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  1. Bounce is also used in different way in other games I know at least two different meanings : - Important and "surprising" increase of potential damage for exemple a card such as Waaagh can be a bounce card. - Send a "bad effect" that target ourself or one of our unit to another player or unit, for exemple Blessing of Valaya
  2. I think that english version is not confusing, but the German translation is.
  3. You are rigth, it is the same case that for choppa, there is not the "bolded" action writen on the card, as James said.
  4. Look in capital phase section in the rulesbook p. 11. You can play 1 development during your capital phase each turn, 1 card of your hand place face down in a specific zone, it add 1 life to this zone.
  5. Where is (KZ,QZ,BZ) Malus do not matter for the effect of the card. (there is no zone requirement on the card)
  6. "Moving" damage only refers to damage allready applied (tokens on unit card), and it bypasses cancellation effects.
  7. Blessing of Valaya Spell. Rune. Action : The next 2 damage dealt to one target unit are redirected to another target unit The owner of any target unit is not designated, so you can do as you want, even redirect damage from one of your opponent unit to one of yours.
  8. Or if you play redirection card before defensers are declared wich lead to something like "continuous effect inherent to the unit".
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