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  1. I don't think so. Melta have narrow beam of superheated plasma so it's easer to dodge it if you have superagility. Well, now, when EU trashed for the good, there is only two such vessels - Death Star and Death Star mk2. And in normal combat... well, I'm not a fan of Imperium ship design school, but SW combat ships are just transports with some macrobatteries by WH standard. Not even lances for you, don't mention Novas. Light SW crafts beats Imperium at every point though. When Imperial Navy Admirals will meat SAFE WARP-CAPABLE FIGHTER, they will eat their fancy hats. To be honest I believe it's quite simple to imagine. Jedi Knights are not so far from Eldar Warlocks - extra dodge, battle precognition, fluid fast moves, psy additions to combat. Ah, yes, they have a habit to foresee. And Marines counts "kill an Eldar witch" as a feat that should be rewarded. But it means Jedi realise all his potential and use it wisely, not as they used to. SW tactics and combat ability is very, very low. i don't want to spoil anything but... anyway wathever disney says... in SW there have been numerous ships capable of destroying a planet, let alone oneshot a capital ship (like the flag ship of griveous in clone wars). In SW there are no lances that's true but consider that they have torpedoes and capital sized turrets, i don't see how lances are better, finally republic/empire ships can fire all their weapons on the forward arc and 2/3 weapons on their sides (that's why they are configured as giant triangles), they can move without the need of using immaterium and have surely better shielding not relying on armour to protect heir hulls as much as 40k ships do (and if you consider mon calamari dreadnoughts that's even a wider gap between shield tech). The shielding tech on capital ships is so good that usually in sw you need wings of bombers to fly under the shields of a ship to deal significant damage. jedi (force sensitive warriors) can do a lot more than eldar warlocks: first of all they can actually lift a battle tank with their minds, they can cut any kind of armor and can even create illusions, shoot lightning, stop projectiles ecc. or if they are really strong can actually telekinetically bomb an entire army, this is without considering true masters that could do a lot more (nihilus was able to eat an entire planet for ex.), all of this without the risks of the warp backfiring. As i wrote comparing psy powers to the force is like comparing magick in a low-magick setting with forgotten realms magick, they could do the same thing mostly but on a very different scale. Finally if you consider sith lords with their sith sorcery... well actually they can do wathever you imagine even resurrect the dead... Apparently not heat-resistant to do anything against plasma weapons, though, which a lightsaber is. The protective properties of power armour are often exaggerated even within 40k. I mean, it does not even protect reliably against a las pistol, although it is of course better than what the common soldier has available. Even a flamethrower is capable of cooking the wearer, it just isn't a guaranteed kill. A lightsabre can cut anything, they can cut even spasceships bulkheads (remember that in sw capital ships can enter atmosphere). Cortosis is a froce reactive material and is resistant because it shorts out the lightsabre. In sw universe when a material can't be cut by a lightsabre is actually considered exotic and rare, they are the exception. For thicker materials like bulkheads or tank armour a lightsabre needs more time only because it has to dig something that is thicker than the actual blade lenght, when we see jedi taking their time to cut something is usually because they need a hole to pass, swing a lightsabre at something and you will have a cut the lenght of the blade in an istant. Hmm. Does that make sense? The projectile would detonate at the blade, with the shrapnel that would threaten the target burning up in the plasma field. The only likely source of damage would be heat, but I doubt a bolt projectile would cause that much of an explosion. The only Jedi hunters I know were the Fel-Empire's Knighthunters, but they used phrik-laced electrostaffs and sonic weaponry to deal with their quarry. shrapnels from a 20mm explosive round are serious buisness: germans during ww2 used minegeschoss (high-explosive-fragmentation) as their main air-combat rounds and a heavy bomber could be destroyed with 5-6 hits from a 20mm cannon. As soon as the projectile hits the blade it will explode filling the air with shrpanels and high temperature air (the explosion is enough to ignite wood and the shrapnels are able to pass even armoured glass), the result to me is a dead jedi or a very injured one. In the expanded universe like in legacy or in swkotor bounty hunters hunted jedis using projectile weapons (often with explosive rounds or rounds loaded with chemicals) and even carbonite launchers, flamers and sonic weapons.
