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  1. I wanted to be sure if I can or not use prepare for War! with 0 counter on it. Quest. Action: Sacrifice the unit on this quest to shuffle X target cards from your discard pile into your deck, where X is the number of resource tokens on this quest. Quest. Forced: At the beginning of your turn, place 1 resource token on this quest if a unit is questing here.
  2. MahatmaManic said: Thanks for the feedback. I hadn't thought of Lash the Prisoner in terms of 2 for 2, but that's a good way to look at it. I guess I originally was thinking of the Initiates as batteries I could use for that and Slave Pen, but you're probably right that it's not worth the hassle. You must not really thought of Lash the prisoner in terms of 2 for 2. $ It's a way to sacrifice Wight Lord before returning to the bottom of the deck. Cause it's a way to sacrifice "sacrifice" so 2 for 1 card +2 ressources, if you have thief of essence it's a 2 for 2 ressources + N cards where N is you number of team in play. Just some example, but they are many others. Being able to generate ressources during opponent turn is also a strong ability, cause allows you to do some surprising moves. The power of Lash the prisonner is really depending of what you are playing aside. In some deck it's a poor card in some other it's a strong card, depending of what you really do with it and what are your goals. You can say slave pen is by far better, but it's only once per turn in some deck / situation you need to be able to do more. And slave pen is the 1st target of support control card when facing a DE deck. MahatmaManic said: Regarding Warpstone Excavation I thought I couldn't have that in the deck if I had Innovation? You are correct
  3. Vamosamorir said: The possibility to destroy opponents zones... with 3, 8 or 45 resources. Some factions need more resources/draw to destroy a zone of your capital. Others can destroy you with few more than the always avaiable 3 resources of your kingdom. Empire need Friedich to win. NEED Friedich, nor DF. 3 cards in 50 of your deck. Without friedich is very very difficult to win for a true empire deck. Bacause as Jaszcurr says have no other way to destroy your zones. Other factions have another options. An HE or a Chaos decks can win the game with only 4 resources in KZ... can empire do????: NO They are others, Hemmler is the one that cost the less and does not need any combination of cards. (but that's not really the point I am interested in). Moreover ressources I am more generaly talking about card flow + ressource + damage potential... What I call so as to simplify the power icon gathering. And what I say is that to get Hemmler you need to draw, if you only draw a poor number of card, you have a poor chance of getting hemmler and keep him alive. If your opponent draw faster he has a better chance than you to get his "hemmler" like card. Let's call "Hemmler" the card or the card combination that lead you to the victory. As we know any card with power icon can bring draw potential or ressource potentiel, this drive you to the moment you draw "hemmler". For sure there are cards that allow you to gather "power icon" or equivalent in none conventional way, innovation, thief of essence, Unleash the spell and many other. Any "power icon" that you gather "cost" you something more or less important. Innovation / Unleash the spell : the card you put in dev transforming it later in ressource/damage Thief of essence : ressources used to play it + the card itself But there is 1 constant in the game 1st turn variance between a good and a wrong start is for a great part determinating for the result of the game. That's why all players keep in mind to create a deck with a good proportion of some cards, why we do not put too much high cost cards in the same decks ... One of the 1st goal of any deck is to at least have descent start, allowing to start the "drawing machine" or to start the "engine of your deck". Empire has by far the best, the most efficient and the most constant pull of set up cards to get a good start. I am not talking about turn 2 3 4, and the potential ressource that they can have. Ok empire need great ressource, they have such cards, allowing theim to have great amount of ressources in the midd game. But currently they also have "turbo start" ability that no other faction have. Making all faction "equal" on the developpement in the very first turns will help some deck that have strong strategy but that always miss the 1 or 2 turn that make the difference be more efficient and this will open the meta game. Look at Dwarf deck, very classical in fact, it has been striked hard by the RL, it just has been slowed, but the strategy and main goal are the same. What's the interest of cards such like Forge/Sion/... They are ONLY card made to make you lead "the race of power icon gathering". And you tell that power icon gathering is not important? So why don't you want to put forge + sion (because this will soon or late bring the same problems) in the RL? Are not you bored of always keeping 3 slot for Contested Village in all your deck with the only purpose of having good start? Forgot "fast start cards" focus on strategy cards this will lead to a more interesting game. Vamosamorir said: Remember is a forum and it's only my opinion, not an empirical true . Sorry if I seemed more agressive than ironic, know that we are talking on a forum, that we are not using our natural langages (and obviously it's not my natural langages ). As already said we all want to play a game as good as it can, we all have the same goal .
