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  1. Hi Vermillian! Good point. However the article did not say that MTG is cheaper than LCG. The main concern in the article is to debate on the future of LCG in the long run. Yes, for anybody to jump into any LCG, it is slightly simple and cheaper than MTG as one need only to get a core set and selected chapter packs. On the surface it looks like an easy entry to the competitive LCG scene. But FFG made its vey subtle that to fully exploit then true potential of each house (faction in Android:Netrunner) capabilities, one needs to invest in ALL of the chapter packs (Data packs). My arguement stands that in the end it will be very costly to a newbie to dive into Netrunner or LCG in general. Here in Malaysia already we are seeing the signs that Warhammer Invasion has stopped getting new players in (or maybe slowed down) as it is hard for newbies to keep up with player who started playing Warhammer Invasion when it started. This in return makes Warhammer Invasion a non growing game. Only a handful of people play the game. Those who were into it from the start. I myself felt put off knowing that i have missed more than 4 chapter packs. Imagine if i would want to start AGoT? How many chapter packs have i missed? I may not know much about AGoT but i am sure i have missed quite a lot and it would be an uphill task for me to buy the chapter packs, learn the game breaking combos and cards that encompasses from the entire AGoT production. For Netrunner, the game is less than 8 months old and already have 3 Data Packs. Already it is costly for a newbie to start. This worries me as the more data packs being released, the lesser the people will pick this game up. They will feel that they are too late. I am spearheading the Android Netrunner community in Malaysia and have organized 3 tournaments so far. The average attendance is between 8-10 perople only. This worries me a lot as Android Netrunner Malaysia Facebook Group has more than 56 members. Only 10 out of 56 that came for the tourney? That's very low. There might be few key observations on what causes the small number of tournament turn ups: 1. Prize not so stunning / appealing. Game Nightkits? Seriously? 2. Tournament format stability- The first tournament was a coreset party which only involves coreset. The second was coreset + Datapack 1 and the 3rd was coreset+datapack1 + Datapack 2. You can do the math on what will be included in my upcoming tourney.. 3. Gameshops not growing this game aggressively. Locally, only 1 game shop that fully support this game with weekly demo plays and casual meetups. 4. Star Wars LCG stole the thunder from Netrunner. Few people in the group dropped this game upon the release of SW LCG. (Hear that FFG?) Based on the 4 factors above, as the community leader, i am worried about the future of this game. It will be too many data packs to pick up and the tourney prizes are not too appealing. As it is, Malaysian community has already missed out on the Regional registration as Shops were not to keen to register for it mainly due to low number of players in this game. It's catch 22. Players need to play more of this game for visibility in the game shop to make this game popular and more newbies to start pick this game up: 1. Tournament prizes need to be more than Game night kits. Personally, since you played AGoT, do you really enjoy your Game Night kits? Or would you wish that the prizes can be more appealing i.e cash prizes and such? 2. Point ranking system.I am not sure how players in other parts of the world, but coming from an asian country, we are very competitive and ranking matters. Hence we always feel that we need to know who are the best so that we can learn and play better and be the best too. MTG have DCI to manage the global point system and sanctioning tournaments. FFG needs it too. 3. Tournament format should be fixed similarly like MTG ( Modern/ Vintage / standard, etc). For example, Netrunner standard should include Coreset + datapack 1-3 and Netrunner Modern should be Coreset + the complete data pack cycle (Datapack 1-6). This way, new players will know that if they want to be competitive then they have to invest in Standard format. Following up from this, FFg should provide a form of calendar for the tournamant format so that the game will not be stale. This way, who ever pick up this game during standard will finally try to complete their data pack collection upon Modern season as they need to have a complete datapack series. Slowly but surely player felt that they are not too far behind to keep up having to focus on Standard before. In the end, FFG still wins and players gets to complete their data pack series. 4. Distribution of Datapacks is uneven. Whenever MTG releases its expansions, it is always globally synchronized. Currently, Datapack 3 is already out in the US and we in Malaysia still drooling over without any solid news when will it reaches our shores. I apologize if i seem to be pro-MTG but i could not helped it as MTG was a big part of my life before. But due to rare chasing which costs money, i quit 6 years ago. Android Netrunner seems to fill in that void but i foresee it maybe a dead investment if FFG keeps treating its LCG this way. Also MTG is THE most successful card game ever and we should,learn from them. Immitation is a form of flattery i'd say. Learn from the best to be the best! I do hope this ramblings of mine gets noticed from FFG and we can see this game shaping up and keep growing.
