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  1. Also think about how you want to theme your game experience too...for example, I decided I wanted to go classic only, so I picked up the core box and expansions and figure packs that relate to the classic episodes (Ep IV, V, VI - star wars, empire, jedi) only and have ignored everything else. Totally each to their own but this gives me that consistent classic experience (with the addition of the newly created characters for the game of course if you play campaign style). Either way, welcome!! It's great fun.
  2. I'm with TheEldarGuy...Yoda would be great fun, but let's complete the bounty hunter set first...we're almost there!!!
  3. I'm starting to introduce my family to Descent (two girls and one boy - primary school/intermediate aged) and they're loving it. I think the 2nd edition offers some really cool female characters and they've moved away from the babes-in-bikinis stereotype too, which has gone down well with the crew. Also some of the missions have much more variation than just kill-the-bad-guys-to-win... Enjoy!
  4. Hi rgrove - I can't speak for others, but I've kept my original Descent 1st Ed collection (I have everything except Sea of Blood) and added the Descent 2nd Ed (based game and all expansions, but not the lieutenants etc). Descent is my favourite boardgame full stop - and also the first modern boardgame I bought, so lots of nostalgia there). Anyway, I keep both because I find the offer very different experiences...to me, the 1st edition is much more immersive, narrative, epic stories...I can get lost in it for a whole week of evenings! But I don't always have that much time available and 2nd Ed offers me a much more streamlined and succinct skirmish game with campaign elements in the same universe. Shorter, faster, less epic and perhaps less immersive but more immediate and still great fun. I think they both scratch a slightly different itch. Anyway, hope that helps. Also have you picked up the Conversion Kit that allows you to use your 1st edition monsters with the 2nd edition game? Recommend that too!
  5. Check out p6 from the rule book...the text instructions re movement aren't that helpful but the map til breakdown diagram is. Basically, it only costs movement points when you cross lines, so if there are no divisions the whole room is one movement to cross (that's the case in a couple of scenarios) and helps avoid things getting too bogged down I think. I haven't played this particular scenario before so I can speak to the time though. If you are a group of players who are new to this though, it should speed up as you play more.
  6. This is seriously great work Gnutten!!! They look fantastic. Funnily enough I absolutely love this game but I'd always found the miniatures slightly second rate compared to some of my other games (The Others, Arcadia Quest, Descent etc). Although the game play and theme blows most games out of the water, the miniatures never quite grabbed me as much...seeing them painted though totally changes that. Thanks for sharing!! Inspires me to paint mine! Thanks
  7. I'm the same as icabod...have played through about three scenarios with a group and only had one get bogged down with monsters...so I'd say you were unlucky. To me the game is at it's best when it's more about the mystery, the atmosphere, and the puzzles rather than just feeling like a typical dungeon crawl in a lovecraft setting...it shines in those moments! Once the end-timer mechanism kicks in, you'll see more monsters then but I also agree with ichabod that it adds a nice tension to the game at that point and ups the ante. Hope you get a better experience next time - when it works, it really is something quite special!
  8. Have you got the rulebooks for the base game and the expansions? You should see that each expansion includes a small icon that identifies it cards (included on all item cards, hero sheets, pretty much everything except the actual tiles. I find those harder to sort, but everything else is pretty easy once you know what icon you're looking for. And welcome to Descent - hope you all thoroughly enjoy it!
  9. Hi Laenir...I can't speak to the campaign play as I've only done a bit of that with 2nd Edition...but I've spent heaps of time with 1st Edition doing single scenario plays across all expansion (and the 1st Ed Quest Compendium book). To me they're two very different game designs that scratch different itches. Personally, my favourite game is always going to be Descent 1st Ed. It was the first modern boardgame I ever bought (along with Quest for the Dragonlords but we can skip past that... :), so there's absolutely a nostalgia element to it that colours my thinking as it's the game that introduced me to modern boardgaming. But setting that aside, I find 1st Edition a much more narrative experience...all the flavour text to reveal each time the heroes enter a new room. To me it's so much more immersive. But, it's huge and long. 2nd Edition succeeds brilliantly at streamlining the experience and I've been able to introduce more people to Descent as a result of the 2nd Edition (including my kids who love it). It's fast, snappy, full of action and beautiful to look at (as with the original). So I think it does what it set out to do perfectly. To me, if you want a truly immersive unfolding narrative experience I'd go for 1st Edition. If you want quick, streamlined play with some narrative elements but an emphasis on tactics and strategy and action, I think 2nd Ed nails this. Anyway, those are my thoughts. Others agree, disagree or see it differently?
  10. Hi CEO Wolf. Welcome to the game! It takes a bit to get your head around the app to start with and then you're away! We're loving it. Anyway, re your questions: 1) Lore test means you need to conduct a skill test using your Lore value (the number next to the book icon on your character card). That number tells you how many dice you roll. The next step is to see how many success symbols come up (the eldritch star symbols). If you get magnifying glasses (clues) and have any matching clue tokens (magnifying glasses), you can 'spend' these to convert any clue symbols you roll to additional successes. The (2) in brackets tells you what your target is - in this case, how many successes you need to get on a Lore test to overcome (negate) the challenge. Does that make sense? The +1 or -1 modifiers change the number of dice you get to roll. So if you had a Lore value of 5, but the text said there was a -1 in effect, you would only get to roll 4 dice, instead of your usual 5. Make sense? Check out p13 on Skill Tests in the rulebook. 2) Re the app telling you where the monsters are - the app can't do this for you. It always tells you (and shows you) where the monsters appear, but on the monster turn (ie Mythos phase), it will say things like, "This monster moves three spaces towards the nearest investigator." The app doesn't know where you move your characters of course, so you'll have to do that stuff manually. It's important to view the app as a game-aid, not a digital version of the game. Hope that helps - do persevere with it. Once you work it out, it's a phenomenal experience unlike anything else. Best of luck!
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