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  1. There's a page in the PDF regarding runes/runeshots that would cover gunmages. Limits how often they can do it per session, though, which seems odd to me. I'd probably have to just made it a style of magic, basically, and let them pay the stamina cost.
  2. Also, I'm setting up a Discord channel for the game, so anyone that would like to help me hash out the rules by playing through a game is welcome to join me.
  3. Would still love to run a Midnight conversion using Genesys. Anyone know if people have messed around with it yet? Anything already written up would be helpful to look at.
  4. How is the Explosions! card any good? It doesn't do much damage and is range 1. Seems like there are better command cards to take.
  5. So, say you're ferrying Vader around in your shiny new tank. Can he toss his lightsaber or choke passers-by while he's riding across the field? I'm still really new to the game and am trying to get a handle on the rules.
  6. Has anyone seen any conversions of the e-web blaster team to use normal storm troopers instead of snow troopers? I don't wants snow troopers all the time. One of the things that I'm iffy on about getting started with the game is the fact that troopers are released that are specialized climate troopers, and if I'm playing in a different climate it doesn't make sense. My brain has trouble dealing with it.
  7. So the store has all the products listed as not available? Are they not making any more? I’ve been out of the loop for a while and was gonna pick up the expansions I’m missing.
  8. How do people know what these trees have it them? Have people gotten the book already?
  9. Going through my game today and both Elena 4 and Elena 5 are the same ability, same art, etc. Is it supposed to be this way or is my game misprinted?
  10. So Genesys seems far easier to deal with than the Star Wars rules. Has anyone seen the talent trees and such broken down to be used in a normal Genesys game? Thanks.
  11. Hi all. I'm considering doing a Midnight conversion to the Genesys rules. Most of it will go pretty smoothly. I'm having some difficulty with covenant items and heroic paths, though. Does anyone have any insight into how to make these work? Thanks.
  12. In Worlds of Android there's a Floyd bioroid that is a detective.
  13. We are about halfway through the second season right now and they've stated that humans can't do primal magic without a focus.
  14. WillisRBC

    Dragon Prince?

    Hey guys, My son is really into The Dragon Prince on Netflix. Any idea how that could be emulated using Genesys? Making the different races would be easy enough, and the items and such that exist in the setting, but what I want to make sure I get right is how they handle magic. In the show, Elves and other "magical" creatures can do Primal magic (nature type things as far as I can tell) because they have the spark of magic inside them. Humans do not. They have to use an object called a primal stone to cast spells. However, humans are able to drain the life force of "magical" creatures to power dark magic. Looking forward to what you guys come up with! Thanks in advance.
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