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  1. If you were in my country I'd be willing to give you my copy for free. Read the reviews on Boardgamegeek.
  2. My first impression of the game was that it looks alright and the board is pretty. But after a while you learn you might as well take a large piece of card board, draw a few dots and connect them with lines and it would be the same as Dust. Our group have tried playing this game 3 times total in the past 2 years. Usually we'd get to turn 2 or 3 and it would be so boring that we'd just stop. If they re-design the game they should maybe add some extra nonsense to hide the utter pointlessness a bit better. Let's see what we have already: aliens, WW2, pics of chicks, mechs and alternate history. Maybe add zombies, dragons, magic, heroes and a "dice-less combat mechanic". I'm afraid I agree with the BGG assessment: amateurish.
  3. What is the size/scale of infantry units? From the pictures I guessed them to be about 10mm? I'm thinking of getting 6mm infantry painted up as replacements for the vanilla pieces while I wait for the game to be released this side. Found some good reviews and ideas here. If anyone does paint up the game pieces please post a pic.
  4. I've been showing the promo video to a few friends and colleagues and everyone was very impressed and excited. Personally I laughed at the zooming and panning around the little plastic miniatures, but then I'm a bit jaded in that regard (exodus wars anyone?). At least they didn't paint em as I'm sure some of us will. But I'd be very impressed if tutorial videos are published of the game rules like what was done for Viktory II. Maybe I'm just too lazy to study a thick rule book. On the other hand time is also an issue. Anyone else feel the same way?
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