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  1. So, playing the second adventure of The Emperor Protects, it seems. I'd advise you to do what countless people have been doing since the dawn of time: smile, say yes, and do whatever you think needs to be done. Were you Imperial Guard, it would be no problem to "accidentize" the inconvenient superior during a firefight (you know, Catachan IG had that rule about rolling a dice for each Comissar before the battle... to see if the mini was already dead XDDD). Sadly, a Space Marine has honor. Anyway, if the Inquisitor is an NPC, don't worry, few things are more irritant for a GM than to play the role of the leader of the group.
  2. Siranui said: Dreadnaughts are already plenty good enough, made by master craftsmen blahblah. Giving the most deadly PC in the party another +10 'to hit' is just pandering to powergaming to my mind, so I'd not hesitate to say 'no'. Yet the point is, they ARE phisically connected to the weapons, it is "a vehicle" (of sorts) and all that crap xD. I was just teasing a little here, however. The final conclusion remains: any Space Marine can start with 50 in BS, pay 4 advances (to up 70) and then stack bonus up to +60, for a total of 130. And certain chapters and the Ultramarines can start with a potential 55 in BS, for a top of 135.
  3. Ok, the game says any of the players can be the team leader. However, unless none of them has Command, marines without that skill shouldn't be chosen for the post. As for the cohesion, please remember Fear only "burns" cohesion if the marines are in Squad Mode. If they are in Single Mode, is just -10 to Willpower for each level of Fear (mind you, I'd like more detail on the issue, since a Broodlord can reduce a kill-team to crying babies easily the way I understood the Fear rules). Against flying enemies, you go get cover (trees, for example) and if they are armed only with melee weapons, then the players have a little advantage. I must say, however, that flying enemies for a beginners combat is quite a masochistic option xD
  4. You would need the Dark Heresy corebook and the Ascension supplement to fully start to integrate character from both games. Personally, DH characters are glascannons with tons of talents and skills (so glasscannon + genius bruiser), while DW characters are super marios for anything related to combat and little else.
  5. DastardlyIceHole said: His main motives are just to grow the baby separately so that the female character can continue to be of use, and not be hindered by her pregnancy. So I suppose under normal circumstances, it wouldn't be heretical. Although an overly zealous (or bored) priest might still take interest. On a side note, I thought I'd mention that the tech-priest happens to be the father, as some people were asking about that. But think on all those roleplaying opportunities they might be losing! Not to mention the ridiculous the other players can inflict on, well, the battery-powered cog-boy and the mother! Sorry, sorry... but as I said, think about all that roleplaying opportunities! The drama! The decision of risking the baby's unborn life to rescue the group! And the Imperial Guard has non-combatant entourages behind every unit, so I suppose they include child care ^^
  6. I would really love to be able to paste text here... Anyway, go to games workshop and look for Fabius Vile. Nurgle is not all about death, putrefaction and rotting. As for me, it would depend on what the rest of the group would prefer to make themselves.
  7. What I find extremely interesting is: A) How the mother discovered it so quickly? And B) How can she be so trusting to a half-machine guy who half of the time you don't understand what the hell is he saying, and of the other half you wish you didn't understand it most of, not to mention the "eeagerness to help" showed to remove the child from inside the mother... Frankly, unless the Inquisitor has a very, very compelling reason to keep her on duty (or is a complete bastard), I think the character would be taking some off-duty time...
  8. We had this talk before, and anyway, if the limit is +60 that is irrelevant. The top would be 130 anyway. As for a techmarine with that... I think he should look into the servo-harness. It includes a mechadendrite with a plasma cutter that acts like a plasma pistol. And finally, I specifically said the bonus included the Signature Wargear (Master), so the MIU wouldn't be so far off. Oh, and I shudder to think how much attractive Siranui's interpretation of MIU makes Dreadnoughts... XD
  9. Elite creatures are not something you can deploy en masse against low level characters, but anyway, if the player's tactics where just to charge, then they got what they deserved. Outmaneuvering the enemy, using grenades, protectig the frigging apothecary (who, by the way, can heal wounds during a fight, it just takes actions from both him and the healed character), using special ammo (Kraken rounds, or Hellfire rounds), concentrating fire on the same target... Having the gear selected with careful detail helps a lot, of course, not to mention the Oaths and using of Squad and Solo tactics. Frankly, I GM'ed The Emperor Protect's first adventure, and the assault marine was quite frustrated because few things lasted enough to reach melee. The apothecary was little more than a healer, and the Dev, Techmarine and the party leader (a tactical marine) were making kills like tossing coins. Of course, the techmarine was a Raven Guard one who was quite good at silent move and concealment (and carried a camaleonine cloack, stummers, and a stalker-pattern rifle, plus the usual bolter rifle and a mechanicus-pattern energy axe), and the players spent more time preparing a combat than actually playing it (map drawings, movement lines, that kind of stuff).
  10. Easy way: keep recording the time travels you give to the players in order to avoid inconsistencies. Then don't be much exact about the time it gets to go from here to there. After all, it's not unheard of ships that dissapear for millennia, or ships that arrive to destination before departing...
  11. Decessor said: That frigate is impressive in combat but if it's not contributing to endeavours, it's going to be a drain on the dynasty's coffers. From what I can see, it has the roles of military ship and defending ships that actually make money. All ships in the RT books can participate in any objective. If they don't have any +Achievement Points bonus, then they just need to work harder, at least according to the rules. And Lord Steel, dices are something one always need luck with XD
  12. Errant said: Surely the Essential Components would come as part of the one acquisition. I'd mix it up by changing what 0SP components came with a ship if they weren't hunting for a ship with specific +SP ones, but the idea of a ship without a bridge or engine seems rather... odd, given the nature of the universe. Well, it's a long way to tell "if you want a new ship, you better be rich as hell, have the luck of the devil, or play whole campaigns to get the **** thing". Nobody told there are some indebted Rogue Traders out there whose debts you can buy and claim the ship. You would be earning an enemy, of course, but... XD
  13. Vandegraffe said: @ Argus Van Het, Technically, those GW minis aren't "new". GW has decided they are no longer going to sell metal minis, at all. The new line are simply resin replacements for everything they had in metal... and if the rumour mill is to be believed, the price went up. Waiting may not be in your best interests. Cheers, - V. ARRRRRGHHHH!!! I'll better run to ask for my techmarine, then!!! XD
  14. Assume starting BS of 50 (30+2d10, rolling two 10's) Four advances to BS: BS 70 Signature Wargear (master): +10 Master quality craftmanship: +10 The appropiate sight: +10 "Total" BS: 100 Now, Aim +10, and Full Auto +20 => 130 effective BS. Without counting the Mind Impulse Unit (if applicable) which gives +10, or the gizmo that allows a marine to target using data from another marine.
  15. Polaria, remember Deathwatch at least runs some time before the Necron showing up (in The Emperor Protects, it says some decades should still pass), just so you don't land into something you can't explain to the players XD. Battybattybats: you can always write the non-mechanical stuff (once you have ended the game with your players XD) and put it here, or try to selling it to FFG. The rest is just adding numbers and playing with them ^^
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