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  1. Though it went from "Hey guys, we got invaded by beings from another dimension who conquered us and then forced us into their war with their sibling. They then destroyed our previous culture and forced us into this highly stratified society based on primogenitor. We need to find some way to reclaim our autonomy!" to "Hey, want to join this super duper secret society that focuses on making us rich and powerful while screwing everyone else over? I mean, we might want to kill off the Emperor at some point and put ourselves in power some day but so far just being personally rich seems to be working out pretty well."
  2. Feels bad man. Samurai inflating their sense of worth by training their lives for combat and then fighting untrained, half-starved and scared peasants.
  3. I just know that many polearms vs a sword will end in a bad day for the swordsman.
  4. Actually, would be an interesting "Come to Jesus" moment if the Kolat reveal that they want Toturi to take over the Empire because they believe him strong enough and balanced enough to lead wisely and equitably, with Toturi looking at the chaos of the collapsing nation, Shadowlands infiltration, a weak Emperor sponsoring the Clans going at each other's throats, and having to decide between trusting in the Celestial Order or mankind taking control of its own destiny.
  5. Kind of weird that the Dragon and Crane are known for the greatest duelists in the nation, and the finals are Lion and Scorpion.... I imagine this is Destiny and Yokuni wanted the Dragon contestant to lose, but doesn't excuse the Crane
  6. I haven't checked the website yet, I'll just pretend this is a really late April Fool's joke.
  7. If they were a playable faction, sure. Unfortunately, it sounds like they're presented in a pretty moustache twirling villain fashion.
  8. But Jedi kidnapping children, and then forcing those who aren't strong enough to grow food for them and maintain their weapons of war are the good guys. Rokugani culture makes my skin crawl in large part. Divine conquerors enslaving mankind to worship and serve their descendants at the edge of a blade sounds like the setup for a story where mankind rises up and throws off the Celestial order, but instead bootlicking divinity is held up as an ideal, even when every man has the potential to become divine and the path to that is being hidden "for their own good" by the Phoenix.
  9. I think Covert, especially if you're going second, could potentially break the scenario if you could deploy it in your preconflict window before you declare yours. No way your opponent would be able to gauge who to send in their first attack and who to hold back. Of course you might be handing them the Imperial Favor if you leave the Coverted character standing, and that can be dangerous in this environment.
  10. I don't really see much in the way of "wasted" fate. You're going to do an attack, and a defense. If they don't have to defend against your second conflict, they're probably going to throw more at their attack. If they know they don't have to hold people back for their second attack, they'll probably throw more into defending your first attack. Having more dudes on the field still gives you an advantage. And since there will only be 2 and not 4 rings to decide Imperial Favor, leaving characters standing to count Glory is going to be important too.
  11. Man, I consider myself a rather ethical person and the dark virtues sound pretty pretty good to me But I'm the type to read the Sith Code and go "Huh, doesn't mention ANYTHING about kicking puppies here. Why are they always the bad guys?"
  12. Harmonize is worth it just for "We both agree to quit the field." *moments later, hop on horse and ride back to the battlefield* Well, I never said I wouldn't come back...
  13. I have stuck with Dragon, and once our Stone of Sorrow and monk tech kicks in, I think I'll have a good time. But this onslaught of pure Lion OP madness has tempted me. I have a Lion deck and it feels so overpowering compared to playing Dragon.
  14. Tough because of power allocation granularity. If you have 3 characters with 5 strength each, and your opponent strikes you with 6, to win that engagement you'd need to overallocate 3-4 strength to win the engagement depending on if you're attacking or defending.
  15. Yes, I was thinking of Compassion as when it entered play it could donate a Fate on it to a character already in play. Maybe Duty is when it is discarded it is shuffled back into your deck instead? I do like Courage as a "When outnumbered in a Conflict, gain +1 in the conflict type" Maybe even "Gain X, where X is the number by which you are outnumbered" Righteousness maybe "At the end of the Fate phase if dishonored, rehonor this character"? So it doesn't completely shut down Dishonor but whatever sins their accused of, they will redeem themselves through their gallant behavior.