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    evilidler got a reaction from AleksDj in Similar to the LotR LCG?   
    The funny thing is that so-called collectible card games are less collectible than non-random games. It's like adding "democratic" to your country's full name
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    evilidler got a reaction from Khudzlin in POD player cards! PLEASE!!   
    Not sleeving? Unthinkable.
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    evilidler reacted to herreros in Dunwich Legacy - horrible box!   
    I was appalled when I just received this box. It looks great but is made to be throwaway. In addition to the flimsy quality, I cannot open it from the top to properly store and pick up the cards.   I love my 13 LOTR deluxe expansions, they make a beautiful multicolored tower. I do store each adventure cards in its box and only have the player cards in the core box.   Where are the alleged savings people point out? Looks to me they have just increased their benefits. When you spend thousands of dollars on their stuff, this kind of cheap production feels disrespectful to customers and to their own reputation.   The rational of "most people use custom storage" can be applied to anything, even the base game.
    However, I would like to have the choice on how to store my expensive toys, if that's not too much to ask.   I normally don't go online to vent anger but I fear they will start doing the same on LOTR LCG and I hope my opinion as a customer can contribute to prevent that. Oh how I miss the gorgeous boxes we used to have and how well they stack. Much easier to store in any gap rather than being forced on a super heavy core box because of the bulky clamp blisters that don't even fit sleeves.   I've never worked in mass retail products but I wonder if a few cents savings per box are really worth enraging some loyal customers who are willing to pay for quality
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    evilidler got a reaction from donkler in Dunwich Legacy - horrible box!   
    If not for their desire to take up visible shelf-space, I'm sure they could distribute all the deluxe expansions in thick blister packs or tuck boxes.
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    evilidler reacted to KrisWall in Dunwich Legacy - horrible box!   
    100% agreed.  When I opened the Dunwich Legacy, I commented to my wife that the packaging was overkill for three shrink wrapped decks and an instruction manual.  The instructions could easily have been incorporated as a fold out or series of cards with the three decks packaged in a triple thickness clam pack.  Of course, I don't know the ecological impact of plastic clam packs versus larger card stock boxes.
    In either case, you're correct.  The player cards would likely be incorporated into the rest of your collection.
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    evilidler reacted to donkler in Dunwich Legacy - horrible box!   
    I applaud FFG for the decision since the boxes take up slightly less space in my recycling bin. 
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    evilidler reacted to Gamedog in Daisy Can't Win!!!!   
    I find Doom/Clue tokens make handy turn counters. Set them to green (clue) and flip them to red (Doom) as you take actions.
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    evilidler reacted to player1329291 in I have Dunwich Legacy!   
    It is great selection.Agents of Yog and Rats are absolutely underused in core.
    Ancient Evils and Locked Doors are so generic that they fit almost any scenario.
    Striking Fear is also quite generic, you expect quite a bit of bodies to show up in Arkham Files.
    To be honest the only encounter set from the core I wouldn't like to see anytime soon is Ghouls, I am really tired of these guys.
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    evilidler got a reaction from LozMac in curse of the rougarou/carneval of horrors   
    I order from Games Lore, like, twice a week :/
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    evilidler got a reaction from Googam in I have Dunwich Legacy!   
    If it says "New!" they have it in stock. I can verify that in a number of hours, when they mail it to me
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    evilidler reacted to RainCityGeekery in Custom Chaos Bags   
    Hey all, I ordered some custom made Lovecraftian fabric in 3 different patterns for my Etsy store. Great alternative to the some of the options out there. I'm taking pre-orders as the fabric takes a couple weeks to make. Feel free to send me any questions.



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    evilidler got a reaction from 987654321 in Beginning - Difficulty Level   
    My house rule is that it's a Groundhog Day situation.
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    evilidler reacted to Katsutoshi in curse of the rougarou/carneval of horrors   
    Are we really into the 21st century ?
    That's really what comes to my mind when I'm waiting more than a month that something simple that's been released in the US, is now released in Europe.
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    evilidler reacted to HansZiegler in I put together a custom case set for Arkham Horror   
    Hey all,
    In something I've been working up to over the last few months, I've put together a custom case using some off the shelf pieces and my own work, for the LCG.
    The intent is to make thematic, artistic, and (hopefully) functional cases to hold my favorite games.
    These things include a sedative tin (for horror), a bandage box (for stamina), and (my personal favorite) a set of false books to hold the encounter decks for each scenario.
    I'm really proud of it so far and I welcome any comments or suggeations.
