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  1. Yup! great idea and great way to make the games more exciting!
  2. I dont know if I'm the only one out there that loves LCGS? They are such a great idea, I dont know how much money I have thrown away on games like dragon ball z and magic, it is such an innovative idea and you know what you need to make the best deck! and did I mention the money you can save?? give me a hell yea!
  3. I've been looking on the forums and it says that 3 people arent good for the game, for the simple fact that two of the characters will gang up on the third. But thats the way anygame with an odd number of players ends up. the best solution is to have an even number of players, The best number of player is 4 people, with this set up youre gonna need operation novagrad and some of the expansion characters, but the upside with 4 players and the novagrad map is the chance to make a truely epic game.
  4. Awesome, I didnt think about that, I think it'd be cool if they sold the minitures unpainted just for that specific reason, and made of metal, but knowing the price of everything would cost an arm and a leg
  5. I would not wanna mess with hastur, depech mode are some hard core fuckers
  6. Thats an awesome card, the yog-sothoth deck that I have is made to wound characters, and to discard lots of cards this is a wayy awesome card. cant wait for it
  7. hi every one I am new to the game I created a dual deck with yog-sothoth, and the syndicate, does any one have any tips or cards I should put in? awesome thanks!
  8. I dont see why repainting them would be a problem, you could just give them a white base coat then paint them how ever you would like to, but I feel like im just preaching to the choir.
  9. KarlRebeck


    Okay so I'm new to this game, I am thinking about getting the russians because their powers seem really awesome. Are there any advantages to the russians? and if there are advantages I know there are disadvantages, what are the disadvantages of the russians?
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