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  1. I'm running Dragon with Crab. Reprieve and The Mountain Will Not Fall. Having your stacked guy able to engage in 3 conflicts in a turn from one card is good times. Reprieve to keep from getting I Can Swimmed, or Assassinated, and so on. Just wish I could fit in Watch Commander to get really annoying
  2. Elves and Daqan teaming up would be lore friendly. Daqan and Waiqar would be a lord turning his allegiances to Waiqar for promised immortality. Every other combination is... dubious.
  3. How tricky are those command dials?
  4. At least in Runewars I they "fell" for some unspecified sin and not because their boss really wanted his rock back and burned their ships.
  5. Oh, I'm certainly not saying you need to LIKE what they have. Or that this is true innovation in the space of fantasy. I mean, even the fact that Elves are really fallen angels in Runewars is similar to the Elves leaving paradise voluntarily in the Silmarillion. But it still is more variety and more wriggle room for design than "Classic human feudalism with a robot now and then."
  6. Battlecat more interesting than Horse, Moose more interesting than horse, Scions about as good as siege golems. Elves and their crazy moon blades already more novel than human wielding spear. They have access to elves, elementals, all the creatures of the forest (yerons and such) for minis potential. Waiqar gets runty skeles, also humans riding a tormented tidal wave of bones and souls, also wraiths, also giant carrion worms. They'll have vampires, ghouls, potentially werewolves (Diskwars) and so on. The possibility space of each of these is much larger than Daqan if they refuse to let Daqan pull upon the Free Cities and the more multicultural aspects of the Baronies. Seeing my point just takes a bit of looking.
  7. It kind of sucks because part of the Lore of the Daqan is they accept most races and have free cities full.of dwarves, elves, gnomes and so on. But while undead and everyone get a variety of units, we get humans, mounted humans, humans with crossbows, humans with cloaks, and so on with golems are only real chance at the exotic.
  8. Well, with the FAQ we cleared up that he can attack everything within range of him once, but the trick is how to get him engaged with more than one. Him as an upgrade keeps multiple people from trying to melee your spearstar I suppose, they can attack everything in contact with them.
  9. Lots of people seem to trivialize unit upgrades by mentioning Accuracy but I have never had one show up when I wanted it to, and when it does then it is most likely lowering my damage.
  10. Heroes are good, many of them have a unique army building rule too, like adding out of faction units are being able to change their rank formations. The command expansion opens up a lot of upgrades. The unit expansions are useful if there is a specific upgrade you want or if you want to field an even bigger unit.
  11. I'm safe just buying all the Daqan and Waiqar shinies. Until they announce Dragonkin.... or the Orcs show up with dinosaurs...
  12. If you're running Maro, might you as well have Necromancers in every grouping as well?
  13. But I dun wanna buy Orcs ><
  14. Speaking of dinosaurs, aren't there some still on Terrinoth on a nearby continent? The one with the Mahkim in Runebound? I mean, if they don't want to give me Dragonkin they can at least give me dinosaurs to stave off the Lizardman Warhammer Fantasy itch ><
  15. Uthuk seem to also have a focus on morale effects. Waiqar tend to have slower initiatives. Latari look to be bigger on Immobilize than other factions.