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  1. That's an interesting point, thank you very much for the explanation!
  2. Hi everybody, I'm a really new ToI player and I'm trying to fully understand this awesome game. I've recently played with a friend of mine the standard scenario called "Silence the Gun" (I'm not sure the name is right... I mean the scenario in which americans have to capture a german bunker on top of a great mountain), and I found quite frustrating to use hidden units. Maybe I've not used them right, so I would be glad if you could give me some explanations about it. My "trouble situation" is the one that follows: I played Germans. Using standard rules, I've hidden all my anti-tank units in order to come close to enemy tanks and blast them without taking fire during the approach. All worked fine, but during the game I realised a bad thing: my firend simply saw my hidden units in the wood waiting to ambush his tanks, so he chose to stop his tanks and advance with assault units. With them, he revealed my hidden units and made them run back behind the front line. During that time, my friend rigthly said: "hey, but look at this: if I hadn't known about your hidden units, I would have advanced with my tanks and you could have hambushed them. But here, I see them on the board even if they're hidden, so I would never come close to a hidden unit with my tank, expecially knowing it is an anti-tank unit. We talked a while about some rules you also explained in other threads, but even removing the unit from the board and assigning a number to it, it's quite easy to understand that hidden units have anti-tank if none of them is visible on the field. Could you explain to us a way to hambush tanks without being irrealistically revealed? Or, at least, is it possible to do in ToI? And finally: how do you usually play with hidden units? Thank you a lot!
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