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    Zordren reacted to IceHot42 in Sell me on this game   
    Its Marvel Superhero thematic fun, my son 13 enjoys it. The ever changing hand and options reduces alpha-gaming (So your son can express himself while playing) There are challenging puzzles to work out, yet the game is not as stress filled as other co-ops There is a lot of variety between the different Heroes and cards. You dont have to spend a lot of time building decks unless you really want to and even then its not much. The buy-in is good value, you really dont need more than the core set, and if you want just get the hero add-ons and villain challenges that appeal to you. Multi-player has a lot of cooperative interaction, that creates feel good experiences worth retelling.  
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    Zordren reacted to KimJoshIl in Sell me on this game   
    •Easy set up, you can get a game up and running in less than 5 minutes. Even faster if you already have decks put together.
    •Easy to learn. I was worried that this game may be too much for some members of my gaming group, but after a few rounds everyone knew what they needed to do.
    •The LCG model is pretty easy to budget for. I can easily dish out the $15-20 a month with an occasional $40 drop. Much cheaper than some other card games.
    •The solo aspect can be a little swingy, but once you get the feel for it, it’s not bad. It’s given me hours of entertainment, when it’s pretty hard to get a group together in our current state.
    •My favorite part of this game is the role playing feeling I get when I use a certain hero. I’ve played several Marvel games over the years, and Marvel Champions does the absolute best job of making me feel like I’m playing as the hero I’m using.
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    Zordren reacted to FearLord in Big box expansions for this game should be standalone   
    There are a lot of expansions for say Lord if the Rings the card game, but if you look at the products page now, it’s still very clear what the core set is.
    Whats not immediately clear is how many cores you need to make a play set and what expansions you need to get together. The advantage Marvel has (which is a big one in my view) is that you only need 1 core, and you can buy any of the expansions without needing any of the other expansions. So if you come to this game in 6 years and want to start, you can buy the game (the core set) and then get any and all expansions you want - don’t want Wrecking Crew of Green Goblin? Cool - don’t get them - you can just pick up Kang or Captain America or which ever character packs appeal to you - you don’t need a whole cycle to have access to a particular scenario - you can be assured that you as long as you have a core set, and product you buy is usable. So even if you’re unable to get lots of older packs, it shouldn’t matter in terms of being able to play with what you can get...
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    Zordren reacted to jonboyjon1990 in Longevity of this game on the long run   
    FFG certainly does have a mixed track record of getting the best out of their game lines. Many of them have died prematurely, or died a slow death due to lack of support. However, this was due to a lot of different factors and they vary from game to game. 
    Historically FFG spread themselves way too thin - they always had tons of products and games coming out but they couldn't really support them all. In recent years we've seen them shrink the breadth of what they do and focus on their best/most profitable games. And since being part of Asmodee they can focus on being a design studio and don't have to worry about other core business functions. 
    They have also took a long time to approach an adequate level of Organised Play support. Many of their competitive games still struggle on this front. They have not been able to compete with established things like Magic the Gathering and seemingly struggle to sustain excitement past the first 6-12 months of a game's release. 
    Obviously with Marvel Champions this is all less of an issue; being a co-op LCG, it's success is not inherently reliant on the ability to create and sustain local communities of players like they need to do with their competitive LCGs/games. Their other co-op LCGs (LOTR and Arkham) are some of their most successful games in terms of popular appeal, critical reception, sales figures, solid player bases and communities, and game lifespan. So the future is bright for Marvel, especially considering Marvel is a much bigger, popular and mainstream IP compared to the other, and one that is constantly in the public consciousness due to the MCU. 
    They are not rushing. 1 release per month is normal for LCGs. Also with Marvel they 80 years worth of content at their disposal and 100s of heroes and villains to release. 
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    Zordren reacted to The Team in Wrecking Crew is redeemed   
    I love Wrecking Crew and have always thought they got a bad rap. Their decks are able to pull off some crazy combos but you need to see enough cards to make those combos actually happen. For that reason I feel like they have been an encounter I’ll only get out with 3 or 4 players. Solo or even 2 player they just dont flip over enough encounter cards. So heroic mode has definitely made smaller games viable with them. Hopefully they’ll start getting the love they deserve. 
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    Zordren reacted to Deadwolf in An In-depth look at Leadership   
    This is (hopefully) the first of a series where I dive deep into an aspect. In this game, lots of people have a lot of different opinions but I will do my best to justify my opinions and hopefully someone will gain some insight.


