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  1. Hardrainfalling said: i am sure theres a landraider like this in the fluff somewhere i think for crimson fists but not sure i remember seeing something about a sentient landraider If memory serves, the Crimson Fists Landraider was controlled by it's machine spirit after being blasted free of their Fortress Monastery during the Ork invasion. It had a merry old time killing orks for a while thereafter.
  2. Siranui said: So power armour that protects against the cold of space and the heat of inhospitable worlds does nothing against fire? Wasn't Terminator armour designed originally for working in plasma reactors or something similar? Yup, that's the original use of Tactical Dreadnought Armour, before it was adapted by the Astartes. I'm guessing the constant, direct heat from the burning fuel is too much for the cooling systems to cope with. Or maybe it's like that to actually make flamers usable against marines in-game.
  3. Titus Priam said: Do you remember a page number for that rule? Have a look at at page 357 in the core book, though that's specifically for Daemonhosts rather than Daemons. Horrors (on page 352) are immune to Perils of the Warp, yet can apparently trigger phenomena (du duu du dudu) like everyone else.
  4. @fresnel p244, Deathwatch core book, in Chapter VIII: Combat, section Attack, under the paragraph titled "Step one: Apply Modifiers to Attacker's Characteristic "The maximum total bonus that can be applied to a test is +60. Conversely, the maximum total penalty that can be applied to a test is -60..."
  5. it may well be the Xenarch Death-Arc, found in the Radicals Handbook (page 201) that you're thinking of.
  6. The Las weapon only stops being reliable while the Hot-shot pack is in use. If you switch to a normal power pack, it'll be reliable again.
  7. Syzygy said: Targetlock said: Thanks for X-Ray Dog, never heard of them before . GASP AND SURPRISE! (Except not really because it's expected) Another , non-soundtracky suggestion would be "The Gears" by that one metal pseudo-band... I can't remember if they're called Metalocalypse or Deathklock or what, but that track is INTENSE and DARK. I've never heard of X-Ray Dog, either. The other band you're refering to would be DeathKlock from the animated series Metalocalypse. Micheal Jackson's Thriller came in very thematic for a zombie uprising. Shame our GM had a massive dummy spit and unplugged the speakers from the mp3 player.
  8. I'm a part-time GM, starting in DH for the first time with Edge of Darkness, and following that on with several related missions of my own writing (and one that someone had put up on Dark Reign). Given how bad our usual GM is, most of our group actually prefer it when I run games. They were disappointed when we had to trudge through Baron Hopes with our usual GM (and I mean trudge, it was horrendously slow in the exploration parts, and the combat was "meh" at best). What didn't help was when the GM decided to crap all over our Tech Priest. From a great height. Credit to the TP player for keeping cool after losing a Fate Point, his Gun Servitor (picked up from one of my missions), apparently having hardware inside his head affected by zombies that can't hurt him, and also 5 wounds. Though he was conveniently left outside the mine he was in, not far from where the rest of us were killing mutants with abandon. We've got 2/3 other players thinking up missions, and long-running campaigns, so we never have to put up with that kind of crap again. The consensus was to ensure he never GMs a game of Dark Heresy ever again. Sorry about the rant.
  9. Jack of Tears said: mart_in_brasil said: Even with an index post-its are v useful and make it quicker to find what you are looking for I very much agree - post it notes are one of my favorite tools for navigating books. If you feel comfortable doing so, I also find that highlighters can be a godsend, as they allow you to draw immediate attention to pertinent info rather than make you scan an entire page for a certain rule or bit of fluff. Highlighters, eh? That sounds like a good idea, though I'm always loathe to draw on books, even in pencil.. As for Supplements: mostly IHB, though I've been digging through Purge the Unclean (Dark Eldar stats mainly), Creatures Anathema and Disciples of the Dark Gods whilst planning my next campaign.
  10. LeBlanc13 said: One issue I've always had with Tyranids and it's invasions is why xeno-cults are formed to begin with. Normally the tyranids just bombard a planet with mycetic spores and mulch everything into usable parts for their continued existance. What point is there to having these xeno-cults form? Is it incidental to the tyranids plan? Are these cults formed to disable defenses maybe? I've never felt it's been explained sufficiently in the TT codex for Tyranids. 'Stealer cults form to act as beacons for the Tyranid fleet (according to the 3rd ed Codex, if memory serves); the bigger the cult, the more powerful the beacon is. I've no idea how all that works, but it may be relative to the number of actual 'Stealers (+ hybrids) in the brood, considering that teh are mildly psychic. Also, as you've mentioned, the Brood Brothers (yup, I used to have a Genestealer army, back in Rogue Trader 40K and 2nd ed) can disrupt planetary defences when the Fleet arrives, as the cult will rise up in rebellion against the Imperium at that point.
  11. Face Eater said: If someone has armour and is behind cover I've been effectively adding the cover onto the armour value. The consequence is that I've been limiting the cover somewhat and it basically falls between fairly light and practicle indestructable. Looking at it, i could potentially be treated as armour and only the highest value takes effect. I can see some people not being happy with this. I've had another thought, what I might start doing is treat them seperately but reduce both the cover and the armour by weapons penetration. High pen weapons would get a boost but I don't think it's unbalancing as in practise I'll be using the cover values better anyway but it means a dreadnought doesn't benefit from some crates when hit with a lascannon (extreme example ofc). What I usually do with cover, is have it's armour value deduct from the damage caused by the shot. The person hit takes the remaining damage as normal. Essentially what you've been doing. Ignoring a character's armour because he's in cover is a bit mean, though we've had the opposite with our old GM, he seemed to forget that cover can actually stop shots. What I never took into account, but probably should have, was the AP of the weapon firing the shot: clearly weapons with higher penetration are more likely to punch holes in cover as well as armour. I have once used indestructible cover, but that was a special case. It seemed wrong that bullets could get through it seeing as it withstood a massive explosion.
  12. Meph said: Hmmmm I still see no links or images on Eborn's post... :S It's hidden in the text area of Eborn's post. If my inserting of a link works, there'll a link to it here: www.forgeworld.co.uk/New_Stuff/ORK-CHINORK-WARCOPTA.html otherwise search for "chinork" on forgeworld's website. @Meph, I like what you did with the chase sequence... might have to steal it
  13. LeBlanc13 said: We are in a LONG downward spiral heading towards open rebellion. The equipment we gained last night had to be forced from our GM's hand grudgingly. It took two hours of arduous role-play to re-equip. That's all we ended up doing for the entire evening of play as our sessions regularly start an hour late and the store we play in closes three hours after our supposed start time. What you've described sounds an awful lot like the guy we had as a GM (he took us through Illumination and Shades on Twilight (from Purge the Unclean)) would do. I could go into his player-killing antics, but that's another rant, however, he pretty much refused to let us get any form of income so we couldn't really improve on what we started with (he was never going to let the Inquisition help us out, or even let us get gear from any other means). The solution we had was: I took over as GM (my first ever GM session started with Edge of Darkness, and everybody had fun. I consider my job done on that one, now we're currently part way through my own follow-on to EoD), and the guys have actually gotten paid their monthly wage, and bought new gear. Apparently our old GM was a bit miffed when I had an NPC running around with a good quality Bolt Pistol, and a Power Sword. XP's never really been too much of an issue, just the lack of gear, and the "my job as GM is to kill the players" attitude we had to put up with (This started way back in Shadowrun). If no one in the group is enjoying themselves with this adventure, you're best off talking to the GM about it. He might be willing to tweak things to make it more enjoyable for you.
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