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  1. Werefish

    Cheat Sheet

    Does anyone have a link to a good player cheat sheet that has a quick summary of bonus for range increment, rule for full auto burst, aiming etc?
  2. Do you mean Excommunicated? A lot of the time I get the feeling that if a priest says you're a heretic he is probably going to whip the local populace up into a frenzy and get them to come knocking on your door with pitchforks and flaming torches, therefore giving you very little opportunity to tell anyone you would prefer a trail by arms. As to canon with regard to duelling I don't think there really is any in the 40k literature and so you may have to make it up yourself. You also have to remember that most people in the 40k universe never leave there homeworld, even nobles, so the each world can be culturally quite isolated and so many different traditions relating to duelling could spring up, rather than there being a set of 'Imperium Duelling Rules'. You could use any number of forms of duelling that have existed or do exist on Earth nowadays as inspiration, the combatants don't even have to be armed, boxing and wrestling are essentially forms of duelling. The codes of honour that dictate when a duel should or can be fought would probably be as wide ranging as there are forms of combat themselves so whatever you feel as GM fits the culture of the world your on would be fine. It could be ranging from nobles engaging in combat of some imagined insult or champions fighting for masters to resolve a territorial dispute. I know this isn't really the answer you wanted but the advantage of roleplay is that as a GM you can make stuff up to fill the gaps in canon.
  3. I know you already mentioned Gaunt's Ghosts, there was a short story (I think it is in the Founding Trilogy) about Larkin and another Tanith sniper (both armed with longlas) firing at an enemy trench. The other sniper gets a kill and takes another shot across no-man's land, Larkin silently admonishes him for not relocating after taking his first shot. Moments later the other Tanith sniper's head disintergrates and Larkin secretly relishes the fact that the enemy has half competant snipers for him to compete with. Now what I would take from this is that the weapon at least has a muzzle flash of some kind for the enemy to have focused in on but the idea that the longlas would fire a bolt tracable by the naked eye would make the weapon next to useless as a sniper weapon, it would be like a modern sniper firing tracer rounds with every shot, his position would compromised almost instantly. Now I'm not saying that a lasbolt might not appear in the visible light spectrum but just like a bullet in flight it would be travelling so fast that the refresh rate of your retina cells would too slow for you to actually "see" it. In game terms I have gone with Awareness tests to spot the muzzle flash or noticing the sniper relocating. If they fail to notice the first two then you could possibly use Common Lore (Imperial Guard), Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis) or even a straight Intelligence test to try and deduce the likely location of a sniper.
  4. In my opinion a cleric can be a good addition to any party even one of a radical bent. As people have already mentioned you could go the whole hog and become a forsaken priest, essentially a sorceror with inquistional sanction or there are many more sutble variations. There is the idea that your cleric has seen the Ministorum for what it really is, a corrupt palace of temporal power rather than the guardians of the faith as it should. Your cleric may rile against what he sees as the wanton excesses and byzantine intrigues his fellows immerse themselves in rather than tending to their flock, he may have become a rabble rouser or demagogue pointing out these faults to anyone who will listen. These view points would fit nicely with an inquisitor of an Istvaanian or Recongregator persuasion, using the priest to ferment discord in the local populace for their own ends. There are plenty of historical figures from the Protestant Reformation to help you round out a character, Martin Luthor, John Calvin and John Knox, all deeply religious men but who saw the Catholic Church as corrupt and oppressive. The other option is to go for a character that is completely straight lace that acts as the groups moral compass. The group may use forbidden means to achieve goals but the line between being a pragmatist and being a heretic is a thin one. If the group starts to use tainted artifact or sorcery because it is easier then they are walking the path to damnation and my need to be 'saved from themslves'. Your character may even have been placed there by your inquistor specifically because he or she is all too aware of how easily power corrupts and believes that a cleric with keep the acolytes true to their vocation of serving the God-Emperor.
  5. Hi Guys, I need a little bit of advice. I'll set the scene for you, my group of players are attempting to break into a crime lords lair to release a potential Inquisition infromant. The lair is essentially an underground bunker, the team made the logical leap that there must be a ventilation system and that this was a weakness that could be exploited. Unfortunately I had wandered in to GM dreamland thinking that my players would merely use the vents to access the facility, rookie error I know. My illusions were shattered when they decided they were going to gas the place. I did remind them that the informant wouldn't be much use to them dead. "Oh don't worry, we've thought of that, we're going to use drugs! Can I borrow the Inquisitor's Handbook to see if anything fits the bill?"After a couple of minutes looking through the Hive World section they come up with Night Dust, "If we use Chem Use we could make it airborne right?" Luckily for me it was getting late and we had to wrap the session up. The Night Dust section says that it can be burnt as an incense but when my team want to use it on such a grand scale I'm a little lost how much they would actually need. So my question is how much smoke/vapour (m3) does one dose of Night Dust produce? Any comments or musings on this subject would be very helpful.
