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  1. I prefer metric but understand the need for other measurements depending on setting. I think the scarcity of measurements in Star Wars could easily accommodate both measurements in each instance where they are given!
  2. End of the world line would do call of Cthulhu easily! But don't get discouraged, this same system was used for warhammer fantasy roleplay, so it doesn't HAVE to be swashbuckle like. Just keep difficulty tough, maybe add one difficult to all checks you have players do. And don't use the careers in the books, maybe disallow talents. The dice themselves really perform well and keep anything from being a sure thing, quite horrific if that means you never know when your ever gonna succeed!
  3. The main addition is rules for advanced technology, since the players are likely to get a hold of it during the late apocalypse or early post apocalypse!almost all their tech can be used second hand, and they even have an F16 and an M1 Abrams
  4. Oh and I just thought of is, incorporate the numerical benefits of duty into obligation, so as your rank grows in the empire, the mpheavier a weight it is on you! And it would also translate into what tools you have at your disposal
  5. Personally I think you could use the age of rebellion book but use obligation and put more focus on the motivations of the players, particularly with the ambition motivation. I can see the argument for duty reflecting rank in the imperial government, it always seems to only bring about more responsibility and more consequences, not more benefits. A moff's increased influence and resources he or she REQUIRES in order to do what is expected of him, else he's going to find his career and possibly life coming to an end... This seems like obligation more then duty. And those few who truly prosper in the empire have a motivation dedicated to power and ambition... They never seem to benifit from it in a traditional duty sense. Note that one of the obligations IS duty... And quite fitting for the grind that is "imperial service."
  6. I was wondering how players and GMs feel about the game after really long campaigns. does the game hold up well, what are some peculiarities of longer campaigns?
  7. Wrath of the Gods had equipment you could take from fallen enemies, including some magical items [but most were cursed] and a few NPCs could bless you with power. I imagine that there will be more alien gear that you may be able to grab and use.
  8. Could be worse. Could have been the Death Star. I for one welcome our Sith overlords Also: Cylons attack! (cylons invading Cylon, LOL!) Star was invades is awesome! Giving the aliens a very human appearance I like! Also invasion of the cylons is cool too, especially with the new BSG as its background!
  9. I'm curious about this too! Though I would like to get the physical book too!
  10. I want to use the system to tell a story where the players colonize a distant planet, so it's kind of a survival story, close to gaeas revenge.
  11. My aliens are going to be the Amarr, arriving for Earth's Day of Darkness here to enslave us all!
  12. While a physical test should not cause mental stress, could a GM rule that it causes a mental trauma? If it makes sense that in the scene the character didn't actually suffer any physical injury despite aqcuiring lots of stress from poor rolls,could the GM and player concede that the stress erasing moment results in a mental trauma instead of a physical one? Also Can mental traumas cause negative dice in future physical tests or are they restricted to their category? If they can I don't see the above adjudication being unfair.
  13. I think if your picking off a zombie from a pillbox type of position, there is a case for not including bad dice, but the GM can make a case for it like the sound drawing more zombies... So it's up to the situation really. I would say if it's not stressful, then don't include bad dice since they lead to stress...
  14. It seems like the system would be very easy to use with any game where circumstances out of your control can eventually wear you down. I like that aspect!
  15. Has anyone decided to use this game to run a game that is wildly different from the scenarios or even premise? What were they if so?
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