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  1. So apparently FFG is giving the TO’s some flexibility in deciding tie breakers for matchup and overall winner purposes on the RPQ’s. The TO in Vancouver did tie breakers by overall kill points and not MoV, for example. Which method will you be using? SoS, points killed, or MoV? I am fine with whatever I just thought it a good idea to have it announced beforehand.
  2. So just so I am clear we are saying that a unit being transported cannot gain suppression from enemy fire because it is not being the target of the attack. As in it is not the defender of the attack and so cannot get suppression from that game effect, but could from other game effects.
  3. Were the Portland regional lists posted somewhere? There were a few lists I was curious about that were there but I didn’t get a chance to look at them in detail.
  4. So in all honesty I didn’t run into any slicer tools at the event. By the looks of things I wouldn’t have been surprised if I was the only player that brought slicer tools there. So I don’t have any surety to say that what I had planned had I encountered it would have worked. I figured though that I have boosted coms, Rhymer, jendon with Marek, and Sloan. So I felt that I had such reach in the squadron game that I could deal with slicer tools before they close in. Most slicer tools lists don’t have much in squadrons and dual slicer tool lists absolutely don’t. So it allows my squadrons to roam freely. With the nine deployments I was confident to get seperation from any dual slicer tool lists and be able to destroy the slicer ship before it got in the way. Plus as a backup plan the list is a rhymerball that doesn’t have to adhere to being in BCC range I don’t necessarily have to have squadron commands for the squadrons to be effective just predict where my opponent will be and get my squadrons there the turn prior. So I had a lot of answers to deal with slicers which is why I thought I didn’t need SFO or pursuant in the list. I could be wrong though.
  5. Thanks and you to! Look forward to finally getting that matchup!!
  6. Thanks again it’s humbling to get such recognition. I think you guys do me to much credit!
  7. FYI the ship has been located and is being shipped to its original owner! Thanks for your help in this @Red Castle Games!
  8. Ha! Reign of terror I am a benevolent dictator I just like collecting regional trophies for every year!😉 They make nice display pieces in my tortu....er play room!
  9. If Paul Evans is reading this post or if someone knows him, can you tell him to check his fleet inventory when he gets a chance? I believe is may have accidentally ganked my Quasar ship, base, token, and stem when he was in a hurry packing! Thanks! @Karneck I am sure we will get a match in sometime in the future! 😉 @Red Castle Games great event and great pics I really enjoyed my time with Armada community in the west coast! Great game store to be at with a good layout! Looking forward to Jan 5th!
  10. So what your saying is your list is good against Uthuk but doesn’t do so well versus other types of armies. So this means the game is balanced how?
  11. Ok was trying to figure out how the damage was done thanks!
  12. So when you played Thomas how much damage did you roll? I thought it was 12 damage with 3 hits and 4 health or did I miss something? With Vorunthal being a 3 defense 4 health character he should have lived with protected shouldn’t he?
  13. The winner of Armada Bingo will win a pre-order of a SSD. You don't have to be there for both days to participate but some of the challenges listed may improve your chances if you stay that second day. Below are the list of challenges to accomplish for Armada Bingo and how many points they are worth thanks to @BiggsIRL for originally making some of these! Armada Achievment Tracker: Rules: Have your opponent or TO initial the Achievement once you accomplish it! Basic Achievements: ❏ Fight for the Rebellion - Play a Tournament as Rebels (10 points) ❏ Fight for the Empire - Play a Tournament as Imperials (10 points) ❏ Finish What We Started - Complete the tournament without dropping (10 points) Oddball Achievements: ❏ Evasive Action! - Use Scatter to prevent 6+ points of damage in a single attack - (10 points) ❏ Fully Armed and Operational - Roll 11+ dice in a single attack - (10 Points) ❏ Trench Run Disease - Have at least 5 different squadrons damage an enemy Large ship in a single squadron command. - (10 points) ❏ Made Some Good Investments - Destroy an enemy squadron using Cluster Bombs or Point Defense Reroute. - (10 points) ❏ Many Bothans Died - Look at the top dial of each enemy ship with Director Isard - (10 points) ❏ Jack of All Trades - Use four command tokens/dial in a single activation. - (10 points) ❏ Do ALL the Things! - Spend 10+ Command tokens in a single turn - (10 points) ❏ Punch It Chewie! - Change your ship’s speed by 3 in one activation - (5 points) ❏ Never Tell Me the Odds - Re-roll the same die 3+ times in a single attack - (5 points) ❏ “Little” Maneuver - Using just Lando, reduce the damage from an attack to 0 - (20 points) ❏ Powerful Enough to Stop Any Bombardment - Redirect 6+ damage from the same attack and take none to the hull - (10 Points) ❏ It’s a Trap! - Change an enemy ship’s speed by 3+ in a single turn - (5 points) ❏ A Few Maneuvers - Have a ship use 6 clicks of Yaw in one activation - (5 points) Accidentally Kissing Your Sister: ❏ Prepare for Impact! - Lose two ships by ramming them into one another - (10 points) ❏ Can’t Repel Firepower of That Magnitude - Lose an undamaged ship with 5+ hull in a single attack. - (10 points) ❏ Clumsy as He is Stupid - Unintentionally fly your flagship off the board. - (10 points) ❏ Well, THAT Was Pointless - Use MS-1 Ion Cannon’s Critical Effect to exhaust an upgrade card without an “Exhaust” effect - (10 points) ❏ 3720:1 - Reroll one die 2+ times and get a worse final result than your original - (10 points) ❏ Evacuate Now? In Our Moment of Triumph? - Lose a second ship immediately, because Motti’s Flagship was destroyed - (10 points) ❏ Alderaan Refugee - Place Last in a tournament without dropping - (10 points) Advanced Achievements: ❏ Look At You, A General! - Win a Tournament while playing as Rebels - (30 points) ❏ You’re in Command Now, Admiral. - Win a Tournament while playing as Imperials - (30 points) Community Achievements: ❏ Ben Kenobi? - Play a game against a new player - (20 points) ❏ Now I am the Master - Win a game against someone who has won a Regional or higher Championship - (30 points) ❏ Together We Can Rule The Galaxy - Play a 2v2 match with a partner you don’t play with locally. - (20 points)
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