    You can see it here: https://imgur.com/gallery/7a2Ga
    Thanks for reading!
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    evilidler reacted to General Zodd in 3-4 Player Encounter decks   
    Dale, I'm not sure what else there is to say in response to your post. Khudzlin and others have it right, you only use one set of encounter cards, otherwise there is a chance that more than one copy of certain cards (like the Flesh-eater) might be in play simultaneously, which given that he is clearly a named enemy (even the Ghoul Priest doesn't have a unique marker) would be very odd, and increase the potential experience available to be gained from the scenario, imbalancing the rest of the campaign. In summary, you only ever use one set of encounter cards, no matter how many copies of the core box you have, or how many people are playing.
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    evilidler reacted to Khudzlin in 3-4 Player Encounter decks   
    The encounter deck is always made with a single set of cards. The only benefit to having 2 Core Sets on that front is being able to prepare encounter decks for all 3 scenarios at the same time (each encounter set is used in at most 2 scenarios).
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    evilidler reacted to Grimwalker in NEW Player - What should I buy?   
    first additional purchase: honestly, a second core set. This will give you additional copies of certain cards that will enhance your available decks, and enable you to build more than one deck at a time per side.
    Deluxe Sets would be a good value, and the currently-releasing Flashpoint cycle. Stay up to date with current and ongoing releases, and pick & choose from the back catalogue as needed. Avoid buying packs from the Genesis and Spin cycle, as they are soon to rotate out of standard play (not that the FFG mafia is going to come to your house and take them away if you do.)
    Cards you own will point the way to additional cards that will play well together. Peruse the set lists on Netrunnerdb and Cardgamedb and if you see something that looks interesting, you can pick it up or ask your FLGS to get a copy in for you. Also feel free to proxy interesting cards to see if they're worth buying. 
    But honestly, as of the time of this writing I would actually take your time with additional purchases. Before you get too far along, coming up within a couple of months is the Terminal Directive campaign expansion, which is directly targeted at someone in exactly your position: They own a core set, they mostly do a two-player game with it, and they want a direction to go in. That will be a terrific way to go.
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    evilidler got a reaction from lmartin91 in Templates for custom cards available?   
    In the comments of your link:
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    evilidler got a reaction from alexbobspoons in Is the Arkham Horror LCG the end of LotR LCG?   
    The blank cards in Legendary are a lot more useful for custom cards though
    I bought one AH core and wished for another for xmas. Pretty much the only gift I mentioned (by sending the link once a day for a while) to one family member. Problem solved for that game 
    LotRLCG feels just fine with one core and the collection of cycles I have. AHLCG seems less casual (disregarding the vast number of expansions both will have), in that it almost requires players to have their own sets of cores and deluxes. LotR is safe from this tentacled new upstart.
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    evilidler got a reaction from Dainank in How to get all the CORE set cards?   
    Get a core, wish for another for xmas. Fun right there. Save up for the deluxe sets (only two so far - next one most likely 2-3 months out) plus another core and you're doing alright. When richer, fill up on cycles.
    You can still get the core here for under $30 with shipping, if other options aren't workable: http://www.bookdepository.com/Game-of-Thrones-Fantasy-Flight-Games/9781633441903?ref=grid-view
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    evilidler reacted to soldat7 in Any chance for IOS/Android version?   
    They've released several apps and two games, at least (iOS)
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    evilidler reacted to Otherworlder in Any chance for IOS/Android version?   
    I do, however, would LOVE to have a digital and semi-automated Quest deck portion of the game. It would save me some room when I play, an infallible program will keep track of the million and one things on board, and I can just enjoy the excitement of having enemies and terrible weather come flying my way without having to remember to check for every single forced effect, every card that needs to be flipped, every Time counter, etc.
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    evilidler reacted to mewmartigan in Any chance for IOS/Android version?   
    I actually like playing with the physical cards and don't want to play on the computer. I use a computer all day at work and need an "eletronics break" when I play.
    Also, a tablet screen seems it would be too small to see the entire play area.
    As others said, it would take a lot of effort to make an app and keep it updated and verified with physical purchases. I get the feeling Fantasy Flight Games has a relatively small software division.
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    evilidler got a reaction from Buhallin in FFG - Please create an app that could be used for Chaos Tokens   
    Let's not turn it into Rolemaster!
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    evilidler got a reaction from Limboduck in New Scenario Pack preview article from Arkham Nights 2016!   
    Games Lore always get the PoD scenarios for LotRLCG, so it's a safe bet they'll stock this eventually. Amazing how soon after release of the game it was available too. FFG are really churning out the goods again.
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