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  1. Thunder hammer 2d10+4E Pen:8 (1 str multiplier) Best Craftsmanship synthetic muscle grafts +1 Str (1 str multiplier) Crushing blow talent (+2 melee damage) 50 base str. 2d10+24E pen:8 I think he was mostly interested in the ranged weapon calculations though.
  2. How do you determine wounds? Also Made A Felinid Bodyguard/co-pilot Very Rare-Good Quality (could be taken as starting acquisition) Bah don't gain bonus for being bought individually. WS: 55 BS: 20 Str:50 Tou:50 Agi:55 Per:45 int:20 Wil:35 Fel:20 Acrobatics:55 Awareness(+10):55 Contortionist:55 Lore: Common (Imperium):20 pilot(all)(+10):65 Scrutiny:45 Speak Language (Low Gothic):20 Trade:Armourer(Agi):55 Ambidextrous Two weapon wielder(Melee) Crushing blow(+2 to damage) Weapon Proficiency(Melee-Chainsword) Weapon Proficiency(Melee-Powersword) Weapon Proficiency(Melee-PrimativeSword) Interkeratic Implants(Dark sight and photon grenade immunity) Good Quality Imperial Guard Flak armor 4 armor all, 5 armor first round of combat Good Quality Chainsword, Hypraphur pattern x2 1d10+3 Pen:2 tearing which makes 1d10+10 Pen:2 tearing with +5 to hit from quality.
  3. There's nothing about Ogryns skipping Origin path. Also only catgirls? What about this beauty. /Sarcasm
  4. How mean that is would partly depend on how hard it is to earn SP in your games. I'm guessing captured ships would sell for quite a bit then?
  5. Vax Augery specialist Jimmy Betancore-Male, 24, 130 pounds, 5 7", Mohawk, Orange Tulip Yellow Stem tattoo on neck gives away membership as part of the narco-tribe bizcrane of Footfall. Light build, Grew up on a Arvus Lighter in footfall transporting drugs,weapons,and foodstuffs with his family. Has a syringe clearly full of yellow liquid on belt. Jokes, "So you get to kill anyone today yet?" bridge officer(Lieutenant-which between junior and senior bridge officer ranking) Jurinia Betancore-Female 30, 140 pounds, 5 3", Long Black Hair, Orange Tulip Yellow Stem tattoo on arm. Large bulging biceps. Sister of above.punches people below her when they screw up High Factotum (basically the head ship lawyer,financial advisor, and accountant) Voria Praetius -female, 45, 145 pounds, 5' 8" , Red Hair, wears a black frock coat. Carries a data slate, autopistol, and shock maul. Always working overtime, has a second job in fact in one of the ship restaurants, divorced, has a son in academy training to be a chirgeon, and a daughter training as an adept like herself. Malornejen- Physically notable because he has eight manipulator mechanendrites Runs a small business selling various items, like drugs. Chemistry and medical specialist. Surprisingly bad with technical equipment and computers. Good social lubricant between the tech priests and the rest of the ship despite low enginseer rank. If you want something technical done it's often easier to bribe him than deal with the ad-mech yourself.Llkely to steal given a chance or bolt at signs of trouble. Looks after Nuke, another techpriest who doesn't have much sanity left and insists on using 12 millimeter screws for all his projects. Rather than start from stock plaststeel, he melts down 12 milimeter screws into stock steel himself. And then uses it to construct his contraptions. Indigo Jess - Looks over Kroot.(Speaks Kroot) Likes plants.(Because he's a botanist.)
  6. Maybe something like this? Felinids are hot so lowering fellowship seems strange to me. WS 25 +2d10 BS 15 +2d10 S 15 +2d10 T 20 +2d10 Ag 25 +2d10 Per 25 +2d10 Int 15 + 2d10 Wil 20 +2d10 Fel 20+2d10
  7. Nobles gaining psyker powers usually would gain them through deals with the ruinious powers making them extra suspicious. Better to cut ties and quickly hand them over if found. Legitimate noble psykers would be so rare your own family would likely think you were a heretic. No matter how much they may have loved you. And usually those families would be right. You might be able to work your way back to your family eventually though. If weak they might outright buy your freedom. A Primaris Destructus level battle psyker would likely have the most trouble. They'd want you fighting with the Imperial Guard until you die. Only story method I could see there would be to try to get in the retinue of an Inquisitor that works in the region you want to be in. I'm feeling some serious deja vu right now. This may have come up before.
