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  1. Thanks jhaelen for the answer. We are a bit new to CoC card game so it is nice to be able to ask questions here. Now that this one is clear I only need to figure out how to play round these two cards . /Oathman
  2. Thx for the answer jhaelen I see your argument but I don´t fully agree on them. 1. Then you can use peerless tracker in both offense and defense if you have domains enough for it. During your phase you can commit him to a story and then he returns exhausted after the resolution of the stories. Then in your opponents phase you can pay 1 and commit him to a story and get all the bonuses despite that he is exhausted. Have I understood that correctly? 2. Just because you can't use an actions it dosen´t say that you can use disrupt. Nowhere in the rules it is stated that story resolution are an action. Under disruption it states clearly in the rule book. - A Disrupt is a special action that can actually cancel or change an action just taken by the opponent. an action just taken by the opponent, but a story resolution is not an action but just something that happens when you resolve what happens at a story. So I don´t fully agree on that argument. And just because the rules state that you can´t use actions during resolution but only disrupt and forced response I can´t see why you suddenly could use a disrupt here. Can you pls use another card with a similar affect to make your point clear. /Oathman
  3. I have tried to find the answer to these question but failed so I will ask them here now. I am sorry if I am double posting. 1. The card Peerless Tracker has the ability to pay 1 and copy the icons of an opponents character and then commit to the same story that the chosen character is at. If Peerless Tracker is Exhausted can he still use the ability? 2. st. Hubert´s Key has the ability to disrupt an effect were a character would go insane or get a wound. Can this ability be used during resolution. In my understanding disrupt is used agains actions that a player use against the opponent. In resolution no player use actions, right? From the rulebook: A Disrupt is a special action that can actually cancel or change an action just taken by the opponent. Remember that all actions are fully resolved before the next action may be taken. The disrupt ac- tion can create the only exception to this rule. Both cards seems a bit extreme and very good for the cost, especially st. Hubert´s Key if you can use it during the resolution phase. Regards/ Oathman
  4. Thx Samruiz123 I think I have found how to do this now! To bad I can´t edit my earlier posts but my other posts I hope will include the pictures directly with no need to copy past links /Oathman
  5. Hi all Now Marcus Fenix is done and ready to take to the field and get som locust... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v389/oathman/Boardgames/IMG_0437.jpg This is a figure with lots of details but really fun to paint. I also changed the base to a clear one! /Oathman PS: if anyone could tell me how to post pictures in this forum I would be grateful, I use Photobucket but can´t get the images to work properly!
  6. Thx för the nice comments Noxize: I used GW:s black undercoat, worked very well I must say. Then I used a mix of citadel and vallejo paints to paint the miniature. It has a lot of detail and it was fun to paint it. Sorry to say I have not been able to paint for a week now but will soon start on one more of the characters. The base is from Fenris games, http://www.fenrisgames.com/ , it is a clear acrylic 25mm base. I then cut of the original base, fairly easy since the plastic is soft and then I drilled a hole in the foot of the miniature and a hole in the base. I put a little pin in between and some super glue and it it still in place... /Oathman
  7. Well I have made a small change to my painted COG. I have changed the base to a transparent base: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v389/oathman/Boardgames/IMG_0421.jpg Think it is perfect for a boardgame like GoW! /Oathman
  8. Hi all I have now started the painting on the COG:s. The idea here is to just paint the COG:s and let the Locust be gray (for the time beeing, at least ). Finished the first COG:s late last night and here he is: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v389/oathman/Boardgames/IMG_0417.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v389/oathman/Boardgames/IMG_0418.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v389/oathman/Boardgames/IMG_0419.jpg This is Damon Baird. I had a lot of truble deciding what colours to use since every picture of the characters are different lighting and different colours but then I just decided to paint him as I wanted to. I will change the base on him later when I get some clear plastic bases, they are on the way from England... /Oathman Hmm did not get the pictures to work... what to do?
  9. How many grenade tokens can I have on a COG? Damon Baird can activate equipment with out playing a card. In the first mission, Emergence I can colect grenades in room 12A and not discard the room card. Can I then stay there and mass up on grenades? /Oathman
  10. How many grenade tokens can I have on a COG? Damon Baird can activate equipment with out playing a card. In the first mission, Emergence I can colect grenades in room 12A and not discard the room card. Can I then stay there and mass up on grenades? /Oathman
  11. Well got the game now. I have played 3 games, two solo and one with two players. Only played the first scenario and haven´t made it jet. But this is a really good game. The rules are easy to remember and very logical. The game play is intence and a lot happens all the time. I must say that this is one off the best games FFG have done IMHO! Love the way the cards represent youre health and that you can use them in different ways! Well enouch rantings for now got the get me some... /Oathman
  12. Hmm I was hoping it was the fine quality as the Mansions of Madness miniatures in the harder plastic and the glued to the base... Well the miniatures look real nice anyway and it is just plastic so cutting them lose can´t be that much of a problem. Are the plastic soft like the Descent too? Well thx for the answer about the base size anyway. Will order some 25mm bases tomorrow... /Oathman
  13. Hi all What is the base size on the miniatures in the game. The game is just starting to arrive here in Sweden and I hope I will be able to buy a set soon. I intend to paint all the miniatures and start with the main characters. But I also want to rebase them on some clear acrylic bases and I want to get the bases as fast as possible so I can be ready when I have got hold of the game. So anyone, what base sizes do I need to rebase the miniatures in Gears of War? /Oathman
  14. Hmm thx Plageman! Next time I will put my glasses on and READ properly on the webb site. Anyway thx for the quick reply! /Oathman
  15. Hi all Sorry if this question has been asked before but I can´t find it in the forums. The new rulebook to Tannhäuser is it in the gamebox now or must I buy it seperatly? /Oathman
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