  2. Personally i truly feel that's with a proper tournament/Organised Play structure, new players can decide what to buy with their Core Set purchase. For example, if each Data cycle essentially 'resets' the mechanics, then newer players can just focus on newer data cyclesAs with any other game, investing above just the Core Set nets you more options for the monetary cost you spend. If a new player wants the full experience, then they buy all the Data packs. If they want to focus on certain cards to fit their playstyle, then they buy packs that hold those cardsLet's take the MtG tournament structure as an example. 'Standard' in Netrunner now would mean the Core Set + Current Data Cycle. 'Modern' would be Core Set plus all Data cycles. By promoting 'Standard' in Organised Play, FFG would be catering for the newer players to be more competitive. By also supporting 'Modern', FFG would also cater to the older players. By not supporting any structure in Organised Play, they run the risk of alienating newer players while slowly saturating the market for the older players, as newer cycles might not provide the cards needed for older strategiesTL;DR, FFG needs to focus on Organized Play if they want their LCG model (which by the way is awesome) to succeed in the long run
  3. I love FFG's LCG particularly Android: Netrunner. But as a player from Malaysia, i seriously worry about the future of LCG in Malaysia as our player pool is very limited due MTG attracting newbies eveyday. I came across this interesting article by Frank Brooks in Team Covenant forum recently and it shed some light on key issues concerning LCGs. http://teamcovenant.com/boshek/2013/02/12/the-future-of-lcgs/ I do hope FFG can take note on some of the suggestions and strive to improve to ensure that newbies can easily pick up new LCGs i.e. SW LCG and ANR when it get too far down the line with so many data packs / Force packs to catch up. It might put off new players. Sanction MTG Tournaments in Malaysia often offer cash prizes or even new packs and alternate art premiums to entice new players. At current, offering Game Night Kits is good but not too appealing to game shop to buy them and let it go for free. At current it seems that the same format of Game Night kit i.e. deck box being offered to ANR which is similar to AGoT with the only different is the artwork. Cutting some production cost are we? Even worse here in Malaysia as the official distributor charges players 50% cost of the game night kits. That already put off many players to participate and game shop don't feel the need to grow this game or organize tournaments at all. Also, when will FFG develop a global point ranking system similar to MTG's DCI? this really entice newbies and veteran players to play more games as the want to rake up their points and be king of the hill. More games played at game shop = more visibility (eye balls ont he game) = More queries= more demos= more converts = more purchase = more player base = continuity of the game in the scene.. P/s: I'm also a bit put off when FFG released SW LCG in less than a year of the ANR release. Many players tend to pick up SW in a heartbeat instead of even consider to know about ANR. This truly splits the potential market by swinging to SW. Some even sold their ANR coresets to quickly start on SW. What happened there? As it is the gaming industry is very small and newbies will definitely can relate more to SW.. should it at least wait longer till Episode 7 is release at least catching on that hype. This move might just be a killing more by FFG it self to ultimately outshine ANR's growth before it matures.. Sigh…
  4. Greetings, I am a Netrunner fan from Malaysia and i am writing this to share some info on the Android: Netrunner (ANR) gaming scene here for the past 4 months. I consider myself as the official Tournament Organizer (TO) in Malaysia and it is quite worrying to see this is happening. At the moment, our Facebook group (http://www.facebook.com/groups/androidnetrunnermalaysia/) has reached its 47th member and we hope to see it grow gradually. Our group has been tapped by the only official distributor of FFG games and were given special priced for Core Sets and Data Packs. We had our first congregation of players in form of Core Set launch party on 16th Dec recently with a brand new coreset as its main prize and we had 10 participants only. It was promising. And after that we had a "H@ckthon" tournament at a newly open shop during its opening weekend. 12 players participated. It was also the first time Game Night Kit were given as prize. 2 weeks after that we called for another shop initiated tournament with store credits as give aways and sadly there were no participants at all. Last Sunday (27th Jan) we did another tournament with Game Night kits as the main prize. We ha 8 players turned up. This is quite alarming as we love this game but it seems that it is not growing at the rate that is promising. Few factors that we feel contributed to this: 1. Distribution of games were not as aggressive and we believe there were disputes between distributor and game shops. Some game shops are pro official distributor and some are not. Hence, the supply of the game night kits and data packs are always an issue. 2. Many of players were weary of FFG's LCG format - AGoT and WI and believe that this game will share the same fate with them. It just dies off because of inconsistency of supply. 3. Organized play incentive is less attractive to players to come for tournaments. Players rather play at home casually and play with friends. Game night kits? a new playmat? so what? 4. No shops here is registering for the regional plays and the registration closes in 2 days time.. if this goes on, i guess this game WILL fade off .. Please share with me how other gaming groups or tournament organizer does things to keep this game alive..
  5. Hi, Firstly, great app! very handy! However, im having a hard time figuring out one last icon on the runner's side. The one with 2 circles. I do get the idea that there's icon for Brain Damage, Credits and Links. But what's the last icon with 2 circles are for?
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