    Leadership is widely considered the overall strongest aspect in the game. This is because it is extremely versatile as it is good at both attacking and thwarting, it can defend with allies, allies are in general, are high value, and Leadership has a very strong cardpool overall. It can also be built many different ways making it so it can fit a wide variety of heroes.


    Now, Leadership decks can be split into 3 main decks: Standard, Avenger, and Swarm.

    Standard Leadership - This was the first Leadership deck and still remains very popular. It is the most balanced of the 3 decks. It uses a mix of allies which come in, have an effect, and then block attacks like Maria Hill and Squirrel Girl and allies that stay on the board longer and have combo potential like Vision. It also uses cheap cards to get more out your allies, like Get Ready, and Team Work, and strong burst cards like Lead from the Front. It's biggest disadvantage however, is that it is very demanding in terms of resources, therefore it is best with heroes with strong resource generation.
    Strengths: Versatile, high value cards, high burst potential
    Weaknesses: Expensive, allies by themselves do not offer high burst, high burst combos require a high number of allies on board
    Best with: Black Panther, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man
    Sample Deck: https://marvelcdb.com/decklist/view/1721/a-sample-standard-leadership-deck-2.0

    Avengers Leadership - This deck is a lot more combo focused than Standard Leadership. It focuses on playing up to 5 Avenger allies, keeping them on the board and setting up huge burst turns with Strength in Numbers and Avengers Assemble. This deck can provide some of the biggest turns that is possible in this game but combo decks do rely on actually drawing the combo when you need it and because it requires keep a large number of allies on the board, it means you are not using them to defend as much as Standard Leadership does. And this deck is also currently best with heroes with signature allies that are Avengers, but this will change as we get more Avenger allies. This deck is also even more resource dependent than Standard Leadership, so it not only requires resource generation but you also often need to use Signature cards to pay for Leadership cards. This deck is particularly effective when paired with a Protection deck with Med Teams. There is also a variant of this deck that focuses more on Strength in Numbers to draw cards to play specific signature cards and has less of an emphasis on SiN+AA.
    Strengths: Super high burst potential, high value cards
    Weaknesses: Very expensive, less defensive, requires Avengers allies
    Best with: Captain Marvel, She-Hulk
    Sample deck: https://marvelcdb.com/decklist/view/1720/a-sample-avengers-leadership-deck-2.0

    Swarm Leadership - This deck is the polar opposite of Avengers Leadership. It forgoes almost all combo cards and focuses on playing, cycling, and replaying as many allies as possible. It focuses on cheap allies and allies with on play effects and using cards like Make the call and Rapid Response to play these type of allies multiple times as well as having as many allies to block for you as possible. This is the most defensive of the Leadership decks making it ideal for heroes who want to stay in hero mode but without the combo cards, you lack the ability to doing anything of high impact on any given turn. Compared to the other 2 Leadership decks, these Leadership cards have a more supporting role in the deck, relying on signature cards to do the heavy lifting but it is also not as resource intensive as the other 2 decks.
    Strengths: Highly Defensive, high utility with allies with on play effects
    Weakness: Low burst potential
    Best with: Black Widow, Dr Strange
    Sample deck: https://marvelcdb.com/decklist/view/1719/a-sample-swarm-leadership-deck-1.0

    While these are the 3 main types of decks, there are also a couple hero specific decks. Captain America has a unique deck that uses cards that buff his stats in conjunction with his her ability.