  8. Nobility aside I think of psykers as having Levels such as in this thread. http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/1066-psyker-levels-in-dark-heresy/ By default The astropaths in Rogue Trader would be Secundus Primaris Beta. Beta The Beta psyker can crush all opposition with a flick of the wrist. You may take minor psychic powers and take powers from any Discipline. You may Master three disciplines. Most astropaths would be Secundus Adeptus Iota/Theta/Eta The Adeptus group may only increase their Psi rating to a maximum of 2. Venk gives a very accurate picture of what happens to psykers of that level. And most higher ranked ones too really. Still it's important to note that Psykers in Rogue Trader, are unusually powerful, far above the norm. Destructus rank. While they usually wouldn't have the power to choose where to go such desires might at least be heard, if ignored. Psykers at that level should be as respected as Navigators. Low ranked Navigators that is. You can buy secundus ranked psykers sure. But Destructus rank psykers? Those guys make up the leadership of the Astropathic Telepathica. Those guys sometimes become inquisitors. Or the right hand men of nobles as Malcador the Sigillite was to the Emperor. In general the AAT wants as much out of you as possible. A noble? Sucks to be you. You might have been able to escape excessive attention if not for that. They WANT you with your family if you have any clout. Pushing their agenda. Shipments of psykers from the expanse likely. Or the death of the Chaos Reavers, their competition. Or the development of a planet with focus crystals. Fail? Shipped to the Eastern Front. Refuse? Congratuations your a kill on sight heretic. If you succeed though. Well as long as you keep succeeding they'll let you be. Probably.
  9. Nothing wrong with house rules as long as your players are informed of them beforehand. I assumes stacking the deck happens before the cards are passed out? If so it looks good. Is Scrutiny an opposed check vs Slight of Hand/Deceive? Or does it give a penalty? If a penalty what would a Scrutiny skill of say 63 give? :minor notes Only Rank 8 Rogue Trader class characters would be masters at Gambling, Deceive, and Slight of Hand though. Voidmaster is the only other class with the Gamble skill at all. Granted a Voidmaster built for it would be good. Good quality cybernetic arms help with slight of hand in addition to piloting, you could take slight of hand with origin path. And they get cheap perception for scrutiny/cheap agility for slight of hand.
  10. Footfall has a zeno section in edge of the abyss. I would expect Orks, Eldar, Styrix, Kroot and other species to hangout there. Basically Agreeing with Tenebre here. Iniquity is a pirate hub so chaos pirates hangout there(and perhaps Eldar corsairs). Any of Winterscales colonies would have gambling rings to hang out and brag in although you'd be hanging out with fellow humans most likely. Rain is Ostensibly a pleasure world so I'd expect it to have at least 1 major Casino. You could potentially make it as shady as Footfall if you wanted depending how you think of Chorda since she owns the place. I figure you can have representatives. Personally I think of them by the name House Agents. By the lore I think the Rogue Traders tend to be the driving force behind their dynasties. Ultimately for the simple reason that it's simpler to write a story that way. As for having others running the show while the Rogue Trader runs off to Jerico reach, that could go many ways. The parents of the Rogue Trader might technically own some of the enterprises merely providing support until the Rogue Trader had their own steady base before passing off their holdings to other children as Imperial Governors (Or just rich nobles). So while initially in Jericho reach they have some financial wealth to draw on and then 75 years later it's cut off for example. Or the Rogue Trader may have killed off their family by treachery is is able to keep most wealth to themselves in which case they can either choose representation or perhaps trade for resources in the Jericho sector. Perhaps some Nobles there would be willing to trade their holdings for somewhere ostensibly safer.
  11. Frozen reaches has stats for the Bulwark yeah. And it's a beast.
  12. Does the storm quality seem necessary for the non-lance guns or not? I still haven't had a ship combat with my group yet. (I probably should before long.) Personally I would have kept the transport from the Styrix caravan. I definitely wouldn't keep the lunar given your low PF. Could you repair the ship enough to land the hulk on the planet, and use it to make an imperial shrine? You could put your 'relic' in it. That usage of the ship shouldn't cost any PF. For the relic you could find(Throw together) a casket identical to the one that holds a relic on Damaris and simply have similar rules for not actually looking at what's inside the box. Clearly this must have been the work of Saint Drusus. The treasure troves of the Unquenched might have a relic though. If your gamemaster has the Koronus bestiary to use them. I think most inhabitants of the planet would know the legends of the unquenched.
  13. It's a cool ship, I'd consider throwing it in a ship graveyard. Damaged of course, and repairing it.. that would be difficult. It probably wouldn't be quite as good as new.
  14. Gonna use him.. If it comes up. I might not focus greatly on the navigator side of things in the game I'm running. Beyond having a few warp jumps be.. bumpy .
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