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  1. It's been very quiet on the expansion front. Considering Arkham Horror is one of the "flagship" products for FFG, I'm amazed nothing has been announced yet...
  2. DMG

    Are card packs going to be a thing?

    It'd certainly be possible to release an annual pack of generic upgrade cards in the LCG pack format. IE a clamshell pack of 60 cards. Possibly one pack for each faction with new pilots plus 1 generic. Their business model & production line is capable of doing this format. However I'd also be all for a campaign set that has them in as well (epic campaign with upgrades).
  3. Who knows... This company has since tried to charge me extra for postage when their web site says flat rates. Very dodgy... Won't be using them again. But they're not the only ones selling the book here as a separate item.
  4. We had to pay $15 extra for it here in Australia.
  5. DMG

    Arkham Nights 2018

    I wish this stuff was available in Australia.
  6. DMG

    Problems receiving promo item?

    I had to pay an extra $15 to get the promo book, here in Australia.
  7. DMG

    Modular gameboard?

    The strange perspective of the street connectors puts me right off. It's the first thing my eye is drawn to when looking at the game board. I really think the artists could have done a better job on this.
  8. Hi Folks, Here's a few pictures of a custom divider insert I made for the Return to the Night of the Zealot box. The sides are 3mm MDF. Inserts are the scrap ends from a set of wooden venetian blinds I trimmed to size. The inserts are a perfect fit for the width of my table saw blade. I've cut 3 of these, ready for another 2 "Return to" boxes. The pieces are laying flat, ready to assemble when the time comes. The 4 player decks are the 4 base decks from 2 core sets that we used to play NotZ. There's also plenty of room at the back, so I could essentially fit the tokens & have the playable campaign in 1 box (without upgrade cards).
  9. At least an LCG is something tangible. I can sell it down the track if I want to. It also doesn't pop up ads or harass me during a game to buy more. I also know what I'm getting when I buy it. It's not gambling for virtual cards.
  10. The microtransactions mean I won't be purchasing this game. I hate being nagged to buy stuff in games.
  11. DMG

    Announced: Arkham Horror Third Edition

    Arkham Horror: The Jig-Saw Puzzle...
  12. DMG

    Dial Counts in the Con Kits

    Dur...I just realised I said 4 or 5 X-Wings from 2 cores & a rebel transport.. There's 1 per core... I blame sleep deprivation. ?
  13. DMG

    Dial Counts in the Con Kits

    I just don't get how in a game called X-Wing, they only convert 2 X-Wings... Many people would have 4 or 5 X-Wings simply from 2 core sets, plus the Rebel Transport.
  14. DMG

    Horrific Journeys

    I suppose if you're playing with 3+ players & don't want to use the agendas, then you just don't use those cards. The option is yours. I normally only play 2 player, so I won't be able to use them anyway.
  15. They all say "Awaiting Reprint" on the Upcoming page: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/upcoming/ . So who knows...