    I will now talk about each individual card.

    S - Very strong card that should be used in every Leadership deck.
    A - It is not used in every deck but it is a defining card in a specific subtype.
    B- A good card used in many decks but is not essential.
    C- An overall weaker card but has synergy with specific heroes.
    D- An overall weaker card that does not have strong synergies but is still marginally playable.
    F- Not worth the paper it was printed on.

    Falcon - A - Falcon is a very strong thwarting ally and a great addition to most decks.
    Hawkeye - A - Hawkeye is typically worth it in all decks, but his power level is less in scenarios with fewer minions.
    Iron Man - C - Decent if also playing Inspired, but Inspired is typically only seen with specific heroes and ideally you would need to play both on same turn.
    Maria Hill - S - While not always in in Avengers decks due to not being an Avenger, she is arguably one of the best allies in the game. Strong is solo and even stronger in Multiplayer.
    Vision - B - Vision is the go to ally for high impact plays and has a tonne of combo potential but to gain maximum potential he requires a steep investment in resources and combo cards.
    Squirrel Girl - A - A cheap ally with a decent on play effect.
    Wonder Man - B - A good offensive ally, he is more like a 4 cost ally but paid over multiple turns.

    Avengers Assemble! - A* - This is an odd card to rate. This is a very powerful card if you build around it and is a defining card in Avengers Leadership but is otherwise on the weak side in other decks.
    Get Ready - B - A good card for burst but is generally only good with specific allies.
    Inspiring Presence - C - A combination of first aid and Get Ready but ultimately worse than both. Decent with specific allies however.
    Lead from the Front - B - One of the best sources of burst damage/thwarting but can be difficult to play.
    Make the Call - S - This is a cornerstone Leadership card and is a key part of all Leadership decks.
    Morale Boost - C - Generally, this card is not worth it but it is decent on heroes with ready effects.
    Strength in Numbers - A* - Same as Avengers Assemble, it is a defining card in Avengers Leadership but is otherwise on the weak side.
    Teamwork - B - Decent for extending the life of your allies, particularly good for Avengers Leadership.

    The Power of Leadership - S - Since all allies (and therefore Make the call) cost 2+, this card will never not be an auto-include.

    The Triskelion - B - Not very exciting but necessary in Avengers decks and decent in most standard decks also.
    Quinjet - D - It costs 2 cards to play, therefore it only achieves value 3 turns later. Slow and there are better ways to generate resources.

    Inspired - C - A decent card but eclipsed by the fact that there are just so many good cards in leadership and this is only really great on specific allies.
    Rapid Response - A - Very strong with allies with on play effects as well as expensive, 4+ allies.


    Black Panther - Black Panther has very strong resource generation and a cheap signature kit, which allows him to use the Leadership aspect to its fullest potential.
    Black Widow - Rapid Response is a very strong card and she has the ability to abuse it to great effect. She can play it often and has great synergy with Synth-Suit. A Swarm Leadership deck is a great choice for her.
    Captain America - With his alter-ego ability and 2 Super Soldier Serums, Leadership is very strong with him.
    Captain Marvel - With strong resource generation and an Avenger ally she is amazing with Avengers Leadership, but she strong with Standard Leadership also.
    Dr Strange - Swarm Leadership works great with Dr Strange because it helps him stay in Hero mode, has synergy with Seven Rings, Get Ready+Wong, and allows his Innovation Deck to do the heavy lifting.
    Iron Man - Iron Man can work with a Swarm Leadership deck as it helps him be useful while in Alter-ego, as well as help him stay in Hero mode later, but Protection does the same thing and has more synergy.
    Ms Marvel - While she does have fairly strong resource generation, the fact that leadership has no events that work with her ability make this a weaker choice with her.
    She-Hulk - While her Resource generation isn't great, An Avengers Leadership deck can give her the card draw she needs and allows her to get around the weak cards in her kit.
    Spider-Man - Both his alter-ego and Hero ability increase his resource generation and Black Cat works really well with Inspired and Get Ready.
    Thor - Thor Leadership can work, his hand size hurts him at the start but his resource generation is very strong later with Asgard, 2x God of Thunders, and his ability. He also has synergy with Vision, Not his strongest deck but it works.

