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  1. It's like Dam says, you can not because you have to play a unit from your hand (not from your discard pile) when you want to play it on a quest. (it's in the rulesbook p.11). You can not play a unit that you put in play with a "slave for every occasion" on a quest, for example. (whitout this restriction yes, you could play it with only 1 quest : 1st action quest 2nd action in response Sacrifice your unit to the grudge thrower)
  2. It's quite like you said, mostly about that during begininging of the turn you can not play action between begining of the turn forced effect and more generaly you can not answer to a forced effect by an action (but this is simply the rules). You should find Entropy42 signature on this forum for a link to a more complete FAQ.
  3. Krabat said: Since I can decide which of the effects takes place first, I use the Shadow Warriors Ability. My opponent assigns the damage on his Disciple of Khaine, then pays 2 resources and redirects the damage to Initiate of Saphery. The damage is dealt, then I use the Initiates Action and heal it's damage, which should trigger The Glittering Tower, so I can inflict another point of damage. He can not do that, as shadow warriors ability is not doing combat damage and disciple of khaine can only redirect combat damage (this is a crapy card in fact). There is now a phase 0 (begining of the turn phase) read the FAQ about it : During this phase first resolve all your forced effect active player chose the order of resolution Then all begining of the turn action active player chose the order of the action. Then both players can take action. Always remember that you can not respond to a forced effect by an action and so add the forced in the stack of resolution of an action pile.
  4. You should read clood of flies egain : Card text is : Attach to a target unit you control. At the beginning of your turn, you may deal 1 uncancellable damage to this unit and to one target unit. Clood of flies damage are uncancellable you can not use thougtness on it. (as thoughtness cancel damage). If those damage were not uncancellable your 1 thoughtness unit would have cancel both damages, as damage are made 1 by 1.
  5. That's true but you are not in the same case, your card has a target and this target must have a special state. Which is not the case for Waaagh for example.
  6. As the unit gain +X damage and there is no stated trigger to do it, you can do it as many time as you want. What your brother is doing is legal.
  7. As you have to get a legal target to play your card and as you do not have a legal target to play "striking the grudge" you can not play it, in your case.
  8. Yes but you can do it while you have ressources I think it is the way he was playing that with only 1 ressource in their tournament. With 8 ressources and 1 ranger in game, you destroy a zone. Or I did not understand at all what deagal was talking about.
  9. Because if you have 2 quest in game and 2 units, 1 in discard pile 1 on a quest, you can use the quest alternatively between each grudge thrower sacrifice.
  10. The important thing, I think is the timing of activation, if the timing of the activation of the card is when a unit is destroyed in direction of a discard pile. At this moment "your units" are always the units you own because they are going to your discard pile. But really I am not sure.
  11. Evilmerlin said: Wow, is Chaos and their corruption tech so strong that they had to print Courage of Aenarion?
  12. I have not yet received any answer but I really think that the clarification about Thyrus, put in evidence that the source of the damage is important to be checked : Thyrus Gorman Q. Why does it say "takes damage" on Thyrus Gorman instead of "is dealt damage"? A. Because the source of the effect is itself. www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp
  13. I really agree with grille that, order have powerfull support controler card and as order had obtained more and more unit control card with the time, destruction still do not have different ways to control support. And as the card that destroy support are used most of time to slow opponent ressource/draw it leads most of the deck to be "support control" because it is a strong strategy to get advantage on your opponent whatever he plays. And as there are more and more cards in the order to do that it is harder and harder for destruction to counter Order deck as their advantage on unit control disappear with each BP. The support control card are no more made to destroy a specific support that give a great advantage or make part of the opponent strategy to win, but they are played most of time as a "destroy land". And both dwarf and empire get the biggest advantage in this way.
  14. I really think (and hope ) that a DE / Orc deck with - Pillage - Snotling saboteurs - Mind killer - The new hex : -1 power on building - The new sorceress - In addition with 1 or 2 Isaera in the deck to create powerfull combo (Isaera + Snotling / Lobber crew auto sacrifice combo) - Slave for every occasion - seeking new slaves (really stronger than a slave for every occasion as you can make Stand Your Ground "fizzle" and make RtF weaker as a response) One part so as to slaw the dwarf draw rate and the other part to steal his units in the discard pile making RtF a lot less efficient. Can be a potential efficient deck against the dwarf deck, and moreover with the next BP and sool stealer.
  15. No as they do not enter the discard pile. Edit : sorry for cross posting with dam.
  16. Sacrifying allow you to recycle your used necro card in a different way :(as the necro effect "put that card on the bottom of your deck at the end of the turn, if it is in play" does not happen if your necro unit is in the discard pile) In addition : - You can do it multiple time in a turn if you are able to sacrifice your units multiple time. - No matter what happened, next turn you can play again your necro unit - You get your sacrifice bonus, one more ressource on your slave pen, 2 damage on your opponent capital (and any card that allow you to sacrifice unit and get bonus). What is less good : your unit is never again able to stay in game during your opponent turn.
  17. james has clarified that you need a unit on a quest to use the action. To do what you are saying you must have 2 "return to glory" quest in play.
  18. Wytefang said: I agree with you, Cain...very decent card. It seems clearly meant for working with the Necro ability. For sure, but sacrifice is a better, due to the benefice you take from the sacrifice, easier and more efficient way to work with necro.
  19. Lord of change : But i really think, that with some more set they are going to be a strong card with the possibility to use their ability at full potential. Plague monk : Because they can be at the source of a really powerfull deck discard strategy, but actually hard to use in a competitive environment. Blessings of tzeentch : Cause in combination with some cards or effect that does not yet exist it could be wonderfull :-).
  20. "When this units attacks" is the moment this unit is declared as an attacker, so as soon as you declare this unit as an attacking unit you can use the action, before defenders are declared. You can be sure .
  21. Yes. (to be, more precise you play it in reaction, not in response). Note that you can also do that by playing entropy resolve it and then play will of tzeentch.
  22. In your second example : He has a ranger + Grudge tower in game You have your sorcerer with 2 hit points He can not really sacrifice 2 units simultaneously because this mean that he sacrifices a unit to use Grudge tower then you can play an action in reaction (for example your Sorcerer action), then he can play the action of the grudge tower again. The opponent always have the priority to play action in reaction. Just remember that you can play action only in reaction of action and you can not play an action as a reaction of a forced effect (a forced effect never enter a resolution stack of action).
  23. You are right, with this rule. When there is no more card in your deck you lose. (you don't even have to draw a card to lose).
  24. The first major goal of The Morrslieb Cycle is to encourage players to build developments They could have replaced it by : The first major goal of The Morrslieb Cycle is to encourage order deck to build developments
  25. @zephe : What about talking rush if the rush deck only replace weenies by big guy :-). What seems strange with this out of limit power/price units it is that the counter part for having a lot of power at low cost, is not really a counter part. (as for temple of vaul, or thyrus or even Bloodthirster). By the way at the moment rush deck based on weenies like orc / skaven are just not competitive at all. They are too many possibility in both order and destruction to make hard counter on theim. (and lastest tournament results just make the evidence on it). Edit @Cain : most of time players won't use him in battlefield as your example with the chaos/dwarf or even whilelm. that's just limit the possibility and you get the opportunity turn 3 to get 5 more ressources or 5 more cards which is at this moment not so "dangerous". Against a lizardmen, why a 5 power icon supply in realm or quest zone would take damage by himself? (as at this moment your opponent has not yet drawn many cards, so his probability to get counter to this card is low).
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