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  1. Yeah, I should take a picture because it's honestly weird. It's one long stem, that does not plug, but FITS into a hole at the base. The stem has a plastic collar on it that slides up and down its length, and hooks on to a single regular stem you would normally see with a large ship now (the thick round stems) which THEN plugs into the bottom of Slave I. It's real, I swear. I found a traditional large stem to attach to the single one I had for Slave I. But it does not fit well at all and is much more unstable than it used to be. Sad face. Thank you all for the help!
  2. I did notice the IG-2000 Fits, but it's awfully wobbly. My Slave I does not have the appropriate pegs, it's..I assume it was one of the first printed. It has a single long stem that did not 'plug' into the base, but simply fit into a circular hole there.
  3. Good evening friends, I'm sorry if this has already been discussed, I couldn't seem to find a topic (probably because the language for the problem is difficult to write in a comprehensible manner). I am just getting around to going through all of my conversion kits (I purchased the initial 3) when I discovered that for some of the large ships, like Slave I and the IG-2000, there do not seem to be appropriate parts to attach these to the new medium bases. The stems they provide appear to be for small ships that have become medium based craft. Anyone help a fellow out? I have 1st Edition versions of all these ships, and the Slave One has the most creative an odd stem to attach to the base I've seen in X-Wing. Thanks for the help in advance -
  4. If we log in and register Nyt, we can post up what we have for you?
  5. My players have around 30,000 credits now coupled with a small flotilla of stock light freighters and starfighters they have managed to acquire over the past couple years worth of adventures. They are well geared, but I have still managed to crank up the difficulty of their encounters in order to keep them challenged; but still allow them to stomp some lesser adversaries in order to have them feel as though they have grown from a motley assortment of criminals into a dangerous kill squad. When our campaign started they worked for a crime boss and did what they could not to upset him while still getting paid to complete the arduous jobs handed out to their crew. So many adventures later they have managed to expand their horizons. They own a small hole in the wall style cantina on Nar Shaddaa, they're preparing to meet with a Hutt clan to negotiate permission to bring narcotics into Hutt space to sell, and are beginning to wonder if they've the skill and resources to kill their current employer and take his holdings as their own. Suddenly 30k credits isn't quite enough to buy and or tweak out the hardware they're going to need to topple a crime boss who controls his own sizable shadow port. It's all in how you balance your story and game and the options you give your players to operate at a higher level once they've earned the right to.
  6. It's an interesting and potentially easily abused skill. I'm a GM and I have a player who's playing a Protocol Droid Charmer. For me, yes, if you have the success and irregardless of a players current strain, they're going to gain the boost die. I do not let that boost die stack, however. Also, I make him RP it. He has to come up with something that sounds like inspiring rhetoric. For the moment, he succeeds in doing so and has fun conjuring up the little speeches he throws out mid battle. As for this applying to other actions and such things as social encounters, yes. But beware, don't abuse it. I don't let my player make a Inspiring Rhetoric action because our slicer is slicing a computer just for the boost die. It has to fit the scene, if someone just started spewing hyperbolic happy crap at you all day, it would lose it's effectiveness. Timing is everything. As for space scenes, yeah, I let the droid use comms to extend the range to other ships, that I don't mind in the least.
  7. I will respectfully disagree with Were above me on how many fighters he suggests your players to encounter upon their escape. When my group started playing, they had a first session encounter with a group of 3 Cloakshape fighters which I had pitted against their Y-Wing and YT-1300. I have a pretty big group, we run anywhere from 5-7. On this occasion, we had 7. There was a Y-Wing who had an astromech player helping him pilot/gun, a pilot/copilot in the YT, and two gunners. Both of their ships took serious damage before the encounter was over and the players had managed a victory. They weren't being silly or reckless either. Vehicular combat in any of the Core games for Star Wars *is* deadly. Keep this in mind. This has been an issue with the system since it first came to be. If you're going to have multiple ships engage your players, use minion rules to form a group of enemy ships (r if you have the Age of Rebellion Game Screen, the squad rules would work too). That's my suggestion. The rest of Were's comment is spot on.
  8. I can name three important changes I would have to consider in GMing my games. #1. We see the Millennium Falcon make a jump to hyperspace from the interior of a ship. #2 We see the Falcon exit hyperspace inside the atmosphere of a planet. When the lore we grew up on told us that a hyperdrive would yank you out automatically as soon as you drew too close to a mass shadow in hyperspace. #3. The Falcon plowing through a forest of trees and seeming to take very little damage. Along with ships docking/traveling together in the same stream (?) of hyperspace that we've seen in Rebels, I think there's been a significant change to Star Wars physics lore in the past year.
  9. ClavainRS

    Poe Dameron.