    Overall, Leadership has a very strong card pool and its versatility, both in game and in the deck building stage, means Leadership is the best aspect for a lot of heroes and will likely remain that way for some time.
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    Zordren reacted to Memorare in Wrecking Crew is redeemed   
    Wrecking crew was the most dull and easy thing my friend and I had ever played. Never felt interesting or threatening, wasn't just a cake walk but a dull cake walk. I was very disappointed. 
    Then we tried it with the new Heroic rules. 
    Wow! What a difference.  Hard and fun, it was an amazing difference. It really pushed us and was a great experience. 
    Heroic is the redemption of Wrecking Crew! Give it a go, it's a real slugfest. 
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    Zordren reacted to SpiderMana in Few questions   
    Because they don't want you to be able to defend with an ally and then exhaust unflappable to draw a card since you didn't take any damage to your hero (or Alter-Ego if you defend for another player with an ally). That would break the card. But it's extremely unclear with the current ruling of "Just do what makes the most sense."
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    Zordren reacted to ScottGilbert25 in Devs Heroic Challenge   
    Switched to Black Panther justice with better results. Then tried two handed with She Hulk and had a better time. Trying to play everyday but getting tired of losing. This is a really mean joke Devs!
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    Zordren reacted to FearLord in Optimal Deck?   
    I’d argue that the principle advantage someone like Captain Marvel gets from Cycling through her deck is getting to her best cards (or at least more relevant cards) when she wants them, so she’s still better off with a smaller deck. 
    Iron Man arguably might want to have a larger deck in the end game, but is actively hurting his set up which relies on finding his suit quickly. This might change if we get a significant number of new tech upgrades, but for right now, I personally wouldn’t.
    Black Panther probably wants it the least - he’s looking to set up and play as many copies of Wakanda Forever as possible, so wants to cycle back to them ASAP.
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    Zordren reacted to vmoss in Few questions   
    Answer from the big guy directly. Thanks Caleb!
    Hi vmoss,
    Glad you enjoy my games. Thanks for saying so! Under Surveillance will be discarded when the scheme it is attached to is defeated. Cheers, Caleb
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    Zordren got a reaction from Assussanni in House Rules   
    I have played quite a few games at a “standard +” (standard villain phases plus expert encounter cards) level or “expert -“ (Expert villain phases sans the expert encounter cards) level. Gives a nice little tweak to difficulty!
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    Zordren got a reaction from Chimpy in Best Heroes/Aspects for 2-handed Solo game?   
    Most of my plays are "2-handed" solo - I just enjoy the experience of using/playing around with multiple heroes at once.
    So anyway, Leadership & Protection seem to work out nicely - the "Med Teams" really help to keep those allies alive and kicking!  I've played Capt America/Leadership and She-Hulk/Protection a few times and they seem to compliment each other nicely.
    I have had less success with pairing the 1-Thwart heroes (She-Hulk/Thor/Spidey) UNLESS one of them has the Justice aspect.  Both heroes with only 1 Thwart and no one having Justice can't keep up with the threat.
    Spidey/Justice & Iron Man/Aggression has been effective for me, too.  Spidey can handle damage, threat, and kick some butt while Iron Man powers up.
    Capt A/Leaderhip and Black Panther/Pro has been successful, too for me.  
    Wouldn't recommend Iron Man and Black Panther together, though - you need one hero to be able to handle stuff while the other guy gets his tech/weapons out!
    Good luck!
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    Zordren reacted to maniakmedic in Rookie/Heroic Modes Announcement   
    I think hardcore gamers have a tendency to forget that there are a lot more people who are more casual about their approach to games who want to play but don't want to get stomped on by the game. I love LOTR LCG, but it's definitely not a game for people who aren't fond of crunchier game mechanics and punishing scenarios. I like that they started off simple with MC and have been introducing more mechanics slowly with the releases of new heroes.
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    Zordren got a reaction from maniakmedic in Quick Question about Core Sets   
    I think you’ll be very happy with - BUY IT! 😁
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    Zordren reacted to Tyberius_Deangelo in Quick Question about Core Sets   
    Thank you all for your replies!  I had been thinking about purchasing the game for a long while since I am already playing Arkham Horror solo, but giving the social distancing we are all having to deal with, I find I am needing some activities to take my mind off things.  I thought Marvel Champions might be a good diversion since I loved the comics as a kid and I am enjoying the movies as an adult!  
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    Zordren reacted to FearLord in Deck construction   
    That’s not strictly true. Yes, you have to have it out for 5 turns before you’ve drawn as many additional cards as you spent using on it, but the true strength of Avengers Mansion is in having an extra card in addition to your normal hand size. It’s about having a single sub optimal turn to make all of your future turns better. An extra card is especially valuable in this game as it’s essentially giving you an extra option or an extra resource.
    In this sense, an Avengers Mansion can add value way before its generated more cards than you spent on it as it lets you achieve more in all futures turns. What you really have to weigh it against us the tempo hit it gives you on the turn you play it, as it effectively means dedicating most of a turn to just playing it, and that isn’t always going to be the right move.
    I still tend to play 1 of each at present, but I think it’s definitely true that not every hero really needs it. 
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    Zordren reacted to KBlumhardt in Heroes without obvious alter egos   
    The one I'm curious about is Jessica Jones, in that not only does she not have any 'hero name', but that she's actively rejected the idea of having one after the whole 'Jewel' thing was such a disaster.  Thankfully, this also gave us the hilarious 'Power Woman' dinner conversation...

