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  1. Way I (house) rule it. You can only affect creatures that are materalized. If you roll a successful banish check, the creature is banished back to their bound object. If you roll a banish check that can banish the creature AND is higher than the original bind check you just straight up banish the creature back to where it came from.
  2. http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=85&efcid=3&efidt=483190 really good thread on summoner
  3. Hello. Let's see if I can help with this. "I've been having trouble understanding how summoning works. Do you have to accumulate magic to perform summoning or do you do something else and just pay the cost from your reserve at the time of summoning? Also do gestureless and unspoken casting affect summoning?" Going off memory to summon you don't need to accumulate zeons. There are 4 areas involved with summoning 1) Summong (actually calling a creature from another plane/place/location to you) 2) Control: Force a creature to obey your command 3) Bind: Trap a creature in a way (think pokeballs) 4) Banish: Dismiss or exorcise creatures So as player you invest DP into the different areas you want to specialize in (you don't need to invest in all 4 paths, I've seen some good summoners specialize in different areas (will cover at the bottom). When you want to perform one of the actions the GM looks on page 176 at the DC's. For example suppose you encounter a level 4 spirit and you want to banish it. The DC for that is 180. Now after rolling the dice (say you got 150 total) the GM looks on page 180 to see what happened. In this case the banishment failed and I lost twice the zeon it costs to attempt the banishment (normally costs 20 so would have lost 40 zeon). "When is the best time to perform a summoning? Is it in battle or before hand? What about for the arcana?" Generally as a summoner you always want to be prepared. The more time you spend in a ritual the better your bonus. So going on the previous example if I just walked in an saw the ghost and attempted to banish it right away I would have taken a -100 on my check. Now I could try to do a ritual in the middle of combat (and hope my party can protect me as I complete the ritual) or try to start it outside of combat. So pretty much it is always better to try and start it outside of combat where you won't be so rushed. "How do rituals work exactly? Do you apply the penalty for all summoning abilities or do you have to do separate rituals for each one? If the latter how are you supposed to keep the creature there while the summoner is doing their ritual?" To the best of my knowledge this isn't actually covered. I personally rule that a ritual gives it's bonus to each summoning check you make, but they have to be within a few turns timeframe (can't do a ritual a day before and try to do the control check the next day after everyone has rested for example). The bigger problem is the rituals don't mention how big of an area they cover :S (say you know the spirit I keep using it haunting a house, how close do you have to be to do a ritual to banish it?). How do keep a creature nearby the ritual though is a challenge for the players to figure out. "Do you have to control a being before you can bind it? After a successful binding is the creature still under your control when you let him about but now set him free?" Nada. You can do a wide range of summoners. You can plan an exorcist that only knows how to banish stuff. A pokemon trainer type summoners only controls and binds creatures. I played a Templar or Tol Rauko once that specialized in binding. In battle once the creature was weakened he would attempt to paint a picture of it (his way of doing a ritual) and bind the creature into the painting to send back to Tol Rauko. Once you control a creature it is under your control until it breaks free (can try once every hour or you give it a command against it's nature). If you bind and control a creature it is controlled until the binding breaks. Keep in mind depending on the creature it will probably react badly to your commands or try to deliberatly misinterpurate your commands (example kill them all might include your party as well as an enemies nearby). "All right now for the nick knack. I've ask about limits with attack and defense but does it also apply to initiative? I have a player with extremely good luck and keeps rolling into the 400 and 500 range for initiative so I was wondering if it had a limit? Cause with initiative that high she always surprises the enemy." What level character is getting initiative that high? "Also does magic projection have a limit as well?" Depending on your class type. Remember you can only spend 50-60% of your DP on your supernatural abilities.
  4. Honestly the official character sheets are just really bad. I personally find it much easier just to write out everything in notepad for my characters: some custom character sheets I've found and bookmarked that are a bit better organized than the official ones: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B5I_0THNdMIzOWQ2NjhhODgtMTk4Yy00ZDZlLThhNDMtNmY1MzM3NGJlZTVi/edit https://docs.google.com/file/d/0Bw6m-aNBSyZNMzllMjBiOTItMDM0ZS00ZWIxLWEzMzYtNWRlYTA1MjI3YWEx/edit https://docs.google.com/file/d/0Bw6m-aNBSyZNN2RhMzFhYzQtODhlNi00OTliLTlhZWMtNGZlOGQ3NDhkYzI2/edit https://docs.google.com/file/d/0Bw6m-aNBSyZNY2U5NjU0ZmQtODlhMy00ZWMzLTgyZGQtZDA0NTgwNTY0NjM4/edit https://docs.google.com/file/d/0Bw6m-aNBSyZNZDBjOWI2NzUtYjM2Mi00ZDBhLTlmMGItNGQ4NzMxYjE3OTE0/edit https://docs.google.com/file/d/0Bw6m-aNBSyZNMmI2MmQ0YTItYzBmYy00ZDQ0LTlkYTQtOTYyZjBhZjNmYmFj/edit https://docs.google.com/file/d/0Bw6m-aNBSyZNMjY5MWMxZDEtOTMwZC00NGEyLTkxOTQtYzRlOGYwZGQ5ZTM2/edit https://docs.google.com/file/d/0Bw6m-aNBSyZNMTQ5YjUyYWYtZjM5My00MjJmLWEwMjQtZGM0MTljYTlkYWU1/edit
  5. You can also get MK by investing in martial arts. If you have dommus exxet there is also a rule that you can buy MK at 5dp = 5km (I believe it is under primary points)
  6. What I've tried doing is giving odd levels 150dp instead of 100. It just really annoyed me how much stronger even levels seemed with the extra stat/CP point. I found the extra 50dp really makes those odd levels seem a lot more of an accomplishment.
