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  1. Any official ruling how these 2 interact? Does Its Your Destiny capture a leader who successfully completes a mission and USES Mellenium Falcon ring to free a catured leader? Thx
  2. So I saw a thread where some players were using an option to allow people to take their choice of War1 or War2 during the Strategy Phase, but once one was taken, the other was flipped and not able to be chosen that round. How do people feel about this? My group always plays with the SE cards so we never see War1 anymore. The secondaries are almost the same so I think this is possible to do without any other added house rules. While Im interested in this option, I kinda feel that maybe War1 was toned down because it was too powerful. Does anyone still play with War1? Does it create too much Chaos and imbalance?
  3. Im sorry, it was a knee jerk reaction to what I was reading. I dont come to these forums often and was just looking for info on this co-op variant. When I started reading a debate over the appropriate use of the word stupid I hit the reply button. I feel as grifton I think does, that there is no need to ever use the word stupid, and I was trying to make a point with the wording of my message. When I see people use the word stupid I just think of an ignorant, uneducated person. Anyways, Ive wasted enough time here, Happy gaming.
  4. Just because you're 52 years old doesn't make you mature, which is obvious. You apparently can't communicate with people in a respectful and intelligent way. I wish I could just block your name so I don't have to look at your stupid comments again.
  5. Hi guys, Id like to get a copy of this for use with my group, where can I find one and will FFG be releasing a new subset of adventures based on this system? Thx!
  6. Sounds good, Ill check it out this Thursday and hopefully meet a few new gamers!
  7. Hi guys, Not sure if your still browsing this thread or not but Im new to xwing and from vancouver. im looking to meet new players, do you play at Strategies often? Im in south surrey so its a bit of a trek but if the is a dedicated xwing night I would come check it out. thx, Roger
  8. Im surprised this hasnt come up in someone elses game. I'd have to count but I think they're are only 15 silver treasures? 4 of which are draw again cards, 8 were given out, and I thought they bought about 6 others. Ill get my facts straight on card amounts and post again in a few days regarding this.
  9. I think they also sold 3 or 4 silver treasures back to the store which i then added to the store inventory, should I have added them back into the deck, wouldn't make sense as they would maybe draw the same card they just sold.
  10. Can each hero use an activated glyph once per turn, meaning all heroes can use the same glyph to escape the dungeon in any one turn, or can only one hero use an activated glyph and its " exhausted " until the next turn, stranding the other 3 members? Can a glyph be activated and used in the same turn? What are runes exactly? Are they mostly weapons or are they like decals that get placed on weapons? There has been some discussion on why weapon runes have 2 hand symbols on they but they pictures don't look like weapons but rather like tablets or decals or something.
  11. and the reason why Ive played the first lvl so many times is I actually havent played it with my gaming group yet. I wanted to figure the game out first to make it an easier learning experience for them so I first played it solo, then with family, then last time with friends ( one from gaming group ). I'm going to get one more in before introducing it to the group. Each game we've used all 4 characters hero slots whether I was controlling all 4 or dividing them up between several people.
  12. I didn't write down the details so I am going from memory to the best of my ability. The heroes had the fortunate case where they drew a copper chest for 2 copper treasures each, and a silver chest for 2 silver treasures each. When they were in townthey sold most of the copper treasures + original equipment + whatever silver treasures they didnt like and were able to exhaust the silver treasure deck. They did not buy any skills or training. When I said they dice they were rolling it was again from memory, so sorry if I got that wrong, but they mostly were attacking with 3 black dice form character cards + using fatigue for extra dice when they wanted to the maximum 5. In any case, it was definately easy after re-equiping but maybe we should fast forward to dungeon 4 or 5. I'll take a peek.
  13. Thank you Corbon, this is good advice and I will definately try this approach.
  14. So we played another game this weekend, this time with no rules tweaking or changes. Things started out pretty good and even, but by the end of area 2 of the first base level the heroes had enough treasure, cash, and tokens to exhaust the silver treasure deck and be fully equiped with multiple potions. While I cant remember exactly how each character was equiped entering area 3, most of them had amour 4 with an item that would negate at least one wound, as well as their potions and magic items that had healing effects. They also were equiped with weapons that were rolling at leat 6 to 8 attack dice ( including power dice , eg red/green/green/ylw+ 3 to 5 blacks ) and melee characters were capable of multiple attacks. I dont need to tell you that this was completely overpowering. Monsters were basically unable to cause any dmg, and if they did it was immediately healed, and anything I spawned was dead the next turn. Even the boss mob and buddies at the end were not much of a fight and the experience was anti climatic. The heroes killed both red manticores before they had a chance to attack as well as dmg the named mob for 4 hits. The named mob got in one attack before he was dead the next turn. They didnt even both opening the gold chest as it was un-necessary to complete the level. This left the players feeling like the game was too easy and not challenging, and we were glad to have the game end as it was clear after they re-equiped in town that they could rampage around unimpeded. So now we have had one game where it was too difficult, and one where it was too easy. I have read your suggestions and with this new experience my new thought is now not to change the rules, or game mechanics. I can see how not allowing characters to move diagnonally passed walls etc really hemmed the players in and made manuevering too difficult. However, the game diconnects players concern to keep their heroes safe when nothing can hurt them as they become over equiped. I think we will play one more game of the first level limiting treasure chests to one card per player per chest and take out all cache horde cards. Hopefully this will strike the balance I am looking for. Thank you for all your advice.
  15. Hi guys, I went out and bought Descent a few weeks ago for our gaming group and have run the first scenario a few times. Before we even started our first game I did some research and found that most people thought that the heroes had an advantage in game. I wanted a balance game so I tweaked a few rules but I think I may have gone too far as the heroes are failing to complete the dungeon. Here are a few questions I have regarding general game play, please give me your answers on correct rulings and thoughts on how to balance things out fairly. We are only using the base set game. 1) In "Into the Dark" ( scenario 1 ) , it looks like in the diagram that the end red giant is surrounded by 2 red manticores, is this correct? The game only comes with 1 red manticore, is this correct? 2) As overlord, are you allowed to spawn creatures behind the heroes in previously explored rooms if they spawn out of LOS? 3)Can you spawn monsters and move/ fight with them on the same turn? 4) Do all breath attacks cause burn? ( ie hellhounds ) What I did to try and balance out the game was: limit the heroes to only lvl 2/3 characters, distribute only 1 item per treasure chest, not allow diagnal movement or attack if there was blocking terrain in either front squares, force them to travel the entire dungeon by removing the center door from play. This is too much though. As I spawn monsters behind them I am always able to kill the mages/ rogues in the group. Also, is there any old FAQ's around that may answer just basic questions we run into by playing the base game. Thanks for your help and thoughts.
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