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  1. Tokhuah

    “Broken” cards

    First lets get something straight, Policy Debate provides no card advantage as the end result is a card for card discard. What good is it then? The benefit of Policy Debate is to look at the opponent's hand (minor ability) and choose a specific card to discard (major ability, and why it gets played). However, we are forgetting something in this equation. In order to win this ability the player will likely need to pay honor, a potentially steep price against the wrong deck. The "fix" above will turn a beautifully evil event into this: Policy Debate may be on the NFE side but it is not anywhere close to broken right now. I agree that Fate Worse than Death is problematic. To me its primary negative impact is discouraging the play of higher cost characters. I wish they would have costed it at 5, because that should be the price of wrecking a clan champion.
  2. A definitive answer to your question may lead you down the wrong path. Cloud the Mind is situational based on the board state when used. What if an attached Pacifism is sufficient to nerf a top 3 character into uselessness? What if I want Yogo Hiroue to harpoon a character because I have a trick up my sleeve?
  3. There is a Phoenix event from the Core set that was initially dismissed but I have found some comboriffic results with it due to newer cards in the pool making it viable. So yea, keep looking back while you look forward.
  4. Another possibility is that there will be a significant number of power Spells included in the expansion and in future releases that require bowing and she is simply a cheap spell casting platform.
  5. I think the reason why my group is able to approach L5R more technically as "casuals" is that all of us have played many iterations over the decades so even though the game has changed considerably we all have a feel for it. Even with our background certain aspects like pacing fate between Characters and Conflict deck took some time. I am not saying you must approach new L5R as a strictly competitive player, just be prepared to jump in with both feet and neck deep because you will need to immerse yourselves to appreciate the play value.
  6. Tokhuah

    Game Length

    If you prefer playing a couple of games over a three hour period then play more outside of tournaments, like with friends or something.
  7. A little digression from the Province weeds here... I have not been posting lately because I have literally been playing L5R every waking moment since the third Dynasty Pack dropped! If only that were true... My comment comes from someone who was suddenly busy, so did not play at all since the Core set until recently, but with all the expansions piled in. As a Phoenix player I rejoiced being able to put away that boring <not going to name the other clan> deck to go back to my jank loving Shugenja roots. For starters, 90% of the generic neutral cards are gone from consideration and some of the spell fire that fell short at Core is actually cool. The main reason why I had trouble picking up a Phoenix deck with only cards from the Core is that the number of generic cards I had to include in the Conflict deck was blasphemous and I could not bring myself to do it. This issue has been fixed beyond expectation. Please indulge an old AEG CCGer here. Playing the Phoenix now was reminiscent of something... a moment in another game from the AEG braintrust, Warlord, Saga of the Storm, when a few seemingly innocuous cards suddenly combined together to create a viable deck for a miniature evil forest dwelling elf. With that in mind, my Phoenix experience brought back the wonder and joy of playing L5R, like the old Raziel dazzle! Only meh moment would be the X-Role only cards. I think the card pool would be at least more expansive if development of cards with Role limitations were slowed WAY down through this cycle and the next. I understand the value of self imposed design firewalls to allow the creation of potentially OP cards with built in barriers to prevent abuse. The number of them is just a bit much with so few cards. So, there you have it from a former competitive gamer who is "retired" and more interested in just flipping some cards with friends, sometimes with libations, and always a side of jank. IMO, mostly what has been done so far with new L5R is a success because it is currently fun to play. 8/10 Now you may return to meta talk.
  8. The Keeper/Seeker issue is fluid so it is a misstep now but will not always be. It has unnecessarily constricted the available cards to construct decks with so I think they are a horrible design choice given the current card pool but will become a great design choice later when the carpool may become unwieldy. They could have just introduced them later...
  9. Knowing the past storyline has encouraged me to want to play through favorite characters like Toturi, Hitomi, Shahai, etc. But at the end of the day I will always seek blessings from the Isawa.
  10. As with all Scorpion women, I am checking for scars. I mean, everyone knows Shosuro Actress is actually a man right?
  11. Tokhuah

    More Card Spoilers

    I hope we eventually see some Monk only fu.
  12. Voluntarily because we like the rule and think it will make deck building more diverse as roles change over time.
  13. Tokhuah

    More Card Spoilers

    Love this card! Blessings from the Isawa.
  14. I apologize for my culturally insensitive post. I in no way meant to marginalize the rich and diverse history of Ogre culture. I also want to give Bayushi Tsubaki props for not taking my playful ribbing seriously. I find that humor breaks the tension that disagreements sometimes causes.
  15. By posting this thread you make the two sum of the two threads you started about Backhanded Compliment = troll (but in a comical way like Shrek) In other words, if you are so obsessed with Backhanded Compliment then marry it!