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  1. Thank you stimpaksam, is very appreciated. ?
  2. Sorry for this little thread necro, things changed a little from the original post, "The mountain of Fire" has becoma available but the standard rules are still at "The Mumakil". Hope to catch the right man attention, and thank you in advance.
  3. Ciao, hai un refuso di traduzione: Alchemia > Alchimia Per il resto bel lavoro, Ciao.
  4. Rules are a little behind the schedule of products, are available now "The Mumakil" regarding Sands of Harad Cycle (1st pack) and regarding the saga products are lacking the "Mountain of Fire" rules. There are some plans to make them available for download? Thank you for any information.
  5. I'll second the PDF version of the book, I've bought it and really love it, but i would really like to have the chance to read it on my tablet on bed, instead of the awesome, but big and heavy, hardcover one.
  6. There is one thing i'm very sad of and is that the new faction doesn't get any possible variations, Shogunate has a full squad but nothing more, that's bad, if they went dropping the franchise with two shogunate character instead of Edison and Frankenstahl i would have been more pleased. But after all i think that a good think can do forever remaining good and i appreciate suspending the game without resorting to publishing ridicolous thing trying to catch people. Only a suggestion, i ever wondered how a campaign would be very good for this game. A structurized tree of games where the ending of a game influence the others. Example: Union and German fight in castle ksiaz, if union win the next play they have an extra choice of character or additional crates on the new map or a bonus to another battle or an automatic turn initiative win, anything…. In a structure simila ro this: O / O O / / O O O And so on until you get the lenght of the campaign, five step lead to five different resolution, every step increse by one the resolutions. This type of expansion can be published in electronic form by rpgnow/drivethrurpg and don't require so much an effort like manifacturing miniatures or maps and, in my opinion, will be wonderful to play. Anyway, this has been a good ride, i hope it hasn't ended but in any case, good work so far.
  7. phineusphule said: Given the two forthcoming books this announcement surprised me as well. On further thought though FF has their current hotness ,Dust Warfare ,to fill the ranks of their "weird" war gaming. Given how well Dust seems to be doing I'm sure that's where much of their focus lies. What Fantasy Flight will do is put Tannhauser to bed for a few years and if/ when interest in Dust cools then they'll pull Tann out of the vault(provided weird war gaming is still a thing). In the meantime there are plenty of expansions to keep everyone busy. What books are you speaking of? I will be so glad to have missed a future release
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