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  1. I have a question about the spell Substance of Shadows. When it says that attacks don't do damage, does that include spells that do damage too? Currently, our Grey Wizard is practically invulnerable as he casts that spell constantly. He is never in any risk of dying in battle and has become insufferably arrogant as a result. Would it be fair for me as a GM to say that Substance of Shadows gives no protection against spell attacks? I have thought of making it so that spells cause 2 stress instead of 1. Please, give me your thoughts on this.
  2. Halflings, and Ogres for that matter, are more resistant to mutation because they were created specifically to be more resistant against Chaos by the Old Ones. They are, however, even more "unfinished" than humans because they were created around the time Chaos entered the world, which left the otherwise patient Old Ones with precious little time to create them. Although, this is only true if you accept the explanation in the Warhammer Fantasy Battle rulebook. As with many things in Warhammer, things may not be written with 100% certainty.
  3. Thank you for your replies. I might try a new approach thanks to the advice I've got from you.
  4. As the GM I try to immerse my players in the world of Warhammer Fantasy. I also encourage the players to write well thought-out backgrounds for their characters. However, there is one player that has some difficulty with this. The player in question plays a 220 year old female Wood Elf mystic (the player is male IRL) from the Laurelorn Forest that travel because of a curiosity of the world outside of her home forest. This is not his problem, though. His problem is matching his acting with his background. Or rather, he does not act like a Wood Elf convincingly. When he act he sometimes giggle and is not very secretive about his character to other players and NPCs that you would expect a Wood Elf to be. He also seem somewhat oblivious to this. I've tried teaching him about Wood Elves by looking trough the their armybook in WFB, but I have avoided being too harsh so as not to come across as dictating how he should roleplay. What I'm asking for is your thoughts and suggestions on how to handle this.
  5. Emirikol said: I love the smell of PC death in the morning! Makes me feel I've been a bit lenient on my players! Sounds like your GM put the GRIM (reaper) in Grim and Gritty! jh It wasn't even my fault when I was the GM. The group almost never face danger from the enemies I throw at them, they mostly kill each other through stupid decisions. The new GM on the other hand likes it grim. He claims he doesn't like killing the PCs, but I'm not so sure. Even if our characters survive they will all be broken in some way. Almost everyone has one or more insanities for instance...
  6. We've had countless deaths since we started. I think we have done almost 60 sessions, playing once a week for over a year. We've had Slayers, Forgers, a couple of Ironbreakers, Wizards, Priests, Thieves, Mercenaries, Soldiers, Hunters, Pit Fighters, Dock Hands, Boatmen, and a bunch of others as well. We also had a Witch Hunter that managed to survive from the start, and only died two months ago. The group started with me as the GM and four people. One left and we later added two people, where one left after one session. Then we got two more that has stayed since. We are at current six players and one GM, but for now I'm a players since one in the group wanted to be the GM for a while. Now the group mourns the loss of two characters that died fighting the Undead, and now we face more losses as one has turned to Tzeentch and the rest of us face death as he teamed up with a Greater Daemon of Tzeentch...
  7. This subject is left vague and open to speculation on purpose by the developers. However, there are a few things that are generally considered to be true: All Imperial citizens believe in all the gods. There is only degrees of devotion. They even know that the Chaos Gods exist even if they don't know much about them, but are taught that they are evil and that your soul will be damned if you worship them. On the other hand, the Old Gods must be observed, given prayers and sacrifices to so that you may get their blessings and not their wrath. One thing I want to make very clear: the Old Gods are seen as very holy indeed as they protect the world, and the Empire specifically in the case of Sigmar. Priests are few, and not all can do miracles, at least not more than very minor ones. Priests as Player Characters are different. They are expected to be better than the average priests and can therefore do more than the rest. However, as stated in the source books in WFRP3 about religion, the gods will stop your ability to do miracles if you as a priest don't follow your patron god's tenets or turn to the Chaos Gods. Miracles and magic have the same source: the Realm of Chaos. However, this is not widely known. This is known almost exclusively by more knowledgeable wizards, and they would rather not risk there lives going public with this. To non-wizards there is a clear distinction between miracles by priests and magic by wizards. One is holy and the other is seen as little better than sorcery by Chaos Worshippers, even if magic by wizards from the Colleges of Magic is permitted by law. All the gods really do exist. It is indeed as Hrafn said that the gods are made from the beliefs of people, but this does not diminish their power. Once enough people believe something, their thoughts pool together in the Realm of Chaos and become sentient beings. When they are strong enough they try and influence mortals and remind them that they exist. What makes the Chaos Gods so strong is that they are born from raw feelings and not beliefs, as feelings are the core of our being, while beliefs takes conscious thought. This knowledge, however, is not known at all to the denizens of the Warhammer world. The Chaos Gods will grant blessings just like the Old Gods, but their blessings takes the form of mutations, unholy vigour or the ability to do sorcery. However, while the Chaos Gods indeed give you power, you become their slave and lose yourself to insanity and damnation.
  8. I'm looking foreward to this. Especially the two new races. My guess would be Halflings and Ogres, but I like surprices. I simply can't stop grinning.