  4. So you seem to agree. Now let be more carthesian, for your point of view what does make a deck win? If it is not a story of drawing / ressource, we can guess that the power of your spirit is going for an important part of the result?
  5. I am from France too and if I come this would be for the same reason Bud has already given - A place where I can play a lot, even if I don't do result in the main event. I would not want to come so as to play 5 or 6 rounds then go back to home. No matter my results I want to know that I will be able to play 2 full days. And if each event looks exciting it's even better .
  6. Ok if you prefer the more you draw/gather ressource the more you have chance to burn two zone before your opponent. According you gather enougth ressource as needed to do the job. You have your opportunities before and you have more opportunities. That's it, drawing leads to victory. You get drawing by gathering power icon (for most of the faction). Being able to only develop Kingdom while being able to draw a lot, like DE is a quite good strategy Being able to only develop Quest while being able to gather a lot of ressource, like dwarves is a strong strategy Being able to develop all and fast like empire is just better. Let's talk about your result when facing 2 well played infiltrate a round? If you are not able to put your plan in place before he gets card disturbing you (in that case it's infiltrate but they are many others), you are in a very bad situation. That's right for dwarves that's right for any others decks. A deck with no ressource / no draw just do nothing, draw/ressources always came from power icon at start.
  7. Mamut said: Luckly we didnt (except French deck with pirates and inflitrate and that was really hard matchup, I lost with it in swiss, Jaszczur had a tie I guess, I finally won in TOP4) Guess your are talking of Van Klumpf’s Buccaneers, when you talk about pirates?
  8. Jaszczurr said: I sometimes feel that some people think that who has better starts and board control wins the game. Let me remind you that 2 zones need to be burning to win, not board domination. I have seen numerous games in which empty chaos (only loyalities from quests) burned 2 zones via Unleashing the Spell against Empire which had 10 resources and 5 cards each turn.... And so what? a faction that have part of the best part of the card control, part of the best "finish" cards also have and by far the best set up cards. And it's more and more truth as time pass.+ sion + zoo + .... stop !!! Empire main lacking is the ability to burn 2 zone in 1 turn. Jaszczurr said: Dwarfes that I played on European Championship are designed to burn two zones from scrap even in situation when I don't have anything on the board (except for some developements). Again true but the deck archetype you are playing was for sure at the origin of the Restricted List. The deck is the one who suffer the most from the slow effect of the RL. And even with this restriction, the deck is still strong, as said this archetype is still very effective against many others decks. So you are comparing the 2 factions dominating game from so long tome in fact. And why dwarf reclaim + ranger was so dominant? because he had access to the best set up cards + some of the best cards in the game before RL was created. And fore sure he has intrisic quality, can reverse the game with only a 2 cards combo, does not really, need ressources... If you have "all" + fast start you are near to be unstopable that's it, no more comparing strategy, just comparing how I can draw faster or/and get better eco. Nothing about table control. Your deck needs fast drawing to be in position to "reverse" the game. The more you draw the more your deck is efficient. You do all you can to draw as fast as you can. And card such as muck! (you don't play it but you could) just allow those kinds of deck to always be able to "try" desperate moves in any situtation as based on your and your potential draw you can generate incredible amount of ressource . The game is actually "power icon" race. Moreover and in a more general case the ability of being able to gather from 0 to 4 and more power icon in first turn just on the base of your first draw (even after muligan) just totally randomize the game. Maybe some factions are nearest to 0 or 4 no matter, start is important for the game and there is a lot of variance in those start.
  9. Personnally I don't think that a faction getting access to very fast start at anytime is balanced. A very good start of the game leads for a very important part to the way of victory, no matter what are the strategies used by other deck. They win just because they are faster in almost any case.