    (Okay... technically after this she agreed to go by 'Power Woman', but it didn't really stick)
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    Zordren reacted to AlterEgos in Are Scenario Pack instructions available in PDF?   
    Not currently but thankfully there is a website called "Hall of Heroes" that compiles all the documents for players to reference!

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    Zordren reacted to andynorton in 2 hand solo?   
    I really enjoy two-handed solo, I probably play two-handed 75% of the time and single-handed 25% of the time. And it’s like you said, simply playing for two players.
    The only downside is if you like playing like Team Covenant does with the rule that you can’t explicitly name cards in your hand, that’s not possible in two-handed solo.
    I would say I may prefer one-handed as a pure and quick solo experience, but two-handed allows for so many interactions you only get in multiplayer, which is great.
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    Zordren reacted to maniakmedic in Back in stock!   
    I just ordered second copies of all the packs  and will soon be ordering the core set to send to my parents. My dad wants to get more into games and my mom loves card games, so we'll see if it's worth it and they enjoy it even half as much as I do.
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    Zordren reacted to usgrandprix in Rookie/Heroic Modes Announcement   
    TLDR: I think it’s too harsh to say this is a design failure. There’s something for everyone.
    In the article about the new modes one thing I read loud and clear was:

    I read that as confirming the IP is going to bring in a lot of first-time or novice LCG players who are going to need some thematic gaming options and fun experiences for variable abilities.

    I think to the extent this is a design goal they’ve done a pretty masterful job. I will admit that this is pretty late in the game to message that, though, and the expert fringe might have been served with that info earlier on.

    I know there are highly experienced expert LCG gamers here and/or those with the time and wherewithal to dial in the meta precisely. By definition a LCG is begging for you to sort out the meta and this game rewards those efforts. Game-over bombs that are unavoidable regardless of skill or investment in meta thinking are not the kind of difficulty anyone really wants in an LCG, by definition. But it also should not only be winnable by experts or force you to reference a deck-building DB.
    I like the balance this game brings between putting in effort building a deck before the game and making decisions in game. But I do admit I’m not for running the same engine every game and expecting x win percentage from it.

