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  1. I agree - on a related note, I once ran an 8-player session, and everyone had a headache after that. And yes, we had trouble reaching for the tokens and components, and even deciding where to send our players to.
  2. Based on only one play with my group, we love Foul Play, new mechanics and all. I still don't quite *like* the three new teams (give me Amazons and Underworld, now LOL), but we thought the Penalty and Stadiums mechanics really shook things up in a good way. The Penalties are harsh, yes, but one guy in my group just became more aggressive in his plays (he played Chaos Dwarves BTW). The Stadiums were a total hit - immensely flavourful, and again, it just made us play differently in the end. Only downer for us was the slight increase in playing time: we clocked two hours instead of the standard 1.5 hours. It'll come down no doubt, when we get more familiar with it. The end result was quite exciting, in our inaugural session. Chaos Dwarves won resoundingly despite having a bunch of penalties, with 58 fans. Interestingly, my Humies placed second (45 fans - okay, so I did dodge a lot of penalties), third was Goblin (44!), Nurgle was fourth (43!), while Orcs were bottom & fifth (28 - his tackle rolls were awful BTW). Will report in more, when we get more games in.
  3. I can see the game going on forever actually. The BB books for instance had dozens of named teams. Heck, the Human team in them was Bad Bay Hackers! So yeah FFG, make new "variants" of existing teams with fresh SPs? I can so buy that
  4. Good point on the freebooters. So we decided that everyone can choose from his own race's SP stack or still-commonly-accessible freebooter pile. Everyone can have a fair stab at Morg N Thorg then For the Reikland Reavers Team Upgrade, we've also rules that the custom-made dream cards for Humans, are from the Bad Bay Hackers. Different Human team, so no fan bonus. Just got my Foul Play set and trying it tomorrow. Will try out this racial variant out and report back if we find anything interesting.
  5. I was just telling my group of BBTMCG regulars about this: think someone suggested this in an earlier post. Anyway we're on to Season 6 of our "local BBTMCG league", so will start this "racist" variant then. I think the obvious issue is that the Humans might get too broken (one of the Team Upgrades rewards fans for Reikland players recruited), but since our house rules reward game record percentages as well, it shouldn't matter too much for us.
  6. My local group has quit SWLCG ever since FFG's announced Warhammer 40K. We're all die-hard SW fans, but also WH40K fans as well. Guess our wallets can only take so much abuse. (We're in Malaysia, so games tend to be more costly due to standards of living and all that.) That said, we'll still hold on to whatever we bought, and slip back in if need be. Never really took off here, as ANR's got the lion's share of the LCG scene. There's easily several dozen ANR regulars here, which is large by local standards, and fewer than 10 or 15 SWLCG players scattered through the capital city region. A May 4th tournament had only two people showing up, who eventually had 2 - 3 quick games before going home. We've already talked about the need for more regular expansions and how the six month hiatus pretty much killed it: yeah, I wholeheartedly agree. I only played weekly/fortnightly, but I remember how people here starting selling their SWLCG collections during those six months. I also remember how local difficulties in getting our Edge of Darkness sets was the start of the SWLCG rot here. Waiting nearly 2 months for the sets basically forced us to move on to deck-building games etc. My bunch played Magic casually (never did tournaments) on weekends, and the one thing that FFG could copy off Wizards is their committment to timelines. Granted I do understand that the scale & resourcing that Wizards have is something that FFG just doesn't have, but looks like whatever they're doing, it's working better now? At least I see the sets rolling off more regularly. Back to the question on what it'll take FFG to get me back into the game: I honestly don't know. Not even sure if the new SW movies will do anything. I suspect my bunch will still be hooked on the WH40K LCG, but who knows, heh...
  7. Aye aye, I am really optimistic that FFG's thought a fair bit about the expansions, by the time they released the base set. My bunch made our dream cards of Amazons, Norse, High Elves, Bretonnians, Khemri, and even the Sudden Death trio! We still chuckle about how FFG "copied" our Regeneration, which we decided to "nerf" by reducing it to a single tackle die roll (instead of the official two). With six whole "evil" teams over the two expansions, it's about time we give the "neutral" or "good" races a fair shake eh?
  8. I do second this comment! Love how they've simulated the player drafting mechanic. What I'd love would be more regular expansions that would add more Star Players. Three, maybe five new SPs per team, every two to three months? That would be awesome!
