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  1. A ranged attack adds an automatic hit, as does certain drugs (though I can't remember which without getting my game out). Also, the new grenades, the traps, the rocket launcher/bazooka. Basically, you're outmatched in a straight up fight, but using some of the sneaky tricks makes it killable.
  2. Medix311

    New Play Mat!

    Was gonna ask the same. The playmat they posted for Game of Thrones is 36" x 36". I gotta think since both are basically releasing at the same time, the dimensions are the same.
  3. I’m expecting there to be some reworking of some of the core content. Notice in the reveal pic that there’s an encounter card 166. This will replace a current one. Also there are three scenario cards fanned out with the very back one obscured except for the word “Expanded” in the title. So I’m seeing expansion (and enhancement, I hope) of core scenarios in addition to the new ones. I wonder why we haven’t seen any small box expansions yet that add scenarios, encounters to the deck (so easy to do with the numbered deck system), map tiles, and enemies. I’m thinking and hoping it’s becuase this will be a major revision. Like Fallout 2.0.
  4. Are the vault decks only built in response to other quest cards? If that's the case, it seems you can't enter a vault by exploring a tile, then moving the the vault space and having an encounter. Is that correct? In other words, you can't have a vault encounter until another quest line has built the deck for you, right?
  5. You're right. I didn't even notice. I'm such a dork.... But no flavor text for the tasks?
  6. Really loving this on the iPad My one big suggestion is adding the flavor text to the game. A large portion of the enjoyment I get from the Arkham Horror line is the atmosphere and flavor. I find Omens to be lacking in this regard. I don't own the physical game, so I'd love to be able to enjoy the flavor text for the adventures and tasks. Otherwise, it's a great product and I love that FFG the risk to develop this. Thanks!!
  7. If I acquire an injury/madness during combat in the movement phase and move to the hospital or asylum, am I delayed or do I have an encounter during the encounter phase?
  8. Thanks for the clarification and quick reply. Don't know why I couldn't find it in the book.
  9. Maybe it's a rookie questions, but I can't find the clarification. When sealing a gate (with either an elder sign or clues) does this happen in place of or in addition to drawing a card from the location deck for an encounter? It would seem logical that sealing a gate would take up the majority of an investigators' attention for the turn, and be more desirable than poking at bodies with sticks or having a monster appear. Thanks, medix311
  10. Sounds like a box full of awesome!
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