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  1. Mr. JimbonX, in the past I have been guilty of spurning instruction manuals when dealing with shelves from IKEA and then, when things go awry, claiming the shelves to be at fault, with this analogy in mind might I suggest that you peruse through the rules booklet, you'll find it in the box under the excessive amount of components and malfunctioning dice. Usually, when dealing with a lot of games, especially the expensive ones that are over-burdened with game pieces, tokens etc I find the rules to be a great advantage when trying to establish how to play, and unlike other easier games like 'Snap' or 'Old maid' mastery of this game will need to be attained after one or even two play-throughs. I hope this helps as I am confident when I say that this is an immensely deep and immersively thematic game that delivers a truly cinematic experience, an experience that can only be truly enhanced by playing it properly.
  2. Sadly illogical, but then Mr Konieczka has designed a game that is sheer genius and I have not, so there it is. Yoda senses the imminent danger just before the planet is vaporised and escapes. He establishes a floating Jedi school in the remaining crumbs of the recently masticated planet called 'Master Yoda's College for Hidden Orphans and Wayward Heroes'. Theme triumphs again.
  3. If (when) I get this I'll probably take it to the club but I do enjoy a good solitaire when the women in the house hyjack the TV. So has anyone played this solo and is it fun or too much going on for one? Cheers.
  4. I'm looking at investing in this game, so which lieutenants are in the core set so I can order the right figs at the same time? Cheers
  5. I'm tempted to get this but I don't want to be stuck as the overlord all the time; can players alternate roles without spoiling the secrets next time we want to run a scenario? Can it be played solitaire? Cheers.
  6. Excellent clarification, I appreciate it...my Son not so much. Thanks again.
  7. My son attacked my archers with his ripper brutes and rolled one hit and two heroic symbols. With the blood thirst ability we played that he killed all three figures; is this a correct interpretation of the rule?
  8. Archers don't move so receive extra attack- can they split the attacks? If first target alliminated can they use second attack against new target?
  9. Quite right, well thats an embarassing 'oops'.
  10. While we're on the subject of the 'Hundred Years War' expansion; It comes with spears, halberds etc, but none of these appear in the set up stats for the scenarios that come with it (Crecy etc) so when do you use them?
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