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  1. My advice: people should try the game before spending money on 3D terrain. GW's Black Stone Fortress appears to have some similarities to LotR Journeys in terms of map configuration. BSF showed us that using objects that obstruct the view of the game board surface (depending where you sit) is problematic at best. Fluff should not negatively impact the mechanics of playing the game so I would play test with found objects to see if it is functional before spending money on a bunch of terrain.
  2. If you view this as 3 miniatures with some card based content plus 11 adventures for $20 it is an amazing expansion for the price. The key is how the app cuts production costs for most of the game content. FFGs expansion support appears to be great, hopefully the game will be as well.
  3. This product is on the FFG website. The expansion includes three miniatures. Hunt for the Ember Crown
  4. Once I heard the British accents I turned it off because everyone on that island works for Games Workshop.
  5. Remember the video shows both game designers in a four person co-op. The fluidity and seemingly flawless story telling shown during the play through video has a great deal to do with their presence. I am not saying players will have a less immersive experience, because I think the game elements including the app will ensure a high level of fluff. Where I think the end user is going to find the experience different is the decisions will be more difficult to optimize. If you where Legolas venturing out alone would you confront the grave robbers?
  6. Galadriel: She would have a special rule that she does not adventure, the adventure comes to her! 😁
  7. Wow, so much Intel in those videos. LotR Journeys is shaping up to be better than I initially hoped. I am especially pleased by the deck building aspect of the game.
  8. I will not play Gloomhaven. It is too much of a commitment. But I do not play RPGs either. I want each individual play of an adventure quest game to be within Mage Knight time parameters per play and an entire scenario play though no longer than an Arkham LCG campaign. LotR Journeys looks to be the kind of game I will like. Also, cards>dice.
  9. I prefer deck building to dice so I am good with the design choice.
  10. I could paint them but will not. If they do not come nicely inked like they look in the photos then I will at least do that much.
  11. First lets get something straight, Policy Debate provides no card advantage as the end result is a card for card discard. What good is it then? The benefit of Policy Debate is to look at the opponent's hand (minor ability) and choose a specific card to discard (major ability, and why it gets played). However, we are forgetting something in this equation. In order to win this ability the player will likely need to pay honor, a potentially steep price against the wrong deck. The "fix" above will turn a beautifully evil event into this: Policy Debate may be on the NFE side but it is not anywhere close to broken right now. I agree that Fate Worse than Death is problematic. To me its primary negative impact is discouraging the play of higher cost characters. I wish they would have costed it at 5, because that should be the price of wrecking a clan champion.
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