  2. To me seems to be comparing lord of the rings to d&d. The power levels are too different. Lightsabers cut anything that isn't shielded, made of cortosis or empowered with sith alchemy. So a power armour isn't going to protect against it. Force powers can do a lot more than psy powers, just think of force push... a jedi can throw a space marine with only his mind, only force users usually can counter force powers. Jedi can deflect energy bolts but we know that energy weapons in sw do not shoot at the speed of light, so i doubt jedi could deflect las weapons. For bolters they can only dodge but not deflect, jedi hunters use explosive shells too. Imho a jedi will kill easly a spacemarine as soon as he maneges to get close enough, like a 5th lvl d&d wizard would win the battle of pelennor with a couple of fireballs. For spaceship combat sw wins too... many ships in sw universe can oneshot an entire planet, that is enough to me too see the power gap between 40k and sw.
  3. In bc stats are more flexible than dh ir rt, mutations can change drastically your stats especially for humans that will accomulate a fair ammount of them, without a cap to modifiers and with skill bonuses up to +30 and equipment bonuses, rising directly the base stats too much has the potential of breaking everything. If you consider infamy you are going to break things even further. If you feel the need of rising more a stat probably the problem is in how you rolled your char to begin with, i usually go for a more powered character creation to give players less problems with rolls.
  4. In the end all depends on the themes in your game.In my campaign my players started with good intentions, strong belives etc. They were a little bit puritans, with each adventure they become more and more disilluded and in ascension ended up being radicals. In my vision inquisition is ruthless and doesn't care of anything but the overall survival of humanity, characters with empathy or charity will have everythig stripped from them sooner or later or will end dead (killed by their inquisitor). Afterall the imperium isn't a nice place and commoners are slaves to a dark and bigot rulership, inquisition is the dreaded weapon of the imperium. Spanish inquisition and secret polices are my inspirations to portray imperial inquisition, my players know there will be no cute kittens in my games but blood of guilty and innocent alike.
  5. In the end all depends on the themes in your game.In my campaign my players started with good intentions, strong belives etc. They were a little bit puritans, with each adventure they become more and more disilluded and in ascension ended up being radicals. In my vision inquisition is ruthless and doesn't care of anything but the overall survival of humanity, characters with empathy or charity will have everythig stripped from them sooner or later or will end dead (killed by their inquisitor). Afterall the imperium isn't a nice place and commoners are slaves to a dark and bigot rulership, inquisition is the dreaded weapon of the imperium. Spanish inquisition and secret polices are my inspirations to portray imperial inquisition, my players know there will be no cute kitties in my games but blood of guilty and innocent alike.
  6. To live in the imperium of man means to serve, everyone is a slave in the empire (only exceptions maybe the lords of terra), but there's difference between a slave in egypt and a slave in china! they could be called by those interested to provide work force, arrange everything and in a couple of years they could be haunted by the decision finding out that living conditions under the new master are terrible! Then they will have a serious moral issue and probably they will realize they can't do anything to solve this new situation!
  7. Sell them. Work force is always needed somewhere! Maybe a forge wirld needs laborers, or a mining colony ecc. Contact them and offer to bring the starving inhabitants in exchenge for food and accomodation, make a deal with a chartist captain for transportation and you have solved the problem gaining new potential allies on both sides! Ofc player eventually will realize they have sold an entire population into brutal slavery.
  8. I advise to not focus too much on rules, if you need a character sheetfor him to support your ideas just build it as you would for any npc: give him stats, skills and talents you feel appropriate and don't worry for his actual power level, the power of an inquisitor isn't in stats but in influence. You can have an inquisitor very weak in combat but he will still be beyond the reach of your players, inquisitors are schemers and politicians and you have to beat them at their game before you can hope to confront them, when players realize their inquisitor has access to knowladeges and resources they didn't even knew existed you will have clearly set him beyond their reach.
  9. Especially on toughness i would advise to consider the final soak level, it's easy to convert TB and find during a fight that between TB, armor and other traits like daemonic the result is virtual immunity from damage. Depending on the creature is good to work backwards deciding how much punishment it can take then figuring out how the final soak is composed.
