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  1. I really like Ardus in gold armor like that. I want his original Legionnaires to be ostentatious, to really sell the notion that they were once the saviors of the Baronies, the elite who turned back the Uthuk and that despite being dead, they still have that claim to nobility. That it is the weak impotent humans of the modern day who dare to stand before them after they made all these sacrifices for them. Waiqar, a contemporary of Daqan himself, should sit the throne if anyone does. And he apprenticed to Timmoran, the orb should be his in payment for the blood he shed in the Wastes and the torture he endured at the hand of Llovar. So Ardus looking way more regal than the reanimates fits that well and distinguishes the fully sapient ones from the more traditional undead reanimates.
  2. Space issues and to help get others into the game. In Disk Wars I played the Knights and my friend played Farrenghast's Undead, back when Waiqar was still living. So I was reluctant to play Waiqar and was waiting for Uthuk. After getting their command upgrade though, I think Waiqar might end up playing more like the Knight's play style, focused more on synergy, than Daqan even will.
  3. Nice. Tree huggin' hippies are traitors to their people and nation though!
  4. Yeah, running multiwound Daqan seems to be getting pointless with the amount of mortal strikes and Executioner silliness that can be thrown around.
  5. Really would like to see Daqan get some Lancers to kill hard targets. So far all the Cavs are going at it with just swords, not a lot of range advantage.
  6. Using pikemen against cavalry and your cavalry against archers? Sounds right to me.
  7. But a mortal strike is just going to kill 1 Spearman, and doesn't get multiplied by threat, unlike the damage icon on the Oathsworn dial. So I guess maybe Oathsworn are better at killing archers and foot troops while Deathknights are better at killing hard targets?
  8. Ugh. Wish they'd show the Uthuk. I'm getting tempted to abandon Daqan for Waiqar. I haven't sold off my Waiqar yet, so I still have two cores worth of them. Now, if I like where the Uthuk are going, I'll have to choose. Otherwise I could collect Waiqar AND Daqan. Though I was kind of hoping for a Tamar renegade subfaction that used the Ynfernael so I could summon some Uthuk demons for my Daqan...
  9. Neutral upgrade cards will show up in each faction's sets.
  10. How much of that is an act? Especially when she transitions into trying to ferret out what she might've learned in the few moments she's been there outside of Kachiko's monitoring, and trying to figure out if she suspects foul play...
  11. I find stories like this so unbelievable, especially with figures like the Scorpion clan. When it is such an open secret that your clandestine lover's brother is a poison master assassin that you automatically assume him as a suspect in your father's murder, and you are certain that your lover would gladly throw you under the bus at a moment's notice for her family's gain.... why are you still smooching with her? Especially when she's a renowned manipulator? I'd have preferred some set up about how when the tsunami devastated Crane lands that the Scorpion were at the forefront of the relief efforts, that Scorpion has been supplying rice to Crane villagers. Maybe it was during this cooperation between clans that our two lovers grew close to each other. That the reputation of Scorpion was of a fierce enemy, but a strong ally, with perhaps the darkest of whispers that those who get in their way seem to regularly come to bad ends. That all the good and honorable things they do though tempts you to ignore those whispers. Instead we get "My lover's family is Evil McEvil. BUT SHE'S HAWT"
  12. But if you're blocking LOS then you are missing out on HIS ranged attack, and he costs 40 points.
  13. Interesting, though if Ardus is in 3 of him and Ardus is in melee, then the necromancer is getting Danger Close.
  14. He'd need a ranged attack to use it though?
  15. That dial is nasty.