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  1. Here is the Children of Isha supplement created by one time content writer N0-1_H3r3.
  2. Hey there, I was wondering if anyone has ever continued the series that was started by Soul Reaver and Dark Kin? I'm interested in running a Dark Eldar game and would like to have more options available to my players.
  3. I really want it for the job that comes with it. It's already one of the things I do already, I would also like access to the Lore skills. I can just Smite my way to glory and force sword stuff to death as it is but those tasty Lore skills and limited to Chaplains.
  4. If a player wants it and the skill does not exist, why not?
  5. To be fair, dead stars that aren't black holes are compressed and highly dense "diamonds". I think a teaspoon of the substance weighs as much as a mountain range. Perhaps they found a deposit of it on a failed star that collapsed too quickly to become as dense and so makes for awesome swords or something. There's nothing quite like wielding a black shard of a dead star.
  6. Just saying that even Horus had a double.
  7. He should have just dodged it or something. Angron held up a Warhound singlehandedly if a Vindicare can dodge it a Primarch definitely can. He should have had Unnatural Speed x5. Primarchs move so fast even Space Marines have trouble seeing them.
  8. Essentially every character they interact with is a GMPC and while I understand what your usual GM is getting at he's in the wrong in telling you how to run your game. Any game can be fun for any amount of players. Check out Scion and Exalted, two of my favorite settings and epic/crazy enough that anything will work. Typically the thing that makes a great game is challenging your players while giving them what they want. I ask my players for feedback at the end of the gaming session. What did they like? What didn't they like? What do they want to see more of? Each player wants to feel special or have their time in the sun. If someone allocated points into interaction skills and all you do is get them to shoot some thing's face off but they kinda stink at it then they will be a little discontent. My advice is to come up with a reasonable explanation as to why there are only two of them. Perhaps start them out during a failing mission as the Thunderhawk is coming to extract them off planet with vital information. It's up to you to mould the story around the actions of your party not the other way around. If you try to make them do something they don't want to then it will feel like you are railroading them. That's the biggest and most often made mistake made by new Storytellers. Rambled on for a while if you want or need more advice I'm always more than happy to tell people what I think
  9. Well, their Chapter was created as a fleet based Chapter that specialized in small squad sized autonomous units that are deployed in a war zone's hot spots. The Chapter is also in the possession of much of the Great Crusade's history and so have a small special branch outside of the command structure that uses that intel to search out artifacts. Through character choices they chose to join that branch. So, they have an almost unlimited access to adventure and intrigue. For example they found a crashed Night Lord ship that, through investigation, contained Loyalist Night Lords that had jerryrigged Dreadnought coffins as makeshift stasis pods. So they had to decide what to do with them.
  10. I feel vast potential for future Funny Stories material What Chapter did you choose? Did you stay with your Space Shark? Yeah, I really enjoy the fluff I've created for the Carcharodons. I didn't pick them for this purpose but it allows me some leeway with the rules.
  11. I'm not one to kill my PCs. Although I'm more than willing to let them do that to themselves. My game is kind of unique in that I'm not running a "Deathwatch" game but one of a home brew Chapter. I took them from Aspirant to Rank 3 so far. They're all pretty new to the setting and it's been cool to see them grow with their characters.
  12. Well on my way to getting a Librarian Chaplain. I've got all the stats, all I need is half a rank and the xp req and the GM's permission.
  13. I created some fan fic fluff for my Carcharodon Librarian. One of the Trials of an aspirant is that they have to don void suits and hunt a predator native to a large nebula. These things are giant predators that feed off of each other and now have developed a taste for Imperial (and xenos) ships and colonies. Anyway, I played up their Chapter trapping of scrimshaw and used their bones and what not and included the bone from that predator in my arms and armament. Maybe the Red Wake's weapons aren't all that unique to the Carcharodons. Chain fist + lightning claws I think it was? Maybe not to the legendary awesome degree that his was. Carcharodon Fluffernutter: 2d10+6 Pen: 8, Power Field, Tearing, Proven (4) Pretty much the Lightning Claws with +1d10 and Tearing
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