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  1. TeufelHund said: I noticed this expansion has a $20 higher price point than the two previous expansions which would be in tune with the large amounts of plastic indicated in the preview. Where is the price of this listed? I have seen other people indicate that it is $20 more than the other 2 box expansions but I seem to be having a hard time locating any official FFG information about it.
  2. Hefsgaard said: Look carefully at the Artellery card. It says .... SUPPRESIVE AREA ATTACK(4) SUPRESSIVE WIDE BLAST RADIUS(3) The attack of the example is Both Suppressive and Wide Blast. Meaning that both the 4 dice attack on the central hex And the six 3 dice attacks on the surrounding hex are suppressive. Ok, thanks.
  3. SgtWaka said: P.S. -Wish i could call myself skinny Skinny is a nick name I was given in the early '90s. I used to wear t-shirts of a band called Skinny Puppy and guy started calling me Skinny. I liked it and use it to this day.
  4. On pages 42-43 in the example of off-board artillery, there is suppressive area attack and wide blast radius. The rule book does not specify if it is both, one after the other, or if it is either/or. Since the rule book does not indicate "or" I would guess that both are done. Am I reading it correctly or did I miss something? Thanks.
  5. I saw it. My son and I played it again today and he saw it on the reference sheet. I was looking in the area describing suppressive fire but it is in the part of the rule book that talks about the individual pieces. Thanks for the responses.
  6. Maybe I need to indicate that this scenario is a fan created scenario.
  7. I played this scenario and could not find in the rule book one of the things the scenario says not to forget. One of things is "Squads gain a +1 die vs. suppressive fire for each elite figure." I looked through the rule book where suppressive fire is talked about but I could not find it. Did I over look it? What page is it located on? Thanks.
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