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  1. I'd like to think of you've got zombies with maggots in them, they wouldn't qualify as zombies for long, since the flesh would get eaten away leaving skeletons.
  2. I could see something like this happen for sure, provided that GW abandoned Warhammer as a setting. Until then, I don't see you gather 2000 people to pay 1000$ each without them all expecting their view of the setting to matter. And 2000 different PoVs is a bit much for even Tzeentch himself to keep track of
  3. I just went through the spells arcane/divine. It does not always say "while recharging," there is sometimes a different wording, but Ongoing does equal: stay in game with X amount of chits, remove 1 each turn. (example of different wording: Flamestorm. Each time you remove a token from this card, it does X damage in an area). In reverse however, I did find 1 card, Ulric's Howl, where on the reckless side, double boon means the card gets an ongoing effect, but the standard effect is not an ongoing one. Consequently, you can't find the word "ongoing" anywhere on the card. So that one's an exception, but it means using the Ongoing trait at the top of the card, will not be 100% watertight.
  4. I'd gone through this exact idea myself too. However, like you, I found actions such as certain spells, that have a recharge of 9-10. They would become impossible to take without some serious action-point tracking across multiple turns.
  5. Yes, recharge as duration is the main issue, and I can't seem to get a simple solution to that. It really is a separate mechanic that was merged with the recharge. The standard one is to keep the action out of the game, the second one is to keep it IN the game. Best so far I could come up with, was to put a chit on that recharging action to indicate it was active, and while it was active, to count your To/Wp as 1 lower for purposes of the other action cards. That way, it was a drain on your personal energy, it required effort to keep it going. The player can then freely decide at the start of his round to end the effect or not.
  6. Emirikol, Have you tried using no recharges at all? Here's what I'm thinking: You're free to use any and all cards. Cards with a recharge lower than your To/WP are essentially free to use. Cards with a recharge >= To/Wp cost 1 fatigue (or stress if mental action) Cards with a recharge >= To/Wp cost 2 fatigue (or stress) additionally, Stress/Fatigue symbols on the reckless dice would have the same effect. Delay symbols on the conservative dice would be: Either pay 1 fatigue/stress to be able to do the action, or skip your action this turn. The main problem I see is how to use cards that add recharge tokens to others, or make you count the number of recharging actions you have like many of the wardancer & greatsword actions. I guess for classes that heavily use them, they can keep playing as raw, and classes that have 1 or 2 cards like this, could be reworded to take the amount of fatigue you have instead. I'm sure there's bound to be other issues that I missed however?
  7. So effectively, you're diversifying the skills by sort of doing away with the generic skill-slots (or sort of incorporating them in the fortune dice on primary stats) and using the specialisations as skill-slots instead. The main problem with that as stated is going to be that Weapon Skill/Ballistic Skill & Invocation/Piety will be diminished as already stated above.I think the tree-idea could help, but I'd need to actually explain what I meant I'd limit basic and advanced skills (like Weapon Skill, Evocation or Observation) to 1 yellow die maximum. Instead, subsequent training in that skill should automatically be done in a specialisation, but still in yellow dice. This specialisation could continue up to 3 yellow dice.
  8. Spivo, No sweat, we're in the Gamemasters' section here, everybody does/takes it the way he sees it, at least that's what a GM should do I don't consider that harsh at all. I understand, and it's an appropriate solution the way you decided it should be done. And I fully agree that the most fun comes from having players be able to do something that only they can do, and then as a GM make sure that they get the opportunity to use it. I guess I find the skills in this edition to be to broad & generic. If they were more specialised to begin with, you wouldn't need to "specialise" where you only get a white die. You'd specialise from the start, and you'd have more choices, meaning wizards & scouts would not end up with the same skill-set unless they specifically intend to. Maybe a skill-tree could work here. But that's more something for HouseRules I suppose
  9. As soon as somebody in my party becomes really aligned with a ruinous power, I do some extra preparing during sessions. I prepare some notes with things I think someone of that "inclination" would say or do, and from time to time in a scene or dialog, slip them the paper. At first, I tend to add something like: If you act this out, you get +2 white dice on your next roll. After a while (and farther down the road of influence/corruption), it becomes: if you don't, you'll get +2 black die. (written on the note of course, not said out loud) I call it active temptation
  10. You deal with it through a house-rule. Unfortunately, house-rules need to get approved by the GM, so you're in a bit of a bind there… There's lots of skills that should be available to different careers that are not. But what it looks like to me is that the careers you've taken, don't quite mesh with your concept of what you're describing. I'm not sure of what the career cards say, but there should be a catburglar career, who has those types of career skills… scaling buildings & stealthy movement & good observation skills. A thief is merely somebody who steals and is good at it. Breaking & Entering is a different dish, ask any prosecutor Maybe create your own career, together with your GM?
  11. Yes, it does seem to be the trend… All in all, the system seems to have been released for low to mid-level characters and small groups, but never tested at large. Yepesnopes: I'm willing to help out with such a project, but if you're keeping it in your own group, that's perfectly understandable
  12. Seems like a solution, but this way you're really making it about what the GM decides. You say his int is not a universal int, but only applicable in his field. It seems to me that is the exact reason why we have skills, to show this. I'm afraid that problem is by design. If you make it so that everybody can learn everything, they eventually will branch out. The only way out of that, would be to up the difficulty of their class-checks, in a way motivating them to stick to upgrading their own skills. Or/And make the cross-class skills more expensive, changing careers more expensive and make the careers take longer to complete. But if a character has high int, and a high observation, than that means he should be able to pick up visual clues. Otherwise how do you justify which character gets which bonus, after they complete a few careers? They're bound to have had it at some point or other.
  13. Actions not recharging: What with spells that have duration, I suppose you keep them as is? What with spells that have recharge 10 and don't have a duration. Say a wizard has agility 2. Does that mean he gets to cast his spell in round 6? Combat will pretty much be over by then. In fact, enough abilities have recharge 3. That means you're limiting these players to doing something every other turn. Stance: are you still using stance-depth as well? Or the player can decide how deep he goes?
  14. Another vote for landscape orientation. If only because I want some more room behind my screen to put all the components I prepared Question: When you're laminating sheets, how do you stick them together afterwards? Just tape makes it rather fiddly. And I've got clear edges around the sheets. Taping them together with clear tape means you can see through, taping with non-clear tape looks tacky.
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