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  1. Competitive Vs Fun

    I tried using Stone of Sorrow, but most games don't seem to take that long. So while I think creating novel situations is "fun", the game encourages me to just strip things down to its most efficient. I think the game supporting multiple strategies in fun, this "throw together Court Games, Banzai, and these auto-includes" isn't. Maybe that will change now that I hear several clans are playing more defensively and drawing out the game, but the tournament time clocks are tight enough as it is.
  2. I mean, we're no Unicorns, but I'm feeling a bit bad for my Dragons. Our magistrate was a joke, we don't even have an Imperial District. Stone of Sorrows is kind of fun and interesting, but games move so fast that once you get it set up the game is over.
  3. Dragon Swarm

    2 fate over the course of the game is an abundance from Seeker?
  4. I find knowledge of my hand to be one of the most damaging parts of that card. When they know you don't have a Let Go or Fury their planning becomes much easier...
  5. Fanmade cards while we speculate

    I don't think "First Blood" means "Outright kill someone." Raitsugu has to cleave his way through all your fate first to get kill you. I'd think either A) Remove a fate without killing someone if they have no fate or B) Reduce all stats of loser down to base for the conflict.
  6. Why I was interested in seeing if Ancestral, Pillow Book, Agasha Swordsmith, and so on would help me make it but ended up sticking with Crab splash.
  7. Mahkim mentioned by FFG

    Runebound Mists of Zanaga had Mahkim, there seems to be a bunch of them with their animal gods on another continent.
  8. Terrinoth Lore through Genesys!!

    Sounds like the Dragon Lords are still active in the Molten Heath and are invading the dwarves, and the orcs are allied with humans and elves.
  9. Fanmade cards while we speculate

    It uses "then". So since they weren't able to be given the modifier, the next part wouldn't trigger right? Speaking of which, you'd probably not be able to modify their non "-" skill as well since it is stated as a package deal.
  10. Jigoku Toxicity

    So far I've only had one "negative" encounter on the site, and that was mostly just a sudden change in tone after a casual game to being more competitive. Otherwise, even in the games I just spectate, everyone goes out of their way to keep things civil. But I've only seen games labeled "casual".
  11. Dragon Deck Experimentation

    Why Kabe instead of Imperial Palace? Why Mendicant if you don't have anything that runs off of Monks? And while I don't like Yaruma, using him to reset Public Forum does seem appropriately cruel
  12. CASUAL play discord club/league

    Good group, easy finding games.
  13. Dragon Deck Experimentation

    I find Fury quickly becoming a dead card as opponents will reveal my provinces ASAP. I had a mix of Voice and Censure before to great effect. So far though Censure has been less reliable than Voice was. Crab lets me trigger Niten Adept and Master easily, Pathfinder blade let's me keep my lunch from being eaten by a host of provinces that want to take all my fate, or steal all my attachments, or honor them and dishonor me, and so on. Reprieve helps keep Sumiko, Yokuni, and so on around. Or even Enlightened Warrior for a turn that your opponent avoids picking a ring with Fate. The Phoenix splash suggestion I see people make, but Against the Waves isn't very helpful, Display of Power can be but I also like to actually win on defense. Unicorn I suppose is pretty typical, but Spyglass and what? I have seen Gaijin customs suggested, and I have seen steed used.
  14. Dragon Deck Experimentation

    So I'm currently running: stronghold (1) 1x Mountain's Anvil Castle role (1) 1x Seeker of Fire province (5) 1x Restoration of Balance 1x Feast or Famine 1x Public Forum 1x Shameful Display 1x Manicured Garden holding (9) 3x Imperial Storehouse 3x Mountaintop Statuary 1x The Imperial Palace 2x Favorable Ground dynasty character (31) 3x Niten Adept 2x Niten Master 3x Doomed Shugenja 3x Enlightened Warrior 3x Agasha Swordsmith 3x Togashi Yokuni 2x Mirumoto Raitsugu 1x Mirumoto Raitsugu 3x Togashi Initiate 3x Seeker of Enlightenment 2x Agasha Sumiko 3x Kitsuki Investigator attachment (24) 3x Reprieve 3x Pathfinder's Blade 2x Cloud the Mind 2x Finger of Jade 2x Way of the Dragon 3x Ancestral Daishō 3x Kitsuki's Method 3x The Stone of Sorrows 3x Daimyō's Favor event (15) 2x Charge! 2x Mirumoto's Fury 2x Good Omen 3x Let Go 3x Censure 3x Policy Debate conflict character (3) 3x Togashi Kazue I feel pretty inconsistent. Sometimes it is awesome and I have a lock on economy, or I'm just bowing everyone with Adept and have a good game. Otherwise I fall behind and have no way to catch up. Not sure if I should use Mono no Aware or Waning Hostilities to buy myself into the game. I know the first bit of advice will probably be "MORE BANZAI! MORE CHARGE! MORE 0 COST!" but I want to find something viable that isn't just "Throw every aggressively costed thing at them". I can make a Lion deck for that.
  15. I had been running Crane. Duelist training and Way of the Dragon let my Voltron bow two enemies. Raitsugu could remove two Fate and bow two targets. Voice of Honor let me cancel events that were going to devastate my single character. Curry Favor was going to let me defend if I second conflicted first, or ready my Stone of Sorrow holder. If second conflicting last, I could ready someone to add glory to get the Imp Favor to keep Sumiko going and deny it to my enemy. Crab though, now that I have Censure, gives me Reprieve which might be worth 5 fate or give me more time to draw into something else to keep them around. Pathfinder Blade let's me avoid losing fate, getting Dishonored, or against Crane having all my attachments stolen. The Mountain does not Fall let's you hit three conflicts, but since I am Seeker and not Keeper I am not using it ATM. How do you think Phoenix would help? They can ready Togashi, but that is about it right? I know Unicorn can help with card draw with Spyglass but haven't seen much else that I would want.