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  1. Reanimation is at the end of the turn. The Necromancer I believe you regenerate as you resolve the Special Ability modifier.
  2. I mean, if Runewars is their Warhammer Fantasy game and this is their 40K, I understand. But my interest in Legion is pretty nil. I like Star Wars a lot, but in a minis game I want more factions, variety of units and so on. Star Wars is, surprisingly, a bit too "realistic" for that. Rows of Stormtroopers firing at squads of generic Rebels doesn't do it for me. Star Wars to me is all about the smaller scale action on the ground, and space battles.
  3. I use him in a unit with Lingering Dead two turn my 2x1 archers into 2x2 so I don't need to take rank discipline on them and can take other units. Get more figures, don't have to buy a unit, savings! Using him as a single figure I was always cautious with using him because I didn't want to stack wounds on him. If you want to keep him safe you have to use heartseeker, so that is more points. He can't attack and reanimate, whereas the block of reanimates he's in can march/attack while he is tossing more trays to your other units. Sure he might be able to toss some white dice as a single figure, but the lack of Precision on him I found annoying.
  4. And when those Reanimates have Lingering Dead and just regenerate... My last match though I took a Necromancer, lingering dead, and reanimates. Didn't reanimate a single figure the entire match >< I was either untouched, or not a single green rune on the round I got hit.
  5. I think the Unicorn in the story are looking at it the wrong way. What better way to curry favor than have the court dependent on your daughter? Sure she's a "hostage", but she's also important, needed, will be owed the respect a student owes their teacher for every member of guard she teaches, gets to greatly influence Imperial policy towards their magical tradition, and of course can make friends in the court.
  6. Especially if you read the write up by the Scrivener on Waiqar in the Lorebook. Waiqar was one of the greatest heroes of the First Darkness. When it looked like all hope was lost, he and some volunteers braved **** to try to assassinate Llovar. He was captured and tortured of course, but Timmoran having to try to rescue him is what set up the final battle between the two that ended with Llovar's death. After his rescue, he marched once again and beat back the Uthuk at every turn. He chased them through the wastelands once more and tried to genocide them all to keep them from returning some day (which we see now he was right in fearing.) To do all that, and then in the end have his master not entrust the future to him but to try to give his power away to everyone else, to the lessers, to those who didn't suffer and earn it like he did, was probably a great affront. According to the Scrivener as well, when he went to air his complaint to Timmoran, the old wizard didn't just meekly await him but struck first against his armies, killing the brave men and woman who had gone to **** and back with him. Now, in our third person omniscient position we know that is likely a lie, but that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of people in his forces that believe it. Who knows, even he may have convinced himself by now of the righteousness of his position. The Uthuk though are pretty irredeemable, but some people like playing a faction that is just black on black.
  7. I don't know, the amount of Mortal Strikes Lancers throw out makes them hit plenty hard against hardened targets. Spearstars you can pepper with arrows.
  8. In DiskWars the Knights were all about synergy. They buffed each other, could reactivate others, defended each other, and so on. Individually they tended to be the weakest but when kept near each other in formation they were tough.
  9. I will still be here in Arizona teaching chemistry. Hmm, training the future who will pay my Social Security or play Runewars... Eh, Social Security probably won't exist when I'm old enough anyways.
  10. With them taking a break from Shadowrun, I wonder if they'll have the opportunity after Battletech to do Crimson Skies. It certainly lends itself to a "table top combat, man on the ground roleplaying" system.
  11. MK was great. Constant scenarios, results mattered, we even got campaign pins for each storyline
  12. Yeah, but I already had that back with DiskWars >< It was great to get story scenarios from them and see the story always expanding. I suppose I was also spoiled by MageKnight and Golem Arcana.
  13. Anyone else getting jealous of the L5R LCG? The amount of Lore they're getting, the GenCon storyline tournament.... I know L5R has a LOT of Lore backing them, but I'd like to see that kind of effort put into Runewars to flesh out Terrinoth as well. I imagine that if they do intend to support the setting that strongly, they're waiting for all 4 factions to be out before doing so. I actually wish this game was set during the 1st Darkness instead. They had a lot of faction variety back then in Diskwars.
  14. I suspect Archers will be involved.
  15. My last game I set up archers in overwatch position, so the turtling foe was penned in their deployment zone. I then moved the bulk of my troops around to one side of their block, so I could have all my melee fighters hitting one side of their formation. The terrain that was initially helping conceal them then ended up blocking them as they tried to move the half of their army that wasn't going to be able to support the other half as it was attacked. In order to move around to join the fight, they were going to have to swing into range of my archers. Turtles give up the initiative and allow you to dictate the when and where of engagement, which is very useful. I do wonder however if people feel spending the first two turns or so banking inspiration and such it "turtling", I find it pretty necessary so that one round of blight or something just doesn't put you on a back foot for the entire game.