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  1. LOL I posted two rule threads, and got three completely non-sensical replies from the same person. They hadn't ever read the rules, or played the expansion. Both threads were simply going to end up with a ridiculous back and forth. I would much rather wait and possibly get a reply, than that. I stand by my opinon that it's unhelpful. It's pure noise. Even pointing it out has filled this thread with noise. It's a case of damned if you do, and damned if you don't. Hence the destructiveness of the first behaviour imo. Anyway, both threads turned out interesting imo, so thanks guys.
  2. Kartigan said: qu0zl said: A tentacle is a token, not a figure, Not that I'm disagreeing with you, but where did you read this? I've been wondering about them and sharks and if they were tentacles or figures, do you have a pg number that describes this? If they aren't figures, doesn't that mean they don't block LoS and enemy heros can move through them? Page 42, describes a tentacles as 'marker's. It doesn't specifically say they're not figures, but it also doesn't say they are, and I think that's an unfair leap for me to make tbh. As it's to my advantage. I think they are what it says they are, markers that can do specific things, ie move, and use a limited grapple ability. We're currently treating them as blocking LOS, but I'd guess by RAW they shouldn't. Either way is reasonably equal to the heroes, so we're not pushed, and blocking was more intuitive to us. Allowing the kraken to grapple the grapple immune heroes would be a big deal. Though, of course, they could always just stand on the other side of the ship and all be immune to him anyway Also, not in reply to you, but in reply to why not to use them to man the wheel etc, page 27 gives a list of the monsters that can man a station. Tentacles and krakens aren't in them. I don't see anywhere that says lieutenants can always man stations, so i don't think they're allowed.
  3. Fizz said: So why did you not send a tentacle over to man the anchor? I don't think the Kraken is allowed man the anchor. Page 24 covers 'figures' manning the anchor/wheel. A tentacle is a token, not a figure, and the Kraken isn't allowed leave the water. He would have to stand on the anchor station to man it, but he's not allowed leave the water. So I don't think he, or his tentacles are allowed. I've used a skeleton to spin the wheel and send the heroes' boat towards rocks previously but, I don't think the Kraken can do it.
  4. Big Remy said: qu0zl said: Steve-o, please, please stop replying to my detailed rule threads if you haven't read the rules. Yeah comments like this will not make anyone want to help you, especially since its not that detailed. Someone replying to a rule question without even having read the rules is basically derailing the thread. It's not helpful at all. In fact it's the exact opposite. If people won't call someone out on rudeness like that, then they'll continue to do it. Anyway, thanks for the replies Big Remy and Kartigan. I don't agree with your reasoning but appreciate the thought that went into the reply. It has Grapple in bold text, to my mind meaing it's the Grapple ability. FFG bold specific game terms in their manual. It even says 'as the ability.' Not similarly to the ability, but, as the ability. IE it is grapple, not similar to grapple. That would be my interpretation still. I'll email FFG. Thanks for the help.
  5. Yeah, I think you're right there Big Remy. It says to place markers, it doesn't say they are seperate from it. Thanks.
  6. Steve-O said: Fluff text is fluff text, it has no impact on the rules of the game. I know that Steve-O. The rules ARE clear as written. The tentacles are seperate, and do not gain these abilities. However, that also means they don't swim! Which is riduculous. It looks like a clear over-site by FFG. If you know Descent, you'll know that's a possibility. So, the fluff above suggests that whoever wrote it also has the same interpretation as I do. I'm currently playing RAW as I am the Overlord. I'm just surprised this hasn't been FAQed yet. Tentacles are completely broken.
  7. Steve-o, please, please stop replying to my detailed rule threads if you haven't read the rules.
  8. Check out fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp Whoever wrote that fluff piece clearly belives that ironskin and regen should apply to the Kraken's tentacles. Clearly the rules not agree. However based on the fact that in that case the tentacles wouldn't even have swim, I think they did intend the tentacles to have swim, ironskin and regen 5. Is there any kind of consensus on this?
  9. Steve-O said: Does the Kraken not have any other way of attacking aside from grappling and constricting? He has a bite, but he can only attack players in the water, and may not leave the water himself. So if a player is onboard the ship and is immune to grapple there is no way that I can see to hurt them, or move them into the water.
  10. Hi guys, my new Kraken lieutenant had an encounter with the heroes' party. I grab two of them and dragged them into the krakens toothy maw. All good However, as far as I can tell, two of them are completely immune to me! One of them has the skill that negates grapple (ox tattoo?) and the other has silver armour that negates grapple. Without being able to grapple the heroes my tentacles, as far as I can see, are not allowed do them any damage at all. A tentacle has to start its turn with the hero grappled in order to constrict them. So the two remaining heroes dropped the anchor, and sat there My regenning kraken sat in the sea (i'm not allowed on-board), and the2 immune melee heroes sat on the ship. Total stalemate. We decided to just call it there, heros and lieutenant stay at the location, but nothing else happens. Anything I should be doing?
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