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  1. Its limited to some characters, for characters of Evil alignment they replenish it very easily. Neutral characters can buy them at the Graveyard. I think I will just house-rule it limit it's usage. We already have problems with Talisman taking way to long to finish, so adding the intended mechanics of Fate just prolongs the game. So, lets agree to disagree on Fate being game-breaking. Regards Allawi
  2. So basically at every die roll, a player can use fate to counter it? ****, that would mean that Fate is way more powerful than I thought. And also game-breaking if you ask me.
  3. Hi all, I tried searching for an answer for my question but couldn't find any. So here is the situation from a game yesterday. Player A use 1 Fate on his turn to re-roll a die and play out his turn. Player B rolls a 1 for his movement and then decides to send Grim Reaper to Player A. Now player B argues that Player A cant use Fate to re-roll his initial roll on the Grim Reaper chart as he had previously used fate in this round. What is the correct play here? Are Fate tokens limited to 1/round or 1/turn or 1/die roll? Its very unclear to us at this stage. We decided that Player A could use his Fate token to re-roll on the Grim Reaper, but we wanted to make it clear for future games. PS: The outcome was not game-changing anyway but it could have been! Best regards Allawi
  4. Thanks for the answers guys! best regards
  5. Thanks for the feedback, I was wondering what they was thinking of when they designed this expansion, now it becomes clear. However, some cards there are so powerful they essentially broke the game. A character picked up the Scribe follower which broke the game and totally killed the game. The Scribe follower allows a character to cast a spell and without any penalty whatsoever pick up that same spell that he just caused if he can discard another spell. And since you can buy a Spellbook in the city which allows you to gain a spell at the start of your turn if your craft allows he was able to re-cast the same "Gain Craft" spell over and over again. At that point we gave up the game. Another example is the Fang follower that allows you to re-roll an attack roll once every Battle, this follower cannot be taken/stolen by any ability or spell. So basically, when playing with the City its a rush to whoever gain the Scribe first and can pick up a spellbook if you're not a spellcycler by default. Then just wait to get a good spell and spam it until you become so powerful nobody can stop you. Other examples are characters like the Magus and the Gladiator who scale based on the amount of followers they get, this is easily obtained in the city and they reach critical numbers quickly, add that with items like Battle Axe, Magical Rings, Crystal Scepters and so forth and you have a uber character in a matter of a few turns. Also, characters like the Alchemist who start out with 5 gold went straight in and bought the Battle Axe gaining +3 Strength in battle in his 4th or 5th turn I think. He then just alchemised everything into gold and bought basically everything. Personally, I would house-rule that to use the Scribe you need to lose a life counter and double the amount of gold all the items cost to balance the game out. There was only one dangerous encounter, I think it was a stranger that you sent to another character and bribed to take life counters from another character and the amount of gold you pay him is the amount of lives lost of your chosen target. That was the ONLY dangerous encounter in the City that we saw because everybody was so beefed up all the enemies was stomped pretty quickly. To me Talisman was always a game of chance, you just waited to draw the unicorn or solomons ring or another good item in the stack of hundred adventure cards, and you were so afraid of drawing a strong enemy purely out of bad luck. With the City its not about luck, its about who gets a certain item/follower and that character wins the game. Sufficient to say, I was very dissapointed by this drastic change of design and will not play the City and my group fully agrees. Nobody felt that it was the same feel to the game as the Talisman that we love. Sorry for the wall of text, best regards Allawi
  6. Hi, This situation occured last night. Player A: Spellcycler with 2 spells & Scribe follower. Player B: Spellcycler with Spell Recall spell. So Player A cast a spell, immediately player B cast Spell Recall to pick up that spell but Player A then used Scribe to take back the initial spell and discard another spell from his hand. Now an argument started about how to play this. Player B argues that his Spell Recall works to pick up the initial spell, but Player A argues that Spell Recall would allow player B to pick up the discarded spell from the Scribe. How do we play this by the rules. Regards Allawi
