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  1. I'm probably still going to pre-order one from a local store that is offering a 20% discount on FFG products this month. I need to find another player in Arizona though to split the Waiqar with ><
  2. Just grabbed a starter off of Ebay for 80.
  3. Taking a shot and then using the rune to slip behind blocking terrain to avoid return fire perhaps?
  4. Big fan of the novels, but a war game would be fairly mundane. One recreating the battles between the First Men, the Children of the Forest, and the Others might have been interesting. Then you could have your knights and blocks of humans, but also giant ice spiders, zombies, Giants, and so on.
  5. Yeah, the gotten specifically has a few commands that have a color coded time symbol which means he gets a bonus for those runes, but none of them are the life rune. AFAIK his dial is the only one that uses runes though.
  6. Blue means stable, you could still paint them red and just say yours are unstable yes? I think green is the only color that won't work since the golems don't use "life" Mana.
  7. So intro army box instead of second core set it looks like?
  8. I like that the Lore book has a write up on the elves and Uthuk just like they were real factions
  9. Weird thing is, they did preorder 12 starters and the organized play materials, they just aren't letting us out money down until they get told a date
  10. My local store won't let me preorder until they get a street date
  11. In Disk Wars, set during the Uthuk invasion, when Daqan was just a knight and not yet King, there was a Baron who fell to the dark side. His barony of Tamar decided that the reason why they were losing to the Uthuk is because they weren't willing to fight dirty and viciously, so they decided to throw aside chivalry and do whatever it took to win, even courting the Ynfernael for power. Obviously Llovar and the Uthuk were defeated before such extremes were needed, but I am thinking of fashioning my army after adherents to that philosophy. They'll be militant and furious that lazy and soft Barons let the Uthuk repopulate, or Waiqar go for centuries without being destroyed. If eventually they get a hero that lets them take a unit of demons that will probably come out with the Uthuk all the better...
  12. In Disk Wars the Orcs and Uthuk both had access to a lot of Berserk. Orcs had goblins, who were a bit more comical and sneaky of course. Uthuk had a bit more technology and were actually more suicidal, they focused a lot on sacrifice mechanics. They had demonic magic, Orcs were more shamans.
  13. Unfortunately my significant other probably won't be buying until the elves come out as well.
  14. Mesa
  15. My experience may be a bit different than yours but the groups I play with have generally an equal if not higher number of women in them than men. That being said, it is hard to get them to go with us into bigger/public venues because of the bad past experiences they have had with "gamers" who give them grief for being a woman in the hobby. I would like to bring them to a game store for a Magic tournament, or in this case into the Runewars scene without them having to deal with casual gendered insults that turned them off to the wider public in the first place. While I am sure no malice was meant, they have encountered all the same "jokes" that certainly weren't friendly in their intent and when they hear words from a stranger or see text without inflection and the like online, they will probably assume the worst. They have to, because they have run afoul of it too often and don't want to be our in that situation again.