  6. the only thing more worrying than the witch you've been sent to hunt down is the party psyker standing next to you. moral ambivalence is a positive character trait rather than a flaw. your party has committed more heretical crimes than the guys your after.
  7. I know that you mentioned that you like to keep your combat close in because they are grittier and that is fair enough but if you find that your psyker shines in this arena then shake it up a bit. I'd be interested to find out what other Careers your other characters have, I know you mentioned an Assassin with good ranged ability so concoct a situation to let him come to the forefront. I had an assassin who used to dominate in close combat to a point that the guardsmen didn't get a look in. So to change things up, I basically lifted the sniper scene from Saving Private Ryan, one of the characters walked out into a deserted war striken town square, he gets shot by a sniper and wounded really badly and falls down in the middle of the square, the other characters take cover, the assassin says "I charge towards the sniper", my response is "You don't know where the shot came from". The sniper fires a shot at the assassin who is standing in the open and hits him for a lot of damage, he ducks into cover and I ask him to give me a perception test but he fails so still doesn't know where the sniper is. In the mean time the guardsmen has taken charge, he tells everyone to keep down and calls to the hit member of the party to play dead. Then usings the concealment skill to slither on his belly out into a firing position, he then uses his his Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis) skill to think "if I were this sniper where would I be?". With a success he figures a partially collapsed building across the square would be a likely spot, raising his long-las he is rewarded by seeing the sniper in his sights, calmly he takes the shot and kills the guy. Afterwards everyone patted him on the back and they still recount his story to other players. In a rather round about way what i'm trying to say is that you might want to try and steer the game to situations where other Careers can shine, for example having a mission where it has a high proportion of information gathering that will take social and research skills. With psykers being held at arms length by most of the imperial populace will mean that other characters will get to step into the limelight.
  8. I would say the equipment may be a little sparse but I've found players will usually tell you if your being a bit tight fisted. One often overlooked thing of being a little bit more restrictive with equipment is the feelings player then invest in bit of gear that they feel they have actually earned through sweat, blood and hard work. I have one player who has a plasma pistol (taken from a vanquished foe) that he cherishes, at one point when going to meet a Bishop on Samson the characters were asked to relinquish their weapons, my player wanted personal assurances from me as the GM that he would get it back after the meeting. The fact that his character is also a bit paranoid makes this work really well. As mentioned by others maybe provide equipment for one off occasions to give the group a taste for it, example if after an investigation you have found out where a cult leader sleeps and you want to storm the place why not give the characters some carapace armour for the job that has to be turned back in after the mission is finished.
  9. The way to really avoid the whole orky pigdeon english fiasco is to go down the route that Dan Abnett did in one of the Gaunt's Ghosts books where he describes the the ork language as archaic and gutteral. Don't be to specific about what the orks are actually saying because the players probably don't want to be near enough to an ork to overheard its conversations and lets face it, if a 7 foot killing slab of muscle and rage comes charging towards you you're more than likely going to be focus on the massive axe that it is swinging at you rather than what it happens to be shouting. With regards to ork vehices just uses some of the standard stat lines for ground vehicle and strap a few guns to them as trucks and buggys are quite lightly armoured. I'd also say in roleplaying terms have the ork vehicles make a lot of noise so the players have a bit of time to make themselves scarce rather than the oks just turning up a butchering them. Remember that ork vehicles run on the power of the orks thinking that they should work so if players are foolhardy enough to try and take one they may have problems getting the vehicles started not to mention keeping it running.
  10. Decessor you are an absolute legend, that little baby was exactly what I was looking for, cheers!
  11. Does anyone know of an index for the Inquisitor's hand book? I just ask because i'm spending forever sifting through the thing trying to find specific items.
  12. I know it might sound like heresy for saying this but Dan Brown books have given me a far bit of inspiration for puzzles, hidden societies and conspiricies.
  13. I was GMing a game when a friend of mine came to visit so he joined in one session as an additional character to a my well established group, he was playing a bounty-hunter/merc the group had seconded for a seek and destroy mission on a feral world. As the players were crossing a plain toward a low range of hills the guardsman on point spots a mounted sentry break cover from a small copse of trees, obviously riding away to raise the alarm. on seeing this our rather savvy noble born scum exclaims "50 thrones to the man that brings that blaggard down!". Very calmly the bounty-hunter unslings his hunting rifle, takes careful aim and shoots the horseman through the head (a masterful shot, he rolled a 01). After he has watches the sentries body slump from the saddle be lowers his rifle and without a word lookes toward the scum who says under his breath to the guardsman next to him "I'm a little short", the guardsman replies "You still owe me 20 thrones!". Without missing a beat the noble born scum flashes a broad smile at the bounty-hunter and says without any hint of sarcasm, "Tell me my man, do you accept cheques!".
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