  7. Hi all, this weekend my group gathered up for a round of Talisman and the new City expansion. Basically everybody rushed to the city and started collecting the items it had to offer, which in my mind is way too powerful. Pretty soon everybody was walking around with the Battle Axe (+3 str), Magical rings (+1str, 1 cr) , Crystal Scepter (allow characters to attack using craft) and tons of trinkets. In my opinion it is too easy to collect such powerful items, and the Gladiator/Magus were having a field day collecting all the followers becoming all-powerful. On top of that there are ridicoulsly overpowered abilities on some cards. One of the champions picked up the Scribe, and since he was a spellcycler the game was basically over. He had the counter-spell and gain craft spell which he used on his turn gaining 1 craft for every turn and casting counter-spell whenever we wanted to distrupt him. (he won the game). My conclusion is that the city makes for a different style of play than we are used to in regards to the other expansions. In the dungeons there is a High-risk factor but you can claim good rewards if you make it. In the Highlands the risk is not as great but the rewards are generally weaker. In the City however, there are basically no risk and very good rewards. We cycled through all the City adventure cards and no character was killed or was having a hard time, the worst that happened was a character was thrown in jail but he briebed his way out since all characters had tons of gold. There is no need to bother with the Highlands or the Dungeon anymore since you get more powerful more quickly in the City, and even if you dont play with the other expansions its still worth it going to the City immediately to become super-powerful. So if you're looking to shorten the overall playtime or want to have a game with all-powerful characters then the City is awaiting! My thoughts on this expansion, regards
  8. Hi all, today this happened, player A had the Sleep spell and cast it on player B immediately at the start of his turn. Player B insist that his character can do his character abilities such as "Draw one spell at the start of yourn turn" before he has to end his turn as stated by the sleep spell that Player A cast on him. What is the correct way to play this? Is player B turn ended immediately or can he execute abilities as Draw spells etc before player A spell take effect? Regards Allawi
  9. This looks really good, can you please share the amazon link to where you bought it? I found several on amazon but none mentioned the size. Also, where did you get that black tray to place all other cards on? Like the alignment cards and purschase deck. Let me know, best regards allawi
  10. Hi all, today this happened. The Warrior had two weapons, The Doomsword and The Poison Dagger. It seems their abilities contradict each-other. The Doomsword: Add 3 to your Strength during Battle. If you roll a 1 for your attack roll, you are automatically deafeated regardless of your Attack Score. Poisoned Dagger: Add 1 to your Strength during Battle. If you roll a 1 for your attack roll during Battle, you may roll an additional die and add the result to your attack score. So our question is: Does the Poisoned Dagger negate the negative effect of The Doomsword? Or will the Warrior lose the Battle once he roll a 1 as stated on the Doomsword? regards Allawi
  11. Hmm, your friends seems like jerks to me , If the initial move was legit (turn the False Grail into gold) I would argue that once you get rid of the card, you also get rid of the condition of that specific card. Lets wait and see what the veteran guys says but it seems like you are right and your friends are just plain evil. regards allawi
  12. Hi all, this situation took place yesterday: Player A encounters the Grim Reaper and has to roll on his chart. Player B cast the Misfortune spell on Player A. Player A now automatically roll a 1 and can't re-roll it. Now my question is: Can player A cast the Restoration spell on himself to avoid being killed by the Grim Reaper? The involved text is the following: Grim Reaper 1 roll: Lose all your lives, you are killed. Restoration spell: Cast as required, on any character or Follower, to prevent a character from losing a life or a Follower from being killed. Best regards Allawi
  13. Hi guys, in yesterdays session this situation arised: Player A attacks player B in Battle. Player B use Shield of Defiance which states: "You may use the shield whenever another character attacks you, but not when you attack another character. If your Strength or Craft is lower than your opponent’s, you are considered to have the same total Strength or Craft as your opponent, including any bonuses." They now have the same Strength including bonuses from items and so on. Player A cast Weakness spell on player B which states: "Cast at any time on a Character or Creature. The targets Strengthis lowered by 3 unti, the end of the turn. A characters strength may not be lowered below his Strength value." My question is: Will the Shield of Defiance still negate the effect of the Weakness spell? Best regards Allawi
  14. Yup, Apothecary is the word I was looking for and the blue-clad Elf might be an Shadowdancer. regards
  15. The small guy in the fountain looks like a Halfling Tinkerer. The guy behind the fountain looks like a Jailor/Warden The guy in black might be a Politician//Senator/Guild Master The fire guy some kind of Elementalist/Summoner The blue-clad elf looks like an Elven Huntress The girl in the lower right corner some kind of Brewer/Potion Maker (You can clearly see something rising from her potion).
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