  10. Vamosamorir said: Shindulus said: kMaximum investment for a very risky move. A lot of card have been spend in the only way to play a fast big guy. Really?, I had not thought !!!!!. And if you play this combination to destroy one support card... you are a pathetic player .(I' m not referring to you, but a player doing something... ejem) Even more if you play against a deck of wight lords destruction. But here we are talking about the advantage that the empire have with a card like DF, that you can play in KZ for 1 resource like contested village. Then assuming the same luck: if you, empire player plays: Turn 1 KZ: Contested village + DF . QZ: huntmen ORC Player: Lobber crew in KZ + Warpstone in QZ and Spider riders in BZ. Attack! Turn 2 KZ church of sigmar (i have no support to your Rodrik raiders) QZ: Knights panther; and a second DF or Contested village Orc PLayer: Snotling Pump wagon in BF and contested Village on QZ. ATTACK (6 damages on BZ of your opponent). You already have 1 resource. PLay the tactic with your 4 loyalties for one resource. You destroy NOTHING in your KZ, and destroy probably: 1 Church of sigmar, 2 DF and 1 Conteste village. Then is a good card for you!!!!.... I talk not just to play it, but the possibility of doing so. An additional possibility, to revive from the discard pile like the rest of destruction decks. As i say, we are talking about Derricksburg Forge and Roddik raiders and the great economy of empire Decks (nothing about destruction and Wight lords), and how this tactic can penalize this faction when many talk about restricting his principal cards. I don't see where does it really penalise Empire, nothing more than 2 empire deck facing. "Do i have to play my support or not, is he able to rodrik + bounce..." It's look like awesome, I agree but the investment is too high for being a real treath... Let's see 2 cases : 1- Grimgor is bounced : Action fail, for sure this could have been dangerous, he will have lose not more than 2 support cards (unless he is the same pathetic player you are refering to ). Now what do you do with your Grimgor in hand? You have spend 2 cards for "nothing" your opponent eco is by far better than yours. 2- Grimgor is not bounced : state of the game after turn 2 : You : +3 power icon, 2 or 3 cards in discard (if you have sacrifice lobber) Opponent : he has from 6 to 8 power icon minus the 3 or 4 you make him lose, he has 2 to 3 cards in discards. so your opponent still have +2 to +4 power icon for a same amount of cards played. Something around "equal" position, but next turn empire player continue as nothing happened, you can't do that again, your are still in late compare to your opponent. In any case no matter if you destroy 1 or 2 support cards, event 3 but you won't (cause your opponent is not pathetic), it's a fail.
  11. @Vamosamorir : Mork’s Teef Ritual. Orc Tactic. 0 OOOOO. Spell. Action: Sacrifice an Orc unit to put a unit into play from your hand. Then, deal 3 damage to a section of your capital. So turn 1 for example, a random 1 or 2 cost orc unit You can even do it turn one with innov + dev. Nothing else needed Turn 2 Grimgor is in play... Maybe have destroyed one card maybe not. Turn 3 grimgor is destroyed You have a 3 power icon card in game that "cost" you 3 cards (Unit sacrified + tactic + grimgor). So you have increased your power by 2 (cause your sacrified unit got one), and maybe have destroyed a support card, but nothing less sure. So maybe a differencial power icon of 3, at the cost of 3 cards... It's just .... lol Next turn Wight lord on Grimgor power icon differencial 5, card played 1, but not "lost" as it is still in game. Ok you can shake your opponent hand, pass fast and ask for the next round :x In early game it's not even efficient for a rush deck, it start to becoming later during the game. Maximum investment for a very risky move. A lot of card have been spend in the only way to play a fast big guy. - Any destruction faction can manage early grimgor with a better % than you are able to play him at this time. - Almost the same for order factions. Nothing to compare to a "strong" and solid set up depending on multiple cards in play and harder to control (cause you must control more cards).
  12. A deck that generate power icon incredibly faster than any other deck does not need any special card to master others deck. He just has to put unit in game faster than the opponent is able to manage and you are always able to do it. As your opponent has power icon slower than you he draws less cards, he can play less cards (cause he generates less ressources) and have less choice of play (cause he draws less). By the way empire also have "special" cards. So Empire have access faster to its control cards, access faster to his finish cards and he is able to play them all. Do you really believe that player don't build a major part of their deck with the goal : "I need an important proportion of 0 to 3 costs cards only to assume that I have a good starting hand". In this way Empire can drive a Ferrari, while others factions drive LADA... You just have to hope that your opponent's Ferrari engine will broke, which is quite impossible due to the technicians and security redundance you have to prevent your engine to broke.
