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  1. WillisRBC

    Compiled Bestiary?

    Hey folks, Has anyone done anything like a bestiary that has the entries that are scattered through the books gathered into one place? I thought I had seen one before, but can't track it down now... Thanks.
  2. WillisRBC

    Adventures in Azeroth: Warcraft Genesys 1.1

    One more question. You describe the types of magic, but you don't list if there are any that they specifically can or cannot do (that I see). Is that an oversight or can every type of magic cast every spell, with the exception of the two new spells in your book? I understand the reasoning if so as most spellcasting classes in the game have at least some sort of buff, defense, attack, and debuff spell. And sorry to bombard you with questions. Gonna run a game for my wife and son and want to make sure I have all of my ideas working before we start...
  3. WillisRBC

    Adventures in Azeroth: Warcraft Genesys 1.1

    What about class restrictions by race and faction, like it was (more strictly than now) when WoW launched? Also, can't get the download to work on my phone. Crud...
  4. WillisRBC

    Adventures in Azeroth: Warcraft Genesys 1.1

    Ah, very well thought out answer. Thanks!
  5. WillisRBC

    Adventures in Azeroth: Warcraft Genesys 1.1

    What was your reasoning for having the Worgen change be uncontrolled? Why not just allow it to work like the shapeshifting talent in the Genesys core book (I forget the name and don't have it in front of me). In the cinematics Greymane seems to be pretty well in control of his and uses it to his advantage.
  6. So it isn’t like a set of generic force use rules instead of having to buy each power as ranks?
  7. I haven’t looked through the post but has someone posted how the freeform force use works in the back of the book? My book won’t be here until Thursday...
  8. WillisRBC

    RoT - Death magic

    So I’m thinking about tempting my party with a grimoire of death magic at some point. If they choose to use it an not destroy it, how would I handle them being able to raise reanimates and such? I know the spells can be stylized however they need to be to feel right, but I’m unsure of exactly how to handle it.
  9. WillisRBC

    When Android book?

    There’s no guarantee that it is next.
  10. WillisRBC

    Terrinoth - Humans and magic skills

    Are magic skills restricted by career or can humans take them as one of their non-class skills at creation?
  11. WillisRBC

    Terrinoth - Who gets Verse?

    Ah ok. Hadn’t looked much at talents yet
  12. WillisRBC

    Terrinoth - Who gets Verse?

    So, none of the careers get Verse. Who gets that?
  13. WillisRBC

    Terrinoth PDF

    Anyone know if there is going to be a pdf release of this book? I haven’t seen anything about it.
  14. WillisRBC

    Learning Spells

    Hi all. I have a question I haven’t been able to find the answer to. Do you learn spells like talents, kind of like force powers in Star Wars, or do you just get access to all of them when you train the magic skill?
  15. WillisRBC

    World Info

    Hello everyone. I’m running a RPG game and want to use this setting. Can anyone tell me more about the union? Do they use magic at all? Do they have occult consultants and such in with their units? What sort of options should I present to my players?