    Also it seems to me that for Marvel LCG the gaming configuration has an outsized impact on outcome. Single player, single-player multihanded, and 4-player are very different when applied to some scenarios. And then you can add or subtract an alpha gamer for varying mileage on top of that. Seemingly more so than other LCGs (for my money) so I recommend exploring that.

    Keep in mind they are trying to make a game for the player who does not necessarily want to equip Black Widow with Jarnbjorn and sort out the meta from there. But also for the gamer who does. It’s ambitious and difficult but they’ve come close to the mark IMHO. I find FFG games in general to be on the hard side historically but I’ve seen a bit of a shift and I do admit this is a noticeable one (but not fatal or lazy).

    But I’ve run the game with first-time LCG gamers and with prebuilt decks and we’ve won and lost and always has fun. Iron Man out of the box is a challenge for novice even if they have an analytic mind. But not overly and in the end is rewarding to figure out.

    The game totally has the capacity, as is, to accommodate more difficult scenarios. I’m sure we will see them. If anything they should stick with a difficulty system and label product as such so people can make their buying choices from there.

    I hope for the gamers that are not finding a challenge in this game that FFG can accommodate you further with more challenging scenarios or variant rules but it would be a shame to leave that inclusivity or more casual gamers like myself behind. I think that’s what they are trying to do here and I appreciate the outcome of this difficult goal.
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    Zordren reacted to SpiderMana in Hall of Heroes Interaction?   
    So uh... Hall of Heroes has some potentially interesting interactions with Ultron. If you have damaged drones on the board and remove the upgrade (giving them less health, so that they die), who actually killed those drones?
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    Zordren reacted to maniakmedic in Thor is Terrible   
    This has been my experience. Thor takes some time to ramp (like Iron Man), but once he gets his kit together, he absolutely wails on enemies. Defender of the Nine Realms is absolutely crucial to his threat control and card draw. It does mean you need to play a little fast-and-loose with the encounter deck, but if you know what you're doing, you'll smash the villain before the increased threat generation becomes a problem.
    I did throw together a Justice deck for him and it worked, but losing the Hall of Heroes is a big blow to his ability to draw cards. I imagine that will become less of an issue over time with more Justice cards. The big thing is that while Aggression Thor has to be approached in a specific way when it comes to thwart, he'll ramp fast if you concentrate on paying for his key cards (Asgard, God of Thunder, Hall of Heroes) as soon as you get them. Justice Thor is pretty slow. Granted, I've only gotten through one game against Rhino (instead of Bomb Scare I threw in the Masters of Mayhem) but in that one game I was able to get Under Surveillance out in the first turn. That card is an auto-include for Thor in a Justice deck. It gave me enough breathing room that I was able to flip back to Odinson to recover without worrying that I was going to threat out. Came close a couple of times (I think I got up to 10 threat twice!) but with three Surveillance Teams and an Interrogation Room running, plus Daredevil and Jessica Jones, and Defender of the Nine Realms, I was able to knock that back down to 0-2 pretty consistently throughout the game (for most of the game I was able to keep the threat from going over six, but the few times I needed to let it go to make progress, getting it back down was easy).
    I really think Thor is going to be a hero that is going to shine the longer the overall game is around to expand the card pool.
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    Zordren reacted to SpiderMana in Play Testing Villians and Hero Packs   
    This is a good way to put it.
    I have yet to experience Wrecking Crew, but I‘ve seen a lot of people state that most of the villains as a whole are too easy. These are likely the same people who the LotR LCG’s Nightmare encounters are designed for, though, and not necessarily indicative of the majority of the game’s audience.
    Thor being underpowered seems to be an issue of people’s expectations. He’s not great as a Solo hero against half of the scenarios because he lacks a bit in the thwarting department overall. But he’s excellent against minion-heavy scenarios and in a group.
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