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  1. pictures coming soon, I am finishing the German squads in next few days. Walkers will take longer ))
  2. Hello fellow geeks, I am starting this post with the hope what you have for your custom painted miniatures for the game, not the Deluxe Edition , the miniatures that you yourself have painted. I am personally on my way to finishing up painting Dust miniatures for one of my friends, pictures are coming soon. Also, for those of you who have the Standard Edition and wanting to have their miniatures painted, I can do that for you for $3 a miniature. Have a nice day
  3. I am doing the same thing as the Descent forum does for its fans. It makes sense to try to find people close by you who you could play with. the way it works is like this: you will need to mention your city/town, state and/or country. I will go first: Des Moines, Iowa, USA 50322 would LOVE to play TI3 with someone on weekends or Fridays. You can check the map of all the users who are submitting their info on this thread: maps.google.com/maps/ms
  4. I want SO BAD to play and learn the base game : Please , please be somewhere near me)) I live in Des Moines, Iowa, USA 50322 My schedule is pretty full except weekends, I am available during Sundays or part of Saturday. Also Fridays sometimes, also Hope to hear from Mr./Mrs. X
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