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  1. Sfbok Stockholm, Sweden is getting the expansion this friday (or beginning next week the latest).
  2. valvorik said: That is gorgeous! Do you do a "custom standup" for him too? Yes. A friend of mine bought a new printer that can print on cardboard. So now the standups will look great.
  3. Thanks. Took my some days to paint it. I'm going through the group and paint out their characters with the players face on them. I posted a Witch hunter here earlier.
  4. Konrad von Dehaller is a prosperous middle-aged man with great influence in the Trade Council of Ubersreik, the thriving town at the foot of the Grey Mountains. Konrad might not be the tallest or richest of the nobility, but he can sport a winning smile on his well-groomed face. A smile that can get the most rugged opponent to open his gard for an unexpected blow.
  5. Silverwave said: Totally wonderful! One of the best Witchhunter image I've seen so far! Thanks. I do hope that FFG might give me a chance to make some illustrations for the upcoming Warhammer expansions.
  6. Xenophobia. Something the two new dwarven characters has been scrutinized under. The Black Book that Gregor carries has some interesting notes in it.
  7. Thanks. I try to paint out as many of the PCs as I can manage. Will make own standups soon.
  8. Having seen his parents being executed for heresy (for keeping illegal books at their manor), young Gregor fled and joined a touring Zirkus. As a pitfighter Gregor travelled the Old World, breeding his revenge for the atrocity the witch hunters did to his Verena-worshipping family. In some surprising turns, Gregor found himself joining the Witch hunter Order to deliever revenge, but instead met a startling view of a world he couldn't have even imagined. He now has forgiven the order, almost, and believes he can do more justice by bringing death to the true evildoers and saving those that are innocent. The Witch hunter Captain is now on his way to Fauligmere with his noble companions. To be continued...
  9. k7e9 said: chrull said: Got my set of Faith of Sigmar today here in Stockholm, Sweden. From SF-bokhandeln or did you order from FFG? Got to check SF in Gothenburg if it was there you got it. I ordered it from FFG. SFbok Stockholm has really gone down hill and I hesitate to buy stuff there now. They are really indifferent to selling RPG/boardgames and seem more interested to drink coffee and wait for a Anime/Manga/Twilight customer.
  10. Treehorn said: How much did you pay with shipping fees? Shipping & Handling: $ 3.60 Nothing there to complain about.
  11. Got my set of Faith of Sigmar today here in Stockholm, Sweden.
  12. Got my set of Faith of Sigmar today here in Stockholm, Sweden.
  13. Got my set of Faith of Sigmar today here in Stockholm, Sweden.
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