along with Niten Master, hope you pull him and your weapon attachments at the same time, have fun!" isn't our idea of a good time.
  12. With no end in sight to the scattered design of Dragon, their cards getting restricted for their performance in other Clan's decks, and the difficulty I have in getting people to drop an hour plus on this game I have just stopped playing/collecting. I can get people to play Keyforge, I still get the novels and my friends like the L5R rpg, but the card game in the end was disappointing.
  13. Except all humans are spawned from the essence of Amatseru and Onnotangu directly, the tears and the blood, so they have divine heritage without the Kami.
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