  13. Your "instinct" is right . You just have to play and play, to see which card is really efficient or not.
  14. Actual "set up cards" for empire : 1- Forge 2- Warpstone 3- Sion 4- Village 5- Zoo A great potential of being able to have 3 loyalty turn 2 (so as to play an efficient zoo) 15 cards of the deck that all give "at least" 1 power for 1 ressources. + all 2 cost + 1 loyalty cards combinations. It's just near to be impossible to get less than 2 power icons turn 1 for empire's deck, they often can get 3, they can even get more... The probability to have the same "continuation" turn 2 is increased. At end of turn 2 empire can afford on a + 6 to 8 power icon most of time. How can others faction enter in opposition of such opulence? All those cards are just "set up cards" they have strictly the same usefullness that lands have in Magic. The game do not confront the deck strategies, the game just confronts how a deck is able to get power icons faster and faster than an other one. At least in magic the "power" increase is limited each turn in WH:I there are no limit and faction do not really get the same access to "power". What was at start a good point for WH:I just become something totaly wrong as it make the game unbalanced. Because FFG creates cards for the sole purpose to be "lands".
  15. 1- yes, it can trigger for itself 2- no, triggered action, can not be triggered more than once per occurence of the trigger.
  16. @Jojo/Entropy Let talk about such an effect : 1- Action: Spend X resources to deal X damage to a target unit with X or less hit point. X is the number of developments in this zone. 2- Action: Spend X resources to deal X damage to a target unit . X is the number of developments in this zone. What do you do? 1- I would say that as I must check target requirement I always "set" X as my number of developpement in this zone as X is defined by the number of developpement, and I must check my target Hit point according to the number of dev (not the cost) 2- I do X equal to the cost, because I have nothing to check during resolution.
  17. In this case it's "when a card is played" a card is played when you pay its cost. Yes your opponent have to bounce/destroy/... your unit even before you play your support card. Because you can not play your support card in response to this bounce/detruction/... HappyDD said: So, once there is a guy on a quest and I can trigger the quest, there is nothing stopping the effect? That make sense no? The rules only specifiy that you must check "target requirement" when playing and resolving the action. You do not have anything else to check, in this case, you do not have to check that there is still a unit questing during resolution.
  18. Primus_Magicus said: 52 Sons of Coin. Empire Unit. 2 E. 2P, 2HP. Noble. Kingdom only. Forced : At the beginning of your turn, spend 1 resource or deal 1 damage to this section of your capital. They made it... Really unbelievable... The greatest aberration of the game...
  19. Don't even seen this card before this discussion : 52 Sons of Coin. Empire Unit. 2 E. 2P, 2HP. Noble. Kingdom only. Forced : At the beginning of your turn, spend 1 resource or deal 1 damage to this section of your capital. The new total aberration, the typical fast set up card I was talking about. Any "low cost" card giving power is potentialy a card that bring unbalanced things. Even more when those low cost cards give power equal or superior to their cost. It's like a faction is geting "triple lands" while others are playing with "normal land".
  20. DB.Cooper said: So: I trust your opinion and it's just the same as mine...And I'm pretty sure Verena itself is not the core problem...But it's still a problem. You HAVE to develop, I DON't. I was talking about that on my national forum, the threat brought by some cards is as efficient that the fact of playing those cards. Because to counter the threat you must play in a particular way, in the case of Verana this can lead to "lose" a card almost for nothing every turn. Talking about some cards during the game or at the beginning of the game can be as efficient as effectively playing those cards. Depending of the level threat and what does it cost you to play according to the threat you "must" or "not" do it. But I really think that for more and more decks this Verana's threat is less and less effective. And the more the game will get new cards, the more this threat will be less effective. DB.Cooper said: Then, Empire decks right now are most "turbo-rodrick resource control" decks. Play rodrik, replay it, play skinks, replay it, save your guy, play some other rodrik and so on...Than Frederich and the emperor come out and the game ends in 2 turns. That's how it goes. Verena is an added power in a powerful faction. You develop 1 per turn. Turn 2, I can go Verena + Long Winter and even destroy you 3 cards. Game over. The problem with empire itself, in the end, is the fact that THOSE boost aren't neutral, but imperial: no loyalty issues. You can easily start with 3 cards in play. Turn 2 you get 5 resources and draw 2. Play rodrick 2 times and it's game over. That's absurd. The two bold quote are for me quite the same "fast set up" compared to your opponent. Rodrik is a card that I mainly considered to be a "fast set up card", and more over you can do some strong strategy just around this card. But yes finally we have the same opinion that's not fun .
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