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  1. Hi All, I posted this to BGG but also wanted to post it here in case this is something that needs to be fixed in errata or something. Quest card 85 has one step that requires "Kill a Protectron". Is this meant to be a general robot kill? I ask this because only one of the robot names contains "Protectron" and it is not even the full name. The flavor text also mentions simply killing a robot. Other cards utilize a symbol usually.
  2. I posted this over on BGG but I havn't been getting any luck with responses and we were going to play tomorrow. Why would a player who is playing as a monster ever use "slash"? My gaming group can usually be considered competative and I dont really see why a player would give someone else the easy out of possibly doing 2 damage to them (monster) with a "quick shot". Thanks for any insight. We have been using the dice variant and love the game so far. Perfect beer and laughs game. I would prefer to change over to this variant however to keep it more like the original.
  3. Thanks for the quick response, were very new to this and appreciate you quick help so we can progress
  4. Sorry if this is an easy one, but on the major mutation table it says that it causes the "Disturbing Trait." This is not in my list on the traits table and I was wondering what this is. Thanks!
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