  10. i don't say that dogs can be easier to possess, infact they aren't possessed by daemons, they can be transformed in hosts by binding, at least normal animals for psychic ones the thing could be different and in daemon worlds where everything is awash with unnatural energies and laws everything could be possible i guess. a normal human can be possessed and it will survive possession for a few hours, a psyker will survive possessions for days or more depending on his strenght, a tau even if could be possessed would survive a few minutes at most before being destroyed. binding a daemon in a tau i see it as possible but, as i said, i think it would be more like binding a daemon in an object with even a low attunment to the warp (difficult, not usefull and probably even impossible and surely not to the liking of the daemon). i see the all thing in a phisycal way: hosts are like containers and daemons are like water, a daemon can try to slip inside a suitable container and, for what we know, without bindings there's no mortal container that will not eventually be broken under the pressure, in most cases the container will not be able to accomodate all the water that composes a daemon that's why daemons prefer to possess bigger containers (psykers). There's a limit to how few water you can pour into a container and still consider what is inside a daemon, taus are like small glasses and daemons are like swimming pools size. You wouldn't say that you have the lake in a bottle while you would say that you have a pond in a cistern (a more gruesome image could be: having inside a bag a human body without legs you could say you have a man inside your bag; having an hand inside your pocket you can't say that you have a man in your pocket). Psykers: big containers, normal humans: small containers, blanks: no container. In this prospective i see taus as too small and so daemons even if they could wouldn't actually fit inside but only a minor fraction of their essence would be able to be stored in a tau, a small fraction that could not be considered a daemon. if you assume that a tau can be possessed anyway i don't see how their belives can be alone a shield against possession: the avrage human in the imperium has a lot of faith and yet they are easly possessed and only a few humans with high mental fortitude can attempt to resist possession and usually they even need the use of arcane arts / psychic powers to increase their chances. From my point of view the ability to belive or disbelive in something with fervent passion is the trick to corruption. Corruption is infact portreyed often with a moral crysis, a subversion of how you percive the world and yourself, a contrast between what you think is right and wrong and the delusions created by the confusion of conflicting thoughts and passions. Those that have their convinctions shattered are swaped by their emotions and lost to corruption, if you belive in something and then you find it's a lie and react saying "well, wathever" then you are immune to corruption. for the necron part: i was pointing out that they are machines like spaceships, spaceships do not mutate or become possessed even when lost in the immaterium, they become twisted and home to warp entities but they do not become daemon hosts or daemon engines. if a tau cannot experience the same passions as other sentients why chaos should even consider them? they cannot be manipulated (infact there's no tau fallen to chaos), they cannot be controlled, i wouldn't ever empower someone that can actually do as he pleases with the powers i give him, i would choose to empower those i can control or at least those i'm sure will never go against me. Why bother with taus that cannot be controlled and that are a small fraction of the galaxy and that are even without serious passions? Let them do as they please, they are beneath the Gods, they are of no consequence! And if they ever begin to become too powerfull then erease them from the universe, they aren't in the plans of chaos. Do not forget that acting in the name of chaos and doing even great things does not guarantee the attention of the gods, many cultists serve faithfully without ever being noticed by the gods even if they do great things! Only those that actually pick the interests and excite the fantasies of the gods are considered and often not for long (abaddon the failer is the exception to the rule XD ). Given the nature of the gods imho they will never take interest in a tau, just like a KKK adept will never take interest in a tibetan cult killing black peoples (who cares?!?!?), if a tibetan cult has a white american leader then the KKK could consider a joint venture.
  11. Animals can have strong emotions at least mammals: dogs, cats, horses, elephants or primates have strong emotions, for reptiles i wouldn't consider them capable of "strong emotions", birds i would say that depends on the species (pigeons i doubt are capable of the same emotional complexity of penguins and so on) and insects and arachnids i wouldn't see them capable of emotions at all (at least as we see them). Dybuk are created just like daemon engines or daemon hosts, if the daemon is willing or not isn't important just as it isn't important if it can actually possess the vessel, what metters is the possibility to be bound. Again daemons cannot possess objects and even possessing a living being without the use of arcane arts performed by a sorcerer isn't permament. Faith is what makes chaos strong, a strongly religious society creates strong belifes and strong emotional conflicts espcially if the religion has strong moral rules that limit emotions and natural behaviours, that's why even "good oriented" religions when followed to the letter create monsters (inquisition, terrorism, genocides, racism, wars... actually there's no religion that states to be "evil", yet all of them are responsable for terrible things). Religion often promote conflict because they devide populations by their own faith and morals, when one faith excludes the others conflict is inevitable and being religion a strong social banner promotes extreme emotional reactions. Every strong belif is subject to become "corrupted", history is full of examples (french revolution was followed by the reign of terror), only a "pale" belif doesn't risks corruption or extremization for the belivers aren't so emotionally attached to go to extremes to follow their ideals. Warp energies are like radiation, strong radiation can destroy even inert materials and objects or damage them, what they do to living beings is cause mutations and to extremes utterly destroy them, so put a necron in the immaterium and i don't expect it to survive just as i don't expect to survive a cat, the difference is that if not utterly destroyed the necron could be twisted by the warp while the cat when twisted dies (don't try to twist your cat at home XD ), not unlike ships lost in the immaterium they can be twisted and become hosts to various other "life forms" they do not become possessed thou or "mutate" as a living being. In theory you could use a necron to create a daemon engine by binding in his form a daemon just like any other machine (that would be interesting!). Taus are so distant from warp and are so culturally not prone to corruption that i don't see any reason for them to be actually able to be possessed. Considering the repercussions of actions i would say that a tau will not be able to "attract" the chaos gods even if he tortures a million of innocents, that's because he doesn't feel any strong emotions in doing so, instead if the entourage of the tau has some humans the gods will surely take notice of them! On an extreme case if the tau manages to create an image of himself that pleases the gods (like terrorizing entire planets) they probably would smile and even be pleased just like they are pleased if a vulcano erupts and creates misery, famine, pestilence, death and so on, they are not pleased of the vulcano but of the consequences. In this scenario the trusted advisor of the tau would be the real champion of the gods while the tau would be seen more as a tool in the hands of the advisor then a follower himself. At least this is how i imagine the thing XD
  12. The term possession is pretty clear here, unless you find a psychic power that clearly states that it possesses the character. qft
  13. your damage should be: DEAD Drop a greatsword on the head of a sleeping guy and i don't see any point in trying to figure out the exact ammount of tissue damage unless you are a coroner XD By the book you should deal 4d10+3, the rule says: "roll the dice for damage twice and add the results" it talks only of dice not of any other factor in the damage. still to me is just a kill, no roll involved unless exceptions are necessary.
