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  1. Something was making me feeling sad with that. In the faq it is writen that if an action has no valid target during resolution it is canceled. (but in other hand it is writen that you must solve what you can). @Bud : But in now way you are allowed to do what you was saying : "(unless he shoots himself or one of your units)" cause you can not change the target of an action during the resolution of this one.
  2. @Bud : Do you mean that you do not chose the target of the action when you play the action? The way you answer the question let believe that you do not chose the target when you play the card but when you solve the action (which is not correct), any target of an action must be chosen when playing the action. (clarified in the 1.5 FAQ) Once an action is on the stack you solve it (even if you are not able to solve the whole action).
  3. Moreover you do not have to "target" a unit when playing BoT, so you do no have to announce the unit you want to sacrifice before resolving the action. You play BoT and then during resolution, you chose a unit to sacrifice. @Bud : BoT has never been erated, the sacrifice has simply just never be a part of the cost, the wording of the card has never been "sacrifice a unit to..." Cards in the same case : http://deckbox.org/whi/Blessings%20of%20Tzeentch http://deckbox.org/whi/Brutal%20Offering http://deckbox.org/whi/Lash%20the%20Prisoner! http://deckbox.org/whi/Offering%20of%20Blood
  4. More generaly, any units with necromancy is usefull to power up slave pens. Because you are still able to play those units from your discard pile. Swarm of bat is an "immortal" and low cost unit that can strike hard if needed and because it is a low cost unit it does not matter if you sacrifice theim so as to power up your slave pen. They are actually the cheapest unit with Necromancy, and they also have a pretty good ability.
  5. A good point should to find a way to make it easier for a new player to start a LCG game as this game is "old". I mean make it possible for a new player to play in a competitive format whereas he does not have each card. Some restricted tournament like : Core set + last 6 BP cycle + last expansion And still let possible to have "full cards" tournaments. It's the main reason why I don't play AGoT.
  6. grille said: But personally I don't like the discard effect not so much when playing DE. Often I really depend on every card I would draw and discarding Black Horror, Sacrifice to Khaine or Seasoned Corsairs can be a major drawback when you need them. This only matter if you lose because you have no more cards in you deck. Until that point "seeing your discarded" card is a good information about what you can draw on your next card. Whereas most players believe that its' something "bad". It's wrong only if you have some strong tutor card in a game. @Takith Before playing bats in my EN deck as finisher I was playing Naggaroth Spearmen, a lot. They can strike harder but they are more fragile.
  7. Titan said: If The Haunted City is restricted, then you must certainly need to restrict Ancient Map and maybe A Noble Quest, as well. I wonder if FFG wants to continue putting cards on the restricted list at this rate. You can and if the RL goes on, certainly must, have multiple RL, because using RL only to break combos implies many thing as you begun to say. Having ancient map on the RL is too strong for the ancient map (or maybe not). The combo Breaker RL (if needed) The ressource booster breaker RL (it's by far the aim of the current RL, etc etc etc).
  8. +1 for RL at least for both and VTHC unic. Still questionning about VTHC ban (cause of quest tutor)
  9. Ho yes it takes really more meaning. But just a little remark, when I play loremaster of hoeth, I am damaging myself, and what about my opponent? From what you say he is damaging himself (so I am not the source of the damage, and it should be 3 for me and 2 for my opponent, in case of 1 lore + 1 outpost). But I agree with you as you say, this would be a little bit strange. The explanation you gave me is enought to let me know why I am doing a mistake when I was "generalizing" the ruling for thyrus & Arrer. I will be more attentive to those kinds of details. And the rulling get more meaning at the same time. Thank you very much.
  10. You should ask directly your question to a designer if you want an answer (mp).
  11. Entropy42 said: r are you referring to James' older ruling on it? I am refering on thyrus gorman & Arrer Boyz rulling, cards using the same wording. Q. Why does it say "takes damage" on Arrer Boyz instead of "is dealt damage"? A. Because the source of the effect is itself.
  12. I am not sure to really undestand your question but for example Jezzail Team You can declare theim as attacker/defender THEN during the next action window use their action. The Jezzail Team is still considered attacking or defending even after being corrupted.
  13. The unit is corrupted, its power will count during damage assignation and it will be possible to applied damage on it. (as it has already been declared as an attacker / defender)
  14. LiouKen said: And I don't think your logic is right. Simply say that I am doing sophism on my last post (which is almost right ). Following your quote, I really believe, (I stop sophism ) that you still restore a unit at the beginning of the kingdom phase but after the reset of your ressource(and so on for constant/forced effect with "at the beginning of the turn" trigger) I just believe (from what I know from the game and even more from the faq you quote) that reseting ressource at the beginning of the kingdom phase has an higher priority than anything else*. Unless "else" say that it occures before reseting ressources, but I really think that in this case "else's" trigger is just called "At the beginning of the turn". Now why : Before the existence of phase 0 what was the difference between "at the beginning of a turn" and "at the beginning of the kingdom phase"? The only thing occuring between those two trigger was the reset of your ressource, And now it just allow to get an action window in addition. And those 2 triggers exist since core set. (you can not argue that "at the beginning of the kingdom phase" was not an existing trigger) It's maybe because I play WH:I since the first days that it seems so natural for me that between "at the beginning of a turn" and"at the beginning of the kingdom phase" there is at least the reset of ressources. Even with the very last clarification to the FAQ.
