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  1. The lore book has a bit written by a Scrivener loyal to Waiqar that puts the Betrayer in a better light. It takes the tact that was, Waiqar thought the Orb was best entrusted to him, but also that Timmoran baited him into a confrontation and then killed his troops. In retaliation Waiqar killed his former mentor, but not before the Orb was scattered. Now Waiqar seeks to consolidate the Orb into the only hands capable of fully managing its power, his own. The world would be a better place if people just stopped interfering with that for their own selfish ends. Of course, we unfortunately have been told several times by the third person omniscient that wasn't how it went down. Would be nice though if it was foggier and you couldn't be really certain if Waiqar is right and Timmoran was just a manipulative jerk that gambled with everyone's lives like chess pieces or if Waiqar was truly the crazed aggressor that stopped Timmoran from cementing a golden era for all.
  2. http://terrinoth.wikia.com/wiki/Viscount_Torvic
  3. An attempt to piece together what they knew, like the wild continent with Mahkim on it in one of the Runebound expansions.
  4. Compare this map to the one above. It looks like the elves will be completely untouched by hostilities, mostly supporting the Baronies. The Thelgrim penninsula has changed, the Mistlands are now where the Broken plains used to be, the orcs are now in dwarf lands, and the dwarves aren't a buffer between the Ru and the Baronies anymore.
  5. Sounds like you have a lucky confluence of players there. My stores are all just overrun by 40K enthusiasts.
  6. If we use that example though you should play an army of the dead who kill Waiqar and save the world
  7. Interesting because the base of Waiqar's forces are soldiers so loyal to him they betrayed their nations and followed him into death.
  8. Yeah, my significant other isn't terribly interested in buying in until she can get her elves. Filthy pointy-ears.
  9. If you ever come up to Mesa
  10. The lore presents his whole motivation as "My mentor made a big shiny that should have been MINE for all my sacrifices! Gimme gimme! I will **** myself and my men until all the BLING IS MINE!" And then what? What are his policies and motivations beyond that? The current Uthuk I think have more understandable motivations even, the victors in the first Darkness did try to genocide their entire ethnicity. There were reasons for that, but it isn't like the Daqan tried to take the children and raise them free of the Ynfernael or anything. I actually find that strange though, since I got the impression that the Daqann were mostly content to let the Uthuk retreat into the Darklands and it was Waiqar and his men who personally tried to exterminate the remnants. I would think they'd want vengeance against him more than the Baronies, might just be that their Ynfernael patrons try to steer them away from attacking their other catspaw.
  11. I played the Knights of Falladir in Disk Wars, and I'll be playing Daqan (and probably Uthuk when they come out). I can't bring myself to play Waiqar because Waiqar was a whiny git in Disk Wars that annoyed me, and he seems to be just as emo now. Would rather the undead by ruled by Farrenghast and all the cool undead baddies from the First Darkness in Disk Wars.
  12. Mortal strikes aren't multiplied by Threat right? Only damage results.
  13. That map... brings back so many memories. The interesting thing is it really looks like the Uthuk need to come through the dwarves before they get to the Daqann.
  14. I think you're paying for the upgrade slot.
  15. The dragons on the main continent pretty much went extinct in the First Darkness due to their civil war. The Dragonlords coming from another continent were eventually defeated, their armies broken. But I am curious, shouldn't their home continent still be teeming with whatever dragonkin that didn't make the trek?