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  1. Is there a decent way to build a Jar'Kai? We are ending a three year D&D campaign soon and I need to start talking to the people and help them build there characters and I know one will want to do this.
  2. Okay first off I have been gone for a while and am looking at starting a new game with my friends. But I can't seem to find any information about the Jar'Kai form. I have all the Force & Destiny books. Am I missing something, did I miss a location where this form is talked about? I remember reading that the form would be coming out in a new book, but I just can't find anything. I know their are duel wielding pistols for the Gunslinger, but for a Jedi/Sith I can't find any info about it. I did try the search function but I didn't see anything that jumped out.
  3. I have been away from these forums for a while, honestly The Last Jedi put such a bad taste in my mouth that I pretty much stopped everything Star Wars. But anyways, going to be starting a new campaign in the next couple months, once the one I am in ends. So I want to take over, and I remember using SW Character Generator, by Ogg. Is this still being updated and used? Is there some other software out there, that can what Ogg's did? Is there something that FFG put out, even if I have to pay a monthly amount to access it would be great. Thanks in advance for letting me know.
  4. Mutants & Masterminds is another superhero game that may be of use. Sounds what your describing is beyond the Force, and make Jedi & Sith become a non challenge and the threat of them gone.
  5. Also each game is not "the same", as someone stated above but you can play them together. Each book has different "fluff" as well which is enjoyable to read. I am on a quest to gather all the books. Know this will take time, but it's worth it. Buy about 2 books a month, sometimes 4.. all depends on the bills.
  6. Thanks for all the great feed back. Going over the sidebar on page of 283 and reading all your responses makes allot of sense. I need to create a spread sheet and print it out for my players.
  7. Okay looking over some Force powers and I am not sure which ones use Discipline to activate? As for Heal/Harm, I can understand the Heal aspect you just roll the Force die, because the person receiving the heal wants to take it. But as for the Harm aspect, do you roll Discipline to see if you "hit" with the ability? I take this from the "Move" ability and how you use Discipline to hit with that power. Have the same question for Protect/Unleash and attacking with Force Lightning, take it that's a Discipline roll as well to hit. As for Misdirect do you just use the Force die, or do you roll Discipline, or could you even use Stealth? Want to make sure I run these right with my second group since they are all Force users. Same question for Sense, but would they make a roll using Perception as the dice pull, including a Force dice? Or is just a roll of a Force die. Just rolling a Force die seems that one can not fail if they are willing to take the penalty for using a Dark Side pip. I can even see just using the Force die, since it is the Force and powerful
  8. I have a quick question, where is the data saved? I did a bit of work, filling in abilities and powers. Now I want to put this on the lap top when I travel. But I honestly have no idea where everything is. Thanks in advance and sorry if this was already answered, 275 pages it hard to search. By the way, amazing software!
  9. Vondy, did you spy into my house while I run my games... Cause that is pretty spot on to what I do. For mine I let them use the dark side for the normal conflict. If one of them is Light or Dark side, and use the other force pip thats when all the rules come into effect in my game. For me it makes more sense as well.
  10. Saving up for my move from TX back to CT... once I am done buying pretty much every book I am missing!
  11. Afinati, We you still planing on getting together tomorrow?
  12. I guess I should ask if this Tuesday is good, for character creation, and for those of us who did to pass it by the GM to make sure everything is cool. I am looking forward to this, to play a game.. Yay!
  13. The weekends are more of a family and friends type of thing. I run my game on Sunday's and the normal go from 1 to like 9pm. Good old 8 hours of running my game, but it happens about every other week so it works out. And once we move back to CT will either pick up my D&D game or my Dark Heresy game I ran for some other friends. I am afraid the weekends are out most likely. The 7 to 10 CST or for you 8 to 11 EST would be fine for me. I am fine to start earlier if that time frame is to late for you a well.
  14. Well I have "joined" a game that was going to play on Tuesday's but that has not happened yet and has fallen dead. Here is the character I created for that game. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByiFvttpwxvtMHkxNmU5MmJVODA/view My only question is the play time on Tuesday. The wife is a RN, so if she works on the following day, I have to log off around 10pm CST, but on the days she doesn't work I can play later. As for roll20 and google hangouts, I give a big two thumbs up for that! I am a subscriber to roll20 since I fully support what they do.
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