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  1. and about the raven people wanting to change raid orders. "in" the game world some thing has happened to make raid orders not work so even if played then they just did not get to the troops. it just gives the person with the raven chances to play "bad" tokens and i say bad as in not allowed to see the game board and then make adjustments.
  2. we let the person highest on the iron throne, not that person, pick. it is not popular but it cuts down on it happening
  3. we have always played that if you put an order that is forbidden by westeros cards, then that order is taken off the board and it is as if you did not put an order there.
  4. if you found the text from the cards then it would not be a problem, and the rules, but i think they are on this site some where
  5. http://www.west2productions.com/Gamers/AGOT9/ these guys have made an expansion that adds 3 more factions it seems cool
  6. i thought it would have Tully troops that since they are full on with the starks that they would not have their own army
  7. i agree i hated when we played if i had someone engaged and rolled no hits but they had to flee breaking the engagement with no cost to them. i think its house rule time, maybe if they flee with no hits you get to reroll the morals that dropped at a chance to hit them? i don't know just a thought
  8. if i have 3 units all adjacent to each other, like in a triangle, would all three units be considered stalwart?
  9. So in the rules on page 29 it says "the "raid in the Riverlands" Skirmish summary card states that each player chooses up to three commanders with a maximum total value rating of six or less." the card really says "up to 2 commaders whit a total value of 4 or less" the Westerlands Bounty card says "Exactly 2 commanders with a total value of 6 or less" so my question is where is the typo, it seems that they ment to use the Westerlands Bounty in the rules but the text still does not match, and are we allowed to use up to 3 commanders in any skirmish
  10. yea we wondered that too, what we did is you got one road free every move even if you were just going across it. I know it is probably wrong but i did not know how else to do it
  11. o yea, they would be able to at lest put 3 more original factions, in if not much more just like the six factions in the other board game
  12. So i just got A Clash of Kings game today and i was looking at the rules, it says that the old house cards from a game of thrones should not have a crown on them but mine do. so all of the backs of my house cards except the martell cards have a crown. So my question is what is a good way to mark them to tell the difference so the cards don't get mixed.
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