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  1. I would like to see the Yuuzhan Vong introduced as a faction in the near future. I know the ships are ugly as sin, but I think it would be a nice new set of play options. Not only by introducing a new faction, but new tactics. The Vong work differently than other era ships and it is my hope the rules would reflect this. Having said that I hope Clone War Era is next, and I really like the idea of setting it up as Old Republic vs Separatist (not Trade Federation, they were absorbed into the Separatist after the war started).
  2. Hey all, I am one of those people who goes full into a game when i buy it. So I have all the expansions (up to Lurker) for AH and I want to use one for my group. My group isn't hardcore into playing, I just want to add a little more variety into the game. So any recommendations as to which expansion i should introduce next? Thanks?
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