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  1. There is only one source of actual data right now and it is here: According to this information that includes hundred of games per clan, as imperfect as it might be, it is all we have right now so I will reserve any other thoughts on tier levels as conjecture unless proven otherwise with actual data from major tournaments held in areas with strong meta representation: 1. Scorpion 2. Crab, Crane, Dragon, Lion, Phoenix 3. Unicorn Note: At first the data went all over the place but I noticed, since the numbers have hit this level of tests, that the win percentages have mostly stabilized with very little change.
  2. Who let the Magic players onto this forum?
  3. A few things in this thread: - Looking for a 0 cost splash that provides a generic positive effect? Levy is crap, Let Go is wisdom. - Main decking one Crab will provide more crustation love than splashing in four decks based on pure card volume. IMO, L5R is character driven so if you are not playing a Clan in Dynasty you are not playing that Clan. - To have any chance against Scorpion Phoenix needs more card draw to maintain hand and/or honor superiority. The obvious answer is maxing Forgotten Library. We did the math and I have been testing for reliability. If you can find the bay area L5R FB page it has calculations for drawing a specific card included x3 across a few scenarios.
  4. Really there is no downside to including Sneak Attack if it is a Neutral card. People will use it or not and I guarantee we will see cards that are total coasters along the way that could have been SA instead.
  5. I am being totally objective without and ounce of self interest when I say: Night Battle I also look forward to the return of the Black Scrolls!
  6. I swear by FFG sleeves but have chosen some art sleeves for my current decks since the Clan versions are not available. For storage I dusted off my retired Rook equipment that includes the old AEG L5R Clan and other Rook deck boxes. It fits all the current cards and decks. This is not my stuff but it is the same model: Upshot: The fully loaded stainless steel case is also a self defense tool.
  7. Dragon: 365, 24/7 @ 1 million percent.
  8. Chasing the Sun is not a printed card in the current environment so there is no issue. Pedantic: overly concerned with minute details or formalisms, especially in teaching.
  9. Good to see you still got it! It is a good thing FFG did such an awesome job cleaning up all the most dated aspects of L5R. Their attention to detail down to the stelar components, Learn to Play, free Living Rules, etc. AMAZING! I am no fan boy of FFG, in fact I rage hate some of their most popular games. However, I follow the work and the work here is stellar. Hold on, this has not been off topic. My point is that without all the above I would probably be posting about how I am disappointed at the limited card pool. There simply are not enough cards right now so conflict decks are all 50% the same and Dynasty is almost everything thrown in. Netrunner at launch had 7 factions of 50 cards each while L5R is 7 with 80 cards each. We need more cards infused into the environment FAST. Think on this Samurais, if people were still playing with x3 core + 1 dynasty pack 2 months from now would they be complaining about not enough cards? In case I was not clear: All in.
  10. We had a great event on Sunday with 8 participants who all had chosen their Clan. Amazingly the group had exactly 2 people for each Clan chosen so everyone got at least one Champion that matched what/who they were playing. Since we had no Crab, Dragon, or Unicorn players I decided to free-raffle off one of each, returning one copy each to the box. Was everyone happy? Yes! Event 2 will be for the favors and pins with the rest of the champions given out as theme prizes. We will hold onto the additional lanyard set-ups to welcome any future new players, sort of like getting a lei around your neck when arriving in Hawaii.
  11. If anything marking the Provinces will provide your opponent with an advantage. OT: Except for the Stronghold I like to shuffle Provinces and play them face down without looking as I place them to prevent any chance of my opponent "reading" me or discovering a pattern.
  12. You really cannot go wrong with Crab or Dragon in support as both have cards that are generally better than anything you could include within Clan or Neutral to fill those last 5-6 card slots. I also think players will find single Core has less power differences between Clans (other than specific keyword based mechanics) due to the lack of consistency with x1 in faction cards. On the other hand, the importance of Neutrals (the great equalizers) are more amplified due to the ability to include x2-3 of them in a single Core build.
  13. The kits are designed for three events but we are going to give the contents out in two. This means 2 out of the 3 clan Champion cards (14 total) will be given out on Sunday. Also, if possible, we will make sure that Champions are NOT given out randomly, but are distributed to people based on the player's Clan fealty; the way it should be. I hope people realize that FFG is not holding a knife to the throat of venues regarding the method of prize distribution. The instructions on the Organized Play page are suggestions. The prizes have no inherent play value and the components are already stellar out of the box. Perhaps they are better viewed as tools to build community. Edit: if we get more that 14 we will give out the entire kit!