  14. Hmmm, not sure about that. If I remeber well, they had high Ag (like 50) and had Unnatural *2, not *3, except maybe very strong characters (Autarch and such). you insinuated doubt in me XD i went to check and actually we are both right, depends on the book: in rogue trader "soul reaver" supplement dark eldars have by default x2 Agi while bigger characters have x3, in only war there's no distinction and every dark eldar has a +3 Agi, same is in black crusade. I remembered Archons, Haemunculi and so on having x3 and that's right but seems that lower eldars are statted with x2. Comparing various manual i have to say that i was wrong, seems that ffg actually tries to keep the final CB as a rule to convert unnatural characteristics at least for most creatures. So if the old system had a creature with 50 of strenght and x2 of unnatural strenght in the new system is 50 strenght and +5 unnatural strenght as a rule of thumb, then they add or subtract 1 or 2 points if needed.
  15. I wouldn't say that taus are passionate as i wouldn't say that ants are passionate. From my prospective tau are incredibly driven, they can be very focused but they cannot "burn with passion", what they do they do with reason as a motivation not emotions (something like vulcans from star trek), ants will fight to the death to protect their queen even against impossible odds but they do not really have "emotions" for their biology is so simple that they are as individuals more like automatons, anyway we could see their behavior as very passionate but that's just our interpretation of something we cannot relate too because in our minds only strong emotions could lead to such extreme behaviours. A tau can experience emotions but not to the same degree of humans just like humans cannot experience emotions to the same degree of eldars, as a comparison i imagine tau emotions to be of an order of magnitude inferior to humans: the equivalent of human friendship for a tau is love, while tau freindship would be for a human just acquaintance and so on. My understanding is that daemons cannot posses inanimate objects, they can be bound to them but they cannot simply "enter" an object. Even when bound the object must be "charged" with psychic energies and emotions to be attuned and then the daemon essence must be trapped inside it with arcane bindings. Daemons can possess living creatures but without arcane bindings the possession is temporary and the host is consumed in a short time, more the host is attuned to the warp more time the body will endure the possession and more power the daemon can pour into it without destroying his vessel (that's why daemons prefer to possess psykers). To bind a daemon you always need a sorcerer doing the rituals (so someone that can with simpathy bridge the gap to the immaterium), to possess the daemon doesn't need anyone, he can do it alone. I would say that tau cannot be possessed because their connection to the immaterium is very thin, they are more like objects for daemons, so i would say that in theory a daemon could be bound to a tau like you could do with a damon engine or weapon (if it was possible to "attune" the tau to emotions and psychic stuff like an object), but true possession i think is impossible (that's why no tau seems to ever have suffered possession, from a damon prospective a body is still better than no body, so why not possess taus if it was possible?). For mutations tau aren't immune to the immaterium so they can suffer the effects of exposure to warp energies but i think they are far more resilient than other sentient species to their effects and to induce a mutation the quantity of warp stuff they have to be exposed is huge compared to humans. In my vision if they are exposed to enough warp they simply die horribly as their bodies are consumed and twisted, they do not "enjoy" a grey area of controlled mutation with a couple of tentacles and maybe a ***** sprouting from their foreheads, they go from totally normal to chaos blob as soon as their bodies accumulate enough warp energy.
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