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  1. Strap Yoshi to that wall for a minute and then I'm sure he'll authorize all the jade you want.
  2. Waywardpaladin

    On the Kolat

    I think the whole him being adopted when heimin being adopted by samurai is a plot point for Dragon is the indication? After all, the son retorted that his father saying the PLS was against the Celestial Order when his adoption subverts the order as well was a sign of hypocrisy.
  3. Waywardpaladin

    On the Kolat

    But he is heimin too by birth, would be perfect fodder for those who are against the adoption plan of the Dragon. It seems more that no one is aware of his defection, doesn't his father just know he disappeared?
  4. When Hotaru contemplates if Kachiko killed her father the likely scenario she comes up with is that Kachiko went yandere and did it as a 'favor' to Hotaru. So their relationship in Hotaru's mind is strong enough that Kachiko would fairly casually kill the Emerald Champion for her.
  5. Waywardpaladin

    On the Kolat

    Yeah, it is interesting that the conceit the Empire is built on is so seemingly fragile even in the mind of those who support it that to even acknowledge the existence of heresy is seen as a potential disaster. I am surprised the PLS is as tolerated as it is then if publically acknowledging something like the Kolat is feared to possibly undermine the Emperor's legitimacy.
  6. Sure Satsume was Kolat? Adventure says he has some Kolat propaganda addressed to him, but the Kolat killed him. I am wondering if his opinion on the heirs came to someone's ears and the Kolat reached out to him expecting him to be sympathetic. But whatever they proposed he ultimately disagreed with so they assassinated him to make sure he didn't expose them. Not that he likely would have, his ghost seems interested in having you just bury the fact that he even spoke to them.
  7. Waywardpaladin

    A Swift End

    We thought everyone would come to our mountain resorts and see! But I guess Togashi could have made the High House of Light more accessible.... Maybe an escalator?
  8. Waywardpaladin

    A Swift End

    Good luck. Dragon has been around forever demonstrating how awesome minding your own business and letting people be themselves is but Rokugan still hasn't caught on.
  9. Waywardpaladin

    Top Phoenix GenCon Tournament Report

    Guy didn't feel confident in beating the Dragon deck he was likely to face. Thought this guy was better, and they already had the acrylics. Offered to just concede and let him go fight the Dragon for the glory of their mutual Clan and asked if he could have the acrylics.
  10. Good to meet you again in your Phoenix guise. Gratz on the new job by the way
  11. RIP Golem Arcana. The best minis game I've played in a long time. I was actually a character in the storyline campaign ><
  12. Waywardpaladin

    Between the Lines - Dragon Fiction

    It sounds like the Dragon themselves don't often know. They're just told to be in a place at a certain time, and they'll know it when they see it.
  13. Waywardpaladin

    RPG characters presentation.

    Togashi always accepted anyone who wanted enlightenment and gave them his own name. The last pack's story had the PLS in hiding and expecting Yokuni to come after them, but instead when they mobilize they head south and leave the PLS completely untouched. Instead of taking this as a sign that they are not under threat in Dragon lands, they see it as an opportunity to engage in some insurrection it appears, losing a lot of the sympathy that I otherwise had for them. So I think Togashi doesn't mind anyone's route to enlightenment (excluding something Shadowlands related I imagine) but the PLS are in fact a threat and not just some peaceful social movement.
  14. Waywardpaladin

    Toshi Ranbo Season Article

    I was going to say as a Dragon I want to see Phoenix fall because they are religious extremists that want us to murder people for their hippy religion. But after the latest story insert being about how the Perfect Land sect goes "Wait, the Dragon are mobilizing but it isn't to wipe us out, they are going to let us practice our faith in peace?_ they decide to attack.
  15. No, more Kihos like Hurricane Fist. Can't have half your conflict hand playable only on conflict declaration and then only one of them.