  9. This is an expansion I've been waiting for a long time. I can't wait to see what "careers" (if that's even a proper word for it) they add for the aristocracy in this one. Ah, what new ways will I be able to make the lives of my player's characters misaralbe?
  10. I have a question about the Diestro Training talent. A player in my group have it and want to use it while equipped with a rapier and a tower shield. The card says that you get the the bonus for the talent when equipped with a fencing weapon or a fencing weapon and a dagger, but can he really use a shield too? We have debated this back and forth, but I would say that you can ONLY be equipped with the weapons above and nothing else if you want to use he talent. He then said that he should be able to use at least a buckler with it. I'm the GM in my group, so it's my call, but I don't like to just boss around the players. What do you guys think?
  11. You might want to update those links. They are dead when I click on them. Other than that, keep up the good work with the career sheets!
  12. Here's my group: Astares - Human Zealot (ex-Witch Hunter Captain, ex-Witch Hunter, ex-Town Warden) (He is still one of the Witch Hunters, but the Zealot career represent him becoming more fanatical) Exanthematicus - High Elf Mercenary (ex-Assassin, ex-Thief) Emilia - Human Barber-Surgeon (ex-Burgher) Kurtz - Human Amethyst Wizard Acolyte (ex-Amethyst Wizard Apprentice) Boris - Human Initiate of Morr Rickard - Human Dilettante Astares the Witch Hunter is a madman thinking that he is the best there is (he's got the Delusions of Grandeur insanity). Generally an unpleasant character that only rarely pays his henchmen and most often than not steals their pay when they get a reward for a mission. He is often rude to people he meets and has no social skills to speak of. On the other hand, he is an unmatched fighter preferring to wield two-handed weapons like his old two-handed sword or his newly found two-handed Sigmarite Hammer, and using a pistol as a side-arm. A side-arm that he has used far too many times to execute his own henchmen for incompetence or heresy (though his preferred way is to cut them down with a two-handed sword). Exanthematicus the Elf may take shady jobs but is kind-hearted and merciful, not to mention loyal to his employers. He is the conscience of the group, doing his best to calm the situation down whenever Astares heats the situation up. Having grown up in Marienburg's Elf Quarter makes him a little less elegant than other High Elves, but all the more adventurous. Emilia left her life as a daughter to a burgher to seek adventure in big wide world. Upon meeting the group she asked to join. Astares saw little use of her but the others convinced him to let her come with them. So far she has not yet proven herself, but despite the insecurity she tries to hide, she is studying as much as she can about medicine and the healing arts so that she can prove that she a valuable member of the group. Kurtz the Death Wizard is a mysterious person that joined the group when they discovered that they had a common goal in finding the source of a corrupted river. Not much is known about him other than he a Wizard Acolyte of the Amethyst Order. He is also a little more outgoing than you would expect a wizard from the Amethyst Order to be, and likes to make fun of Rickard whenever he can. Boris the Initiate is a follower of Morr that has joined to group to help them deal with a haunted house outside of Ubersreik. The man looks almost looks like a skeleton because of his skinny figure. This is not helped by the fact that he is taller than all others in the group. He has also not proven his ability as a priest yet as became clear when he had much difficulty in summoning and communicating with the ghost in the haunted house. Boris is also a mysterious character with past he has yet to share with the others. Rickard von Toterlane is a young dilettante that thought that the best way to prove his bravery and one day join a Knightly Order was to join a group of adventurers. After looking for one such group long and hard he came across Astares rag-tag group. Not impressed by their unrefined behaviour and common origins, he figured that he couldn't be too picky and so he decided to join. Always the one to look down on other people, Astares thought that a foppish son-of-a-noble would only cause trouble (and get on his nerves as he almost cannot stand nobles). However, he eventually let him join against his better judgement. Only time will tell if Rickard will prove useful to the group...
  13. In the beginning I let the players have the same XP on their new characters as the ones that died. However, I enacted some tough rules after some of my players wasted far too many characters (one player has died 12 times since last summer) because of careless behaviour and stupid decisions with their characters. Now they only get to re-roll races and careers once per rank their old character had. That's right, they begin with 0 XP if they die. They also have the right to not be able to roll one race they absolutely don't want to play. I created that rule because one player really don't want to play Dwarfs, and I figured that he would only play badly and be unhappy if he rolled a Dwarf. I still let the players roll their race and draw their careers randomly so that they can't always get the "best" careers like the Ironbreaker. This may seem harsh but some of the younger players in the group (and one that is older than me) plays a bit recklessly and, one could say, childishly. I'm not sure if it's my new rules or because their new careers are more peaceful or a combination of the two, but it seems to be working (somewhat) better in my group now.
  14. I really appreciate all your answers. This path these two players are taking will surely lead to their own ruin in one way or another, but I wanted to give them the opportunity to take that path if they wanted. That is why I wanted suggestions for how to handle this. Should they prove resourceful enough to survive, I wanted to have rules for how to handle their "careers" and I think your answers really helped. Thank you.
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