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  1. More broadly than that I guess, how are you finding the balance between the undead and the humans? When I first dove in, I though the undead would be more "finicky" and hard to play. But after a few games, many of which ranged from crushing victories to narrow losses for the undead, it seems the humans are harder to play. Blight management seems to be key right now. It can be easy for blight generators (archers, carrion lancers, for example) to hide out and do their blighting, and vitally important for the humans to take them out or find ways to neutralize that blight - abilities and upgrades that add extra/bonus rallies and such. Still, even knowing that, the Undead seem to be pretty darn tough. It kinda feels like they can hang back and blight away, while the humans have to react to their blightyness. I'm sure with new expansions and upgrades this will shift, but how're you finding stuff? Got an "unbeatable" list? Got a failure proof answer to blightin' skellies? What do y'all think?
  2. winwars! I think I will paint this on my Daqan banner. Too cute.
  3. I haven't done this yet, but I wonder how the game would play using a 200pt build with two heroes. With upgrades and such, I could see them costing about half of your points - but they can be so powerful, I wonder if this might be a viable strategy Anyone tried something like this yet?
  4. I would love to create custom figures for my units, to add a little spice here and there. I reckon if the game does well, we might see aftermarket bases too. Some fun hobbying potential there!
  5. We ran into a situation where a pile o' spearmen were lined up so that the enemy reanimates and the cavalry engaged with them were both directly in front of them and equally distant. For all intents and purposes, the spearmen charged the reanimate flank and the cavalry flank at the same time. We called this OK, and played it that the spearmen just flanked the reanimates and got their charge attack. Does this sound reasonable to y'all?
  6. Wow, this is really nice. Is there a way to print (on paper) copies of the list as it appears on the screen? So you can see and read all the cards? Printing it puts all the cards all over the place; they don't resize properly. Though this looks great on the screen, I'm still waiting on a list builder that'll print out a single page with all the text and details on the various cards
  7. Everything in the box, with infantry models in plano 3700 tackle boxes (14" x 9-1/8" x 2") The cavalry, unfortunately, are a bit too big for the plano. Still figuring out how to store those guys... The big box go back in the box
  8. Now that I've got a few expansions, the number of cards is getting big... Not too overwhelming yet, but soon! Does anyone know of a listing of all the cards? Either just card titles/names, or a full on database with names, abilities, costs etc all spelled out? Thanks!
  9. I love 'em! (granted, you are asking that question here, in the forums for the game, full of us eager beavers keen to discuss anything groovy about the game) I'm glad they steered away a bit from the old Descent aesthetic. I hated those fat giants, and some of the monsters just looked... Goofy. I'm generally happier with what I'm seeing here in Runewars Minis Game.
  10. The undead are getting all these cool synergies! Those poor humans must be jealous
  11. What about the magnets' polarity? If you attach a tray in a different orientation, it won't go together...? Won't that be a pain for larger-tray units?
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