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  1. An excellent point! I'd forgotten the "cannot" ruling overrides all others. Thanks!
  2. I'd like to say first off all the responses here so far have been well thought out and written which, if nothing else gives me hope this game will continue to grow just from the strength of the current player base. That being said I also think that a competitive tournament enviroment is important to game such a this. The main reason, for me, is if you are a casual player who is happy to grab the core set and every now and then buy a battle pack to play against your friends every other month or so more power to you. Some of my most fun times have been spent messing around with friends playing these types of games. However there is a large section of players who like to play these games to the best of their ability and with the best deck that they can put together from the current card pool. If FFG ignores these players they are doing themselves just as much a disservice as if they were to ignore the (possibly larger in terms of people but maybe not in terms of money spent) "casual" player base. Having just come from our regionals today I can say that there were a lot of very competitive decks there but everyone I played against were what I call "good people" . No one was rude or tried anything underhanded (that I saw) and everyone was friendly and helpful. The importance of this social aspect of the game cannot be over emphasised. This is the reason people who are somewhat interested in the game will actually give it a try. Because the current players make it easy and/or fun to do so. You may think I've wandered off the point here a bit (and I probably have! : p) but what I am really trying to say is I am more that happy for there to be people who dust off their warhammer cards every 2 months to have fun together or head to a league because they want to see what new cards have been printed recently as they have been busy. But i don't see how that in any way can detract from have a varied and viable competitive tournament scene. Nor can I really see how players like this can detract from the player who is on these forums every other day and who play tests against different decks weekly to gain a greater understanding of the game. In fact I actually think that if this card game continues to have both those types of player then we are actually better off and as long as FFG doesn't buy into the calls to ignore one in support of the other then we will all be able to continue to enjoy this game. Bottom line: Would I like to see slightly more money value prize support for this game? Yes. Do I think that every card printed from here on in needs to be considered "tournament worthy" for the game to still function well and be fun? No.
  3. Hey all, I was having a discussion with ppl after our regionals recently of the above. If someone plays Take Captive! on Clan Moulder's Elite does it block or not? I thought that similar to the way that "battlefield only" gets over ridden by the wording on Take Captive! (Take control of target attacking unit until end of turn. Move it to the attacked zone, declared as a defender) then the "This unit cannot defend" clause on Clan Moulder's Elite would also be over ridden as the tactic actually states it is declared as a defender. Thoughts? p.s. I was playing Orc/Skaven so am happy to be proved wrong on this one just thought I would see what ppl thought about this. : p
  4. Gah! Thanks for the fix Shindulus! You are of course absolutely right. I continually misread War Hydra as remove a counter to prevent the next damage assigned to it. Which would massively more useful than it actually is!
  5. This is a cool idea and I was thinking of something similar thou my idea had a bit heavier splash of skaven (which I will put together and try out as soon as I get my hands on Assault! ). In terms of the War Hydra/ Blood Frenzy combo you mentioned it doesn't actually work I'm afraid. You did make me go a double check the wordings on both cards however! The problem is that Blood Frenzy actually puts the resource tokens on itself NOT the unit it is attached to. If the unit got them then yes you would be golden (bolt thrower damage is assigned to Hydra which prevents and gives you to 2 resources to shoot thrower again until something or hopefully many things! die which regrows your hydras heads). Even then it's not infinite but it would still be kinda nasty with some other direct damage back up. So those are something you could probably cut and put in a few more Infiltrates!, Altar of Khaines etc instead. I'd also look at cutting the Slaanesh's Dominations and Will of Tzeench (thou now that I look at it Will could be a horrible suprise hand dump for an opponent if you had scouts on the board!). Chillwind also doesn't seem to offer you much in your current deck? Any way those are just my thoughts!
  6. I think the point Dormouse is trying to make with regards to his direction to speak to James (and it is one he has championed here for some time) is that we all should also be bringing these concerns to the attention of the game designer/developers. While it is all well and good talking about how there are issues with the clarity of wordings on cards between ourselves here it surely would be better to speak directly to the source. If they get a large enough response from their player base, they will know it is something they will have to fix or at the very least, they will be aware of it. I like this game alot but I have, at times, been a little frustrated by the wordings on cards that are ambiguous (or even cards that seem to have the same effect but are worded differently). Just to be clear I don't think shadow warrior is actually one of these (though foreign translations seems a whole separate issue!). I also agree that part of the problem is that this is a new game and with every new game a new lexicon needs to be created that specifically caters to the interactions that that game presents us with. So I guess this goes back to the first point in that by opening up a dialog between us and the guys who make the game we can point out issues the current lexicon has and (hopefully!) help make changes that strengthen it moving forwards. All that being said (Rock of Silence indeed ) I'm off to write an email to James and co about this issue myself. Supa (and others) if you feel the same way why not to do so too? Just letting them know that as a player I'd like the game to be clearer has no downside for me that I can see and any impact it does have I can only see as a positive!
  7. Off the top of my head Smash 'em All reads "Destroy all enemy support cards" when you trigger it. Your opponent has played the support card (mind killer) onto your unit however it is still his card. He still has control of it so when Smash em All goes off it will blow up all of your support card but not any of his. Unfortunately for you Mind Killer is still a support of his so it isn't going anywhere! Hope this helps!
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