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  1. well i have the opposite opinion of Olivier.. as far as i'm concerned, rules are very complex, although they finally released an update on it. i played it a couple of times only because of its difficutly, for me, to be played by the rules. Note that i am not a wargamer fanatic and have only a couple of wargames in my shelves. So if you are more experienced, that might change things. Anyway, for it's real price (was 99€ at the time, but luckily had it at 50) it's definetly not worth if for me... keep us posted on your feeling if you buy the game !
  2. is there anybody who lives in amsterdam and who has the game as well? i wish i could play with somebody.. sic... thanks !
  3. hello all, I bought BoN last week, had a couple of plays and as most of us, had few thousands interrogations on rules & gameplay. so here's my thought : would there be an experienced player who could make a little video of a couple of turns of play ? I've seen 2 vids on youtube, but they are not complete enough. thanks in advance !
  4. Thanks to you All for the posts. I'll go for Dunwich as recommended !!
  5. Hello All, I'm going to buy an expansion for AH, any advice between Kingsport, Dunwich & Innsmouth ? Thanks !
  6. thank you all for your posts, it helps a lot ! Athenor : when i close it can be open again, when i seal, nothing can happen there. my mistake in typing correctly my question... Indeed i could raise the difficulty of the ancient ones, but well, i don t really feel like losing either Valvorik : thanks for the clarification, big help there i guess i'll go for an expansion indeed. i was more thinking about Innsmouth as i loved the novel, though txs again for your posts
  7. Hello All, am a new player at Arkham but old fan of Lovecraft i played only solo, can't find players in amsterdam NL.. especially when you're french and don't quite speak their language - Nevertheless, here's my problem: i played between 7 to 10 times the game now, and i've never lost nor awakened the older one.. I always managed to seal 6 gates and then i win, right ? - I played most of the games 4 characters, random. game length are around 6 hours. - Is there anything obvious i can do wrong ? what I do right is that i use the old one card to ensure their specifics are applied, i put one token each time a gate open on their card (except on monsters surge and gate already closed). - one question i have though, is in the case of an open gate which have a monster on it : when an investigator goes on this gate, does he have to fight/evade the monster before going through ? when an investigator comes back from other world and there is a monster, shall i fight/evade first or can i close/seal before? Thanks ya all !
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