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  1. Interesting question! I just always assumed it got discarded when the stage advances - didn’t even give it a second thought! Will keep my eyes open for official rulings. In the meantime, I’ll keep playing as I have been - it seems a little too good if it stays “permanently” between main schemes.
  2. I have played quite a few games at a “standard +” (standard villain phases plus expert encounter cards) level or “expert -“ (Expert villain phases sans the expert encounter cards) level. Gives a nice little tweak to difficulty!
  3. I think you’ll be very happy with - BUY IT! 😁
  4. I agree w/Fear Lord’s comments above. Additionally, both Avenger’s Mansion and Helicarrier have an extra benefit in multiplayer - being able to give that bonus to one of tour teammates can offer a BIG advantage in flexibility IMO.
  5. Most of my plays are "2-handed" solo - I just enjoy the experience of using/playing around with multiple heroes at once. So anyway, Leadership & Protection seem to work out nicely - the "Med Teams" really help to keep those allies alive and kicking! I've played Capt America/Leadership and She-Hulk/Protection a few times and they seem to compliment each other nicely. I have had less success with pairing the 1-Thwart heroes (She-Hulk/Thor/Spidey) UNLESS one of them has the Justice aspect. Both heroes with only 1 Thwart and no one having Justice can't keep up with the threat. Spidey/Justice & Iron Man/Aggression has been effective for me, too. Spidey can handle damage, threat, and kick some butt while Iron Man powers up. Capt A/Leaderhip and Black Panther/Pro has been successful, too for me. Wouldn't recommend Iron Man and Black Panther together, though - you need one hero to be able to handle stuff while the other guy gets his tech/weapons out! Good luck!
  6. A very interesting read, indeed. Thanks for taking the time to post the links!!
  7. You by any chance have a link to that thread (or other info on how to find it)? I searched a bit through the forums on BGG but WAAAAYYYY too many hits came up. Sounds like an interesting story!
  8. Useful against Jango, Maul, Snoke, Iden, and Mace also, I imagine, as well. They seem to have a presence lately.
  9. Thanks for the info!! I wonder if some good ol' aggro/action cheating can help? Using Tactical Mastery, Instigates, Take Flights, etc to get damage out before it gets controlled? Hand destruction (just plain old discards and what-not) can be effective, as well as the resource denial you mentioned. "Mind Extraction" still a good option as always, I suppose. No Palp cards for me, so I'll just see what else I can come up!! :) Thanks again for the insight/advice!
  10. recommendations for teching against Palp? Either “best” decks, or just good cards to include in any deck?
  11. So Spidey’s ability to draw a card after the villain attacks “you” refers to only attacking “Spidey” (and not one of your allies?)
  12. I don’t think it’s outside the realm of possibility that a co-op Star Wars LCG might pop up one of these days. The Arkham and LotR games (and now Marvel Champs) seem to be very successful, and the old Star Wars LCG was originally designed as co-op, so who knows?? I personally think it would be a blast - so much room for individual scenarios or a campaign mode!
  13. Zordren


    Have a few kids aged 8-10 that play at a couple spots in NC in local store tourneys and even our Regional last year. Great to see kids of all ages playing! As long as they know how to play (both in terms of game mechanics and “etiquette”) then I don’t think there are any age restrictions necessary.
  14. I agree about getting the cheap boosters from Amazon, and would absolutely recommend getting the new Starters (Obi-Won and Grievous) - they are very well put together and have very versatile cards! The new draft kit (Allies of Necessity) also looks like a great value, so I would pick up one or two of those. Depending on how much money you’re looking to spend, I’d say the Boba and Luke starters are not a bad way to go. I agree with others above that they may not be “great”, but there’s still a lot of versatile and usable cards in there that can really help to create a lot of decks - especially if you have a limited/casual card pool. Good luck!!
  15. Well, we continued to lose members most of last year despite having WotF and AtG drop, so I don’t think our recent revival has much to do with that. Most of our newer players don’t really know much about OP kits and Store Champs - they just seemed to take an interest in the game itself.
  16. Happy to say that the Destiny community here in Wilmington, NC has blossomed over the last several weeks! We went through some “dark times” during the later half of 2018 (with only a handful of active players) but “there has been an AWAKENING!”, and we’ve more than doubled our active player base. Hopefully it will continue!!
  17. Roos Tapals! (Gungan general from Ep 1). Would love to see the Gungan tribal theme more developed! Captain Panaka! (Padme’s security chief (?) from Ep 1). Cool character with a kick-*** duster outfit! Rukh! (Rebels show, and also from Zahn’s “legends” Heir to the Empire trilogy). He’s creepy and cool and a bad-*** assassin!
  18. eAayla/Hired Gun/Rookie Pilot + Double Down + 3 X Tech Team + 5 X X-Wing FTW!!
  19. Similar to Loth Cat and Mouse, then? (can’t remove an opponent’s die if you had no dice in the pool for your opponent to remove first?)
  20. For anyone looking to build some decks with the newest set! http://www.cardgamedb.com/index.php/starwarsdestiny/star-wars-destiny-deckbuilder
  21. If nothing else, he’s going to be really good for helping to win the roll-off for battlefield selection. I don’t think - off the top of my head - there are too many character dice with such high face values.
  22. Are you not interested in Blue? eAayla works w/2 X Wookies, and you get to load up w/sabers and do Aayla magic with all those blue dice! Synchronicity works good, too, since the Wookies have shields.
  23. Well I like them ? They sure are not as “practical” as normal language cards, but they’re cool. And that’s pretty much why I play SW:D ?
  24. Thanks for the feedback! Hadn’t thought really about the battlefield control angle. She certainly may be under the power curve, but I’ve had an eLeia since my first awakenings box and have been looking forward to making a team w/new Luke or Han...
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