    Yeah, but it shouldn't cost even a point to get him to 10, it should be inherent. Seriously.
  10. ClavainRS

    Poe Dameron.

    Needs his PS upped to 10. That is all.
  11. Aye, this. The hard points are limited for a reason. Some starships are designed with post production customization in mind, giving the owner of the craft the ability to outfit a ship to his or her needs. The best example of this is the YT series of CEC freighters. The tramp freighter market is filled with ship Captain's who need a ship they can modify to suit their work and special needs that arise from it. Customization is desired. When you move up to larger cargo ships that are less likely to be owned by an adventurous young Captain running illegal cargo, but instead a small Corporation moving food stuff or construction materials, there's less need for customization and more need for cargo space and reduced cost. Starfighters generally have few hard points as they are manufactured for a very specific purpose; space combat superiority or bombing, be it capital ships or ground targets.
  12. My group acquired a modified Ghtroc 720 that was being used by Mercenaries as an assault transport. I added an extra laser cannon on her and increased her damage reduction; she flies like an AT-AT, but her armor is just as impervious. Space combat *IS* deadly. It was fun the first time we had an encounter in space with starfighters and freighters tangling it up in the "Big Show". Everyone at the table was fairly cocky, as they had handled themselves on the ground with exceptional combat prowess, so they thought shooting some clunky out dated fighters that had given chase once they left the planet would be easy. Their faces all turned ash white by about the third round, honestly at that point I hadn't any idea how dangerous space combat was either. Now a days I run starfighters as minion groups. This has reduced the difficulty and the immediate danger of exploding into fine particulate matter as the result of a few lucky laser blasts, but kept up the fun factor since now my group tends to engage more TIE's or what have you at once, making the experience more fun and cinematic.
  13. This is true, but they don't work quite the same. Ships in the interdiction zone experience some discomforting side effects that had not been mentioned before. They did mention the Immobilizer, which is the Interdictor we know and love was essentially in prototype phase when it was used in the book, hence the event with the gravity wells. And yes! I forgot about the lonely Carrack which also became a full fledged canon member. As for the Escort Carrier the Imperial I tacked on is not in its proper name. However the ship was an Imperial design and deployed by the Empire to make up for the lack of survivability of TIEs in combat, thus it brought a back up wing to battle. Canon wise now, in Tarkin the Empire is still using Republic era fighters and TIEs are only mentioned as just being introduced. Which means the back story for the carrier has changed. But the one in the book is the old WEG model. He even quotes the stats right out of the Imperial Source Book. I believe though they are 500 meters and they are not triangular but a big box in space.
  14. Great call! As is the CC-7700 I think it was...Which was a ship out of the old Rebellion game but apparently appeared in print somewhere in the past too.
  15. Hello everyone. Full time lurker here, but I thought I would share some lovely information I have acquired that has my old Star Wars nerd senses tingling. If you have any intention of reading the new Star Wars novels coming out (Tarkin especially) you may not want to read further. The point of this thread is to share some information gleaned reading the first two new Star Wars novels that have come to be released that have officially canonized some long time fan favorite starships that for decades had only existed in the Expanded Universe. No other topics from the books will be discussed; just what was stated above. So! To start, the Victory class Star Destroyer is now officially a canon ship, as is the good ole Imperial Escort Carrier (Complete with Krupx Warhead Launchers) and a ship I was unfamiliar with, the Secutor-class Star Destroyer. That which is now published, becomes canon. So say we all. Or the Lucasfilm story group, at any rate. This thread wasn't meant to start the time worn argument of what was or wasn't canon prior to the Disney intervention; I will state I am of the camp that followed the word of Lucas. If he didn't have it in the films or Clone Wars, it was *not* canon, no matter how long it had existed or how it had embedded itself into the imaginations of the fans. Doesn't mean I believe a particular non-Lucas invention was uncool or unworthy of Star Wars, I just didn't count it as a canon element in the universe. But really I just want to nerd out with fellow Star Wars fans about these ships being made official. I thought it would be nice to celebrate the entry of these fine vessels into official Star Wars lore, especially the Victory class and the Escort Carrier whom have been around for a very, very long time. Cheers!
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