  7. Since I don't have the book yet just wondering if Deva's are mentioned in Those Who Walked Amongst Us?
  8. So I've been short players the last 2-3 weeks, just wondering if people are still able to make sundays/game?
  9. Don't have my book so going off memory here. Right. Say you have 9 con, you start with 9 con ki. You can than buy as much as you want provided you have the DP. Remember though that ki abilities come out of the primary combat area so your limited on how much DP you can spend there (probably 50-60%). As for primary/secondary effects. Your technique has 1 primary and I don't think there is any limit of secondary affects. Your primary effect if what your technique is mainly about. So say for instance your building a technique that does area damage, can damage incorporeal creatures and gives you a +50 bonus on your attack roll. The area effect damage (first effect) would be the primary effect, and the other 2 would be secondary effects.
  10. Lia Valenth said: HOUSERULE: I already made a system giving 5-10% more DP to spend on Modules and Martial Arts, depending on archetype. that is only 5-10DP per level, a lot of modules / martial arts if I remember right cost like 20-50dp. Though I've been toying around with the idea of giving an extra +50DP on odd levels so that stuff like modules/martial arts ect don't take an entire level to learn (which will hopefully encourage people to try them out).
  11. large and big looks like a translation error. As for light shield, only supernatural effects can hurt the shield. So a dragon's breathe weapon would probaly do it, so would magic spells, psychic attacks, Ki attacks can do it, you could make the argument that a mook with presence extrusion could damage the shield (there a lot of ways to do supernatural attacks in this game ). Also (especially for low level characters) keeping a shield up for multiple rounds and casting it in multiple combats will quickly drain a wizard of their zeon.
  12. Magic does have a lot of power, utility; but I agree that the zeon classes are probably the hardest to play (especially for new characters and low level characters). I wonder if giving everyone magic regeneration 1 for free would help out? With the rules from Aracane exxet for faster regeneration for resting it would help zeon users get back in the game with a few days instead of weeks.
  13. Fluff wise if you fail to push someone behind, it means all you really accomplished was moving in the same place that an attack was coming. In that situation it makes sense to me both characters suffer from the attack. If you fail to play your shield over someone though, well your still standing beside the person being attacked and shouldn't suffer for that. Its why I think the penalty for covering is higher than push aside. Also pushing aside doesn't state you need to declare in advance your going to do it. Though reading it makes it sound like it only works if your dodging an AOE attack and someone close to you might also need to make tha defense roll (so might houserule like cover others you can declare in advance your preparing to push someone out of the way of an attack if they are threatened).
  14. I just house rule that you can use the supernatural cover rule with mundane shields or weapons that can act as a shield. Pretty much on your activation you can announce your covering someone, if they take an attack you can try to block it at a -40 penalty. If you fail to block the attack the person must make a defense roll as normal. Also regardless if you block the attack or not for somoen it counts as a defense for your character.
  15. Hey, so I was looking over the acrobatics in combat rules and didn't realize how ungodly high those DC's are. Just looking over a few monsters/NPC's and your characters doing something like escaping from combat without taking attacks of opportunity seems like a <=40% chance. Actually being able to do anything like get a flanking or rear attack seems impossible against an equal level opponent. I'm thinking of cutting the DC's in half and adding these changes Trying to espace: -If you beat the attack by 20 you avoid any attacks and can flee problem free -If the opponent beats your acrobatic roll, but fails to hurt you, you can choose to leave combat but suffer fleeing attacks as normal. -If the opponent beats your acrobatic roll and would cause damage you suffer the damage (if they still have active attacks) and you can't move that round (regardless if they cause damage to you or not) The last part would also work for trying to flee combat in general. The changes in theory should make it easier to tank people with supernatural shields, and make acrobatics (hopefully) more usable in combat without needing an open roll or opponent to fumble.
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