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  1. Knowing the past storyline has encouraged me to want to play through favorite characters like Toturi, Hitomi, Shahai, etc. But at the end of the day I will always seek blessings from the Isawa.
  2. As with all Scorpion women, I am checking for scars. I mean, everyone knows Shosuro Actress is actually a man right?
  3. I hope we eventually see some Monk only fu.
  4. Voluntarily because we like the rule and think it will make deck building more diverse as roles change over time.
  5. Love this card! Blessings from the Isawa.
  6. I apologize for my culturally insensitive post. I in no way meant to marginalize the rich and diverse history of Ogre culture. I also want to give Bayushi Tsubaki props for not taking my playful ribbing seriously. I find that humor breaks the tension that disagreements sometimes causes.
  7. By posting this thread you make the two sum of the two threads you started about Backhanded Compliment = troll (but in a comical way like Shrek) In other words, if you are so obsessed with Backhanded Compliment then marry it!
  8. Nobody wants to play a non interactive game of either honor or dishonor. The way FFG has redesigned conflict there is plenty of room for dishonor strategies imbedded in military or political form. Court Games or variations on dueling, for example, are delivery methods for more interactive honor or dishonor exchanges. With this in mind I do not particularly care for Backhanded Compliment in the environment for what it represents the same way I would not like a card that simply reads, "Gain 2 honor."
  9. +1 on that. There is no way I am going to spend a week of my time and money to travel to Minnesota in November to play a game. If FFG ever moves to New Orleans... With the above in mind, I am not complaining, it is JUST a game.
  10. As a fan of Toturi from oLd5R I could not be happier with the result. I wonder how this will impact the story this time through. Are the Lion still foolish enough to want Toturi out after his leadership lead the Lion to the first ever world championship under FFG? If they do not want him Isawa Kaede sure does.
  11. Does anyone know what the Lion is splashing? The Crane is running Phoenix.
  12. 4 Tier 1, etc. based on road to final four
  13. Does this flatten the tiers so there are 4 T1, 1 T2, and 2 T3?
  14. Phoenix represented in 16 but are out of elite 8, therefore make up the 3rd tier all by themselves and are now the most unique clan. Final 8: Crane vs Scorpion Dragon vs Scorpion Crane vs Dragon Crane vs Lion