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  1. See these vermin? You know WHY your children lay in terror and the world suffers the touch of the Ynfernael once again? Because Timmoran didn't see fit to entrust his power to the lieutenant who bled, suffered, and faced the worst Llovar could visit upon a soul. The one who truly understood the need to remove every last living Uthuk from the world. #Waiqardidnothingwrong
  2. Hawthorne and a small group of Spearmen with Rallying Cornicen behind your Deathstar can sure help with that blight. That being said, against Deathstars I like sending 4x1 formations of Oathsworn with Rank Discipline and any damage adder upgrade you want to alpha strike them down.
  3. I played a game where the Waiqar player turtled up with their 2 carrions and archer block ready to lay down the blight, with an executioner to take advantage of any wound peppering. I had Hawthorne and 2 blocks of 4x1 cav. We just sat back and stacked inspiration. I knew I could fly across the board and engage if he moved forward at all, and since the objective was breaking the line if it got to the last turn and no one had moved I'd just full move into his deployment zone and win through objective points. Well, by turn 3 or so I thought that would be rather boring and he had started shuffling his troops around so it wasn't going to be the terrible bog down if I moved that I thought at first (The terrain was really restrictive to my 4x1 cav) so I didn't just wait out the turns. Still, that big stack of Inspiration tokens really helped whenever I'd get blighted or immobilized. Going to start playing with the upgrade that lets you spend Inspiration for Mortal Strikes.
  4. Yeah, most people I've dated preferred coop games. Have you two tried the Arkham Horror LCG?
  5. 8th Ed 40k robbed it of all it's momentum it seems here in AZ.
  6. With the upgrade to spend Inspiration for Mortal Strikes I've been wondering when there will be an effective build to just generate tokens ASAP and then drop a big alpha strike on enemy heroes or siege units.
  7. Can always just sit there and spend a round of rallying to cache Inspiration
  8. But one version has him disappearing while fighting the Dragon Lords, who came after Waiqar's defeat. There is a long gap there, you would think it would be pretty clear what decade he disappeared in which would make one story true and the other false.
  9. Putting out the flame of Kellos?
  10. Unfortunately, the Daqan are queenless.
  11. I really like Ardus in gold armor like that. I want his original Legionnaires to be ostentatious, to really sell the notion that they were once the saviors of the Baronies, the elite who turned back the Uthuk and that despite being dead, they still have that claim to nobility. That it is the weak impotent humans of the modern day who dare to stand before them after they made all these sacrifices for them. Waiqar, a contemporary of Daqan himself, should sit the throne if anyone does. And he apprenticed to Timmoran, the orb should be his in payment for the blood he shed in the Wastes and the torture he endured at the hand of Llovar. So Ardus looking way more regal than the reanimates fits that well and distinguishes the fully sapient ones from the more traditional undead reanimates.
  12. Space issues and to help get others into the game. In Disk Wars I played the Knights and my friend played Farrenghast's Undead, back when Waiqar was still living. So I was reluctant to play Waiqar and was waiting for Uthuk. After getting their command upgrade though, I think Waiqar might end up playing more like the Knight's play style, focused more on synergy, than Daqan even will.
  13. Nice. Tree huggin' hippies are traitors to their people and nation though!
  14. Yeah, running multiwound Daqan seems to be getting pointless with the amount of mortal strikes and Executioner silliness that can be thrown around.
  15. Really would like to see Daqan get some Lancers to kill hard targets. So far all the Cavs are going at it with just swords, not a lot of range advantage.