  9. Not sure by what you're looking to do, but I've ran a "league" system via Microsoft Excel and all. I kept score of every single match-up each time we meet and play, and let everyone rename their own teams. It's a basic win-draw-loss thing that I kept track, with the team "standings" being determined by "percentages". (A win would give 3 to 4 points, a draw 1 to 2 points, and a loss, 0 to 2 points.) This was a more long-running, football-league style where I kept score of even things like tournament wins (how many Blood Bowls, Spike Magazine Trophies, Chaos Cups etc). For a few months, we also experimented with self-contained "semifinal" and "final" rounds, for each tournament. For example, if we draw the Far Albion Tournament in the opening round, no manager may commit players to it. Play the round as per normal, with the top "four" finishing teams, "qualifying" for the semifinals. (We frequently had up to 6, sometimes 7 players - I just combined multiple copies of the game, or had custom-made "dream teams" ready as extras. All pre-Sudden Death ) So the semi-finals would pair 1st and 4th, and 2nd with 3rd, in a "crossover" format. Now, each manager will draw another six card hand, but the hand will last both semifinals, then the "final". So THREE cards for the semis, then the final three for the final. Ties were resolved by sudden death "penalties": each manager draws a single Cheat token until ties are broken. My group ended up playing so much of BBTMCG (over 2 years!) that we ended up fielding different teams. I stayed with Skaven, Human (even customised the artwork by pasting Bad Bay Hackers art from the Matt Forbeck graphic novel), and Undead. Both the Skaven and Undead had the better percentages, while my Humie Hackers remain pretty much poorest of the lot
  10. You do have a point; yes, Undead are freaking good, though based on my experience, my Humies are pretty much a hit and a miss. I think my consistently poor die rolls have something to do with that (My group played it pretty much every weekend, almost two years straight, so we clocked a lot of sessions with this. Our own house rules and even custom teams and Star Players might have skewed some results, but the official FFG teams did see a lot of play so I'd think our results are pretty accurate.) I think the reason why the Dwarves get so much flak is because of the playing style required. There was one guy in my group, who somehow always won the game with them (the awesome Star Players and amazing die rolls helped too!). But yeah, generally, their ability to gain fans does seem poorer. And yes, the Vamps suck (pun intended). The Always Hungry bit seems like too much effort for not much reward. But errata-ing that might push them over the top, hmmm.... Honestly, I'm only buying Foul Play because of the Goblin team, and the extra bits. Stadiums look crazy exciting, am so gonna get everyone in my little "league" to use them regularly! Not a fan of Nurgle and Chaos Dwarves - gimme Amazons, Pro/High Elves, Norse, Tileans and Bretonnians dammit! I like the idea of retrofitting the teams, though I'd be more interested in newer Star Players for the existing affiliations. They could easily add five Star Players across each team; by the time we have Foul Play, I think 60 new SPs will be sweet! Maybe print-and-play?
  11. Now that Warhammer: Invasion's "out of commission", I'd like to see: 1. Blood Bowl (expand on Team Manager CG? Add more teams, new Star Players etc) 2. Warhammer 40K - nuff said. I was actually playing the Sabertooth Games one till they "reset" the CCG into "Horus Heresy". 3. Deadlands / Doomtown - this would work great as an LCG, as many other members of this forum have pointed out in great detail. No brainer IMHO.
  12. Sad news, as I'm just waiting to start playing this game since I was taken in by the Hidden Kingdoms previews and all. Perhaps fans will keep this one alive via dream expansions and what-not, a la SWCCG? On a sidenote, being a serious Blood Bowl Team Manager Card Game fan, I hope this means more regular expansions for that beloved game of mine. We have room for one more (regularly published) Warhammer fantasy game, apart from Diskwars right? *here's to hoping*
  13. Yeah I'd love to see more expansions too. I remember even making up my own teams for the local play group and running "seasons" of a local "league" - fun times! We even had Norse, Amazon, and our own brew of Undead, Vampires and Dark Elves, way before Sudden Death was announced. I remember reading somewhere (can't recall where though) that FFG meant to make BB an LCG: would have been plain awesome if it had been. Perhaps a "limited" LCG would work great: 2 to 3 expansions per year mayhaps?
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