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  1. There's plenty of existing content for the game, but I hope it's not over. Even new DLC once a year would be nice. Do they normally announce new content at GenCon & then start releasing at Arkham Nights in October?
  2. I just played 4 player with the family & we enjoyed it. Very tense at the end & I won by 1 happiness point. Solo play could potentially work & just see if you could beat your final score. Or play 2 handed.
  3. You'd be better posting this in the AH LCG forums. This is the AH board game forum... https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/forum/512-arkham-horror-the-card-game/
  4. My guess is it's referring to AH2e which became very bloated & the card pools became more diluted with each expansion.
  5. Still no sign of this being released in Australia.
  6. DMG

    Freakin' Dice!

    I still have 2 sets each of the green, blessed & cursed from when 2e was out & I'm never letting go of them! 😃
  7. I'd certainly buy that. My daughter & I both love MoM & ST.
  8. Great stuff. Glad it has been sorted for you!
  9. Good luck with it. I hope it's sorted quickly for you.
  10. Platform: iOS (iPad). Mission: Murder on the Stargazer Majestic We just "finished" Murder on the Stargazer Majestic & encountered a game breaking bug at the end that made us unable to win: <spoiler> When the murderer was revealed, I went into the engine room & completed the puzzle before killing the murderer. After that, we could not do anything other than click through the phases & wait for the airship to crash, despite having "won" by killing the bad guy & fixing the engines. From what I have read elsewhere, if you do the puzzle first, it causes it to have the bug. Edit: We have just beaten the murderer first & then done the puzzle with the same results. </spoiler> Thanks, Jim.
  11. I'd report the game store to FFG. Here in Australia, you can go to Fair Trading or the ACCC to report places that refuse refunds for faulty goods. We have reasonable consumer rights here.
  12. Glad to see an expansion finally announced. And from the livestream, there's more on the way. Huzzah!
  13. Agreed. I'm keen to add more variety to the base game.
  14. Very keen to see the new expansion. I wonder if it'll be a big or small box expansion?
  15. DMG


    There's absolutely nothing on the horizon. Zip. Nada. It's almost like Arkham Horror has been dropped like a hot potato.
  16. If Legacy is what I'm thinking about, then I'm not a fan of putting stickers etc on my game boards etc. Interesting idea, though...
  17. So the unreleased Journeys in Middle Earth has already had a DLC & figure pack announced...still no love for Arkham Horror. 😩
  18. I'm hoping for an Epic campaign / upgrade boxed set, a Hammerhead Corvette (insta-buy) & generic (or faction) card packs.
  19. I've only had the chance to take a quick skim through & it looks great! Nice work Durins_Father.
  20. It's been very quiet on the expansion front. Considering Arkham Horror is one of the "flagship" products for FFG, I'm amazed nothing has been announced yet...
  21. It'd certainly be possible to release an annual pack of generic upgrade cards in the LCG pack format. IE a clamshell pack of 60 cards. Possibly one pack for each faction with new pilots plus 1 generic. Their business model & production line is capable of doing this format. However I'd also be all for a campaign set that has them in as well (epic campaign with upgrades).
  22. Who knows... This company has since tried to charge me extra for postage when their web site says flat rates. Very dodgy... Won't be using them again. But they're not the only ones selling the book here as a separate item.
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