  15. Good point. (not talking about the different text) : So if I try to make something more visible : 1- Does an attack phase with no attackers stop directly after attackers declaration? 2- If no to 1- is it allowed to declare defenders of an attack with no attackers? 3- If yes to 2- do I have to at least apply 0 damage to use "scout"?. (I mean there is at least a unit to apply 0 damage on it). (Please tell me if you do not agree with those 3 questions) I have to say that it is not so easy to answer all those questions
  16. Like I was saying "I want to play with the same rules that are officialy used", but if in a near future this clarification was reversed I would not feel sad with that. No matter if this is allowing the combo or not. Note that I was the OP of the question that lead to this clarification (because I was wondring if this combo was working ). But during those two months (before I get my answer) I have taken many time to think about that. And was given to the point that source of the damages was not checked. I was a little bit disapointed when I get my answer. By the way, to reach a more general subject as you do in your conclusion. I really think that semantic in a ccg/lcg is very important (because of the golden rule) as card text define the rule of the game.
  17. I do not meant that : "I think you mean that Temple of Shallya resolves as soon as the action window opens" Constant effect does not need action window to be resolved. I juste use faq 1.4 clarification about timing structure clarification (p7 & 8 on printer friendly version) A- After a trigger 1- resolve Constant Effect triggered 2- resolve Forced effects B- Action window (no matter for our current question) So now the question is "what is the at the beginning of your kingdom phase trigger ?", let's try to answer this question . If you read the core rules part that I have quote in my first answer (2nd section) you can read that you uncorrrupted your unit at the beginning of your kingdom phase (nonthing about action phase like liouken says) but this is still after taking your ressource, even if it is considered to be "at the beginning of the kingdom phase". So this is the most explicit description of the "at the beginning of your kingdom phase" trigger I get (from core rules to faq 1.4) and this trigger occures after taking your ressource. Once you started Kingdom phase before being able to do anything you must reset and get your ressources. FIRST (to use the text of the core rules ).
  18. Check the subject of the sentences so as to know, for support or tactics. What's the subject of "deal" in those sentences : Action: At the beginning of your turn, deal 2 indirect damage to target opponent (players allocate their own indirect damage.) Action: Deal X indirect damage to one target player. X is the number of developments in your battlefield. (Players assign their own indirectdamage.) In my natural language subject are really more in evidence in the sentences and in such cards : http://deckbox.org/whi/Elven%20Warship http://deckbox.org/whi/Surprise%20Assault It's obvious (in my natural language translation) that the subject of "deal" is you, I mean the person who is playing the card (whereas it is maybe not so clear in english). And it would be obvious if it was the card itself because the verb necessary has, in his written form, informations about subject. And It has been clarified that the loremaster of Hoeth is the source of the damage. (not you but the loremaster). As you can see I am really not a good english speaker :-), and I am not able to say if you are able to determine what's the subject of "deal". If in english you are not able to say exactly what's the subject of "deal", so I agree that we do not lead our think with the same data and so we have different conclusions. But i really think that even in english if it was the support/tactic that was dealing damage it should be written "deals" instead of "deal". Combo - Lelansi - Outpost x 2 - Gifts of aenarion - Loremaster of hoeth You "auto" pay loremaster with gifts, you "auto" kill loremaster with outpost x 2 he goes back to your hand with lelansi.
  19. Damages are doubled on any units, no matter who is controling the units
  20. Yes. Note that it's not what I am saying this is what I read from the core rules text I quoted. Edit : 3. Resolve actions that happen "At the beginning of the Kingdom phase..." I don't mean that. Temple of Shallya is not an action. It's a "constant effect" If it was an action with a "at the begining of the Kingdom phase" trigger you should only be able to play this action during the next action window (cf. faq 1.4) It's better to say : 3. resolve constant / forced effect. (with a trigger : "At the beginning of the Kingdom phase...")
  21. 1. Kingdom Phase First, the active player resets his resources by return- ing all of his unused resources to the centre of the playing area and then taking 1 resource for each power in his kingdom. The kingdom starts with a base power of three. The active player also has the opportunity to restore (see Corruption, p 17) any single corrupted card un- der his control at the beginning of his kingdom phase, before any player actions can be taken. Then, both players have the opportunity to take ac- tions (including using tactic cards). Once both players have chosen not to take an action, play proceeds to the next phase. So first of all when starting Kingdom Phase you reset your ressources and take your new one. Then at the begining of the kingdom phase ie : before any player can take an action you can use temple of Shalya at same timing you can restore a unit.
  22. You can. 1- You declare the target of the attack. Then 2. Declare Attackers The active player decides which of his units in his battlefield (if any) are going to participate in the at- tack. (cf. core rules).
  23. Scout After combat damage is applied, the controller of any surviving participating unit(s) with the Scout keyword forces his opponent to discard one card at random from his hand for each of his participating units with Scout that survived the combat. I would say that there is no combat damage applied during your particular case even if you are allowed to declare your scout as defenders. But I am not able to say if you are able or not to declare your shades as defenders of an attack with no attackers.
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