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  1. No, I'm not misunderstanding. I'm certainly not thinking that they come with great boxes. That's exactly the problem I have: The utter waste, when other companies have done better again and again. Why should its more frequent releases cause it to have more waste? Shouldn't exactly the opposite be the case, rather than contribute to the piles of garbage we produce? Other games with similar distribution models have clearly managed to create better storage, like the aforementioned PACG, which has runs of one large box and a cycle of 6 adventure packs and a character add-on monthly after that. But if you want to compare to a CCG, MtG is a great example of a game which gets proper storage. Gift boxes, toolkits, the former fat packs are all much better storage than any FFG game ever had. Toolkits are the recommended starter sets now, and they have plenty of room for expansion. Gift boxes are the upgrade when you want to get serious (and also make nice storage for other card games). So my point really is: FFG suck at making good use of their LCG boxes, while a lot of companies making board & card games don't. (Not that the few board games I have from FFG are any better - big, empty thing without inserts is the norm here, with components rattling around in bags.) I don't either, although a company which also sells sleeves (and so many types) could be expected to sell some sort of storage. Asmodee haven't bought ALL the competition yet, so they should really improve some things. Remember: We don't complain because we hate the game; we complain because we care
  2. Yeah, but the complaints would come from different people. Toolkits are the thing now. Basically a 400-card box, and not too shoddy quality either.
  3. You're playing as intended, which is pretty hardcore
  4. If the game box isn't meant for storage, the entire world is doing it wrong. Board games have always been packed back into their boxes after use. LCGs shouldn't be any different, apart from the spilling over into other boxes a few expansions later - boxes which the expansions no longer provide. Go7, Basically Wooden and others provide decent solutions to make the most of boxes which weren't designed to hold the components neatly. The LCG boxes are intrinsically terrible for tidy storage only because FFG cheap out (particularly after the merger). See Paizo's Pathfinder ACG for one of several proper ways to do it - the core has slots for every expansion box. Sleeves I'm fine with. Some don't sleeve, and I think they're mad. I get cheap enough sleeves that I can protect my games from my own frequently greasy fingers Now those chaos bag tokens could use a few upgrades…
  5. Do it. The player card pool will grow so slowly that you need every bit of help you can get. Dunwich Legacy contents seem to be more than 50% player cards, which is more than LotR, but a few of those are investigator-specific and the cycles are about the same split as LotR. I've always found most LCGs to first get a decent card pool after the first cycle, and the slow trickle of player cards in the co-op games doesn't quite make it there before the second is over.
  6. Yeah, you get some hardcore CCG fans switching too, or just generally hardcore gamers who'll buy multiples of some sets. These harcore players will sometimes jump in with huge first-time purchases, because it's actually possible with the LCG model. Discovered the game a year late? No problem - just get the deluxes and corresponding cycles so far, as long as they're not temporarily out of stock. Often the duel-based ones are better at a later point too, as they've had time to reach balance between at least some factions (a deluxe for each of two or three).
  7. I considered it, but docked it points for also having an expansion you need two of
  8. I've gone through my cards and done some counting. Definitely wasted cards when you buy two cores: -Investigator cards x5 -Investigator mini-cards x5 -Weaknesses x20 (unless you house-rule their addition because it feels limited with 4 investigators) -The Gathering (setup, locations, acts, agendas, special encounters) x15 -The Midnight Masks x20 -The Devourer Below x18 -Lita Chandler x1 =84 wasted cards After building three decks for the scenarios with the spares from the second core, and setting aside the different cultist sets used for one of them, you're left with: -Rats x3 -Nightgaunts x4 -Locked Doors x2 -Cult of Umôrdhoth x5 -Agents of Yog-Sothoth x4 -Agents of Shub-Niggurath x4 -Agents of Cthulhu x4 -Agents of Hastur x4 =30 extras, at least some of which are also used in Dunwich scenarios. You'll also have a spare set of chaos tokens, the campaign guide (arguably nice to have so everybody can read) and two manuals (also debatable waste). The other tokens come in handy when you have more than two investigators. This is a little better than Conquest, which requires three cores for a playset, wasting all the warlord cards and a bunch of mini-cards x2. Winner in efficiency is still AGoT 2e. Do I mind? Not so much, since one of my cores was a gift. I'd still buy it if I didn't get it for free though, because now I know how it feels with and without doubles of everything. But I'd try to get it cheaper!
  9. Yeah, that one is special. People have wished for something extra other than regular cards in many expansions, but I don't recall any other LCG which had anything - or did Warhammer:Invasion have something? I dropped out too early, then the game died. The investigator mini-cards might be harder to fit in blister packs too. The way they package things it's probably easier to make a larger box with bags for each type of component, I guess. I suspect blister packs are better for a fully automated machine-only process.
  10. If not for their desire to take up visible shelf-space, I'm sure they could distribute all the deluxe expansions in thick blister packs or tuck boxes.
  11. Yes, we already knew of these boxes from AGoT 2e's deluxe releases. Welcome to Asmodee's world! FFG's quality & QC is now entering the netherworld. I've already experienced missing cards in shrink-wrapped LCGs.
  12. Yep, they were busy yesterday. I wonder what happened to international shipping over the past few years anyway. In 2009 I could get my orders in 2-4 days. Now it's 6-9 days from the UK. I know I can get things from Denmark overnight, and that was mechanical parts more likely to be held up in customs.
  13. Lucky you! I'll get mine next week. I'll play with my now complete Conquest collection until then
  14. Yes. They have mailed out on Saturdays though, I think. But there's usually a 6-day wait to deliver, and no Saturday delivery here, so that means I won't